Frederick's of Hollywood Eau de Toilette GIVEAWAY

Attention, Outblush readers!

So the folks at Frederick's of Hollywood are super, super nice. When we heard that they'd brought their beloved fragrance back from discontinuation limbo and asked to sample it, they not only provided said sample right away, they opted to sponsor a giveaway for you all. (And honestly - don't you wish that this happened more often with discontinued gems?)

First off, the scent is perfect. It's a warm, dry, sexy vanilla/musk that seems like the olfactory equivalent of warm sand under bare feet. There's nothing fruity or pink about it, and nothing age-specific - it would be fantastic for a college freshman and just as fantastic on the sort of self-possessed silver-haired elegant dame we hope to be someday.

And then there's that box. That's a real ribbon. Swoon! We would want that box even if it was empty, for pete's sake.

So really, the winner of this giveaway gets two prizes: a brand-new bottle of a really nice eau de toilette, and the world's coolest box. "But Outblush, how do I get them?" Simple. Just reply to this post or leave a comment on Facebook to tell us about the commercial you'd direct for this scent if they gave you a production crew and said "go". Make sure to get your answer in by midnight Pacific on Thursday, 4/28/2011.

Read the full rules and restrictions.

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Posted on 04.14.11 at 11:58 AM

I love the hourglass shape of the bottle and the beautiful corset inspired box as much as you ladies do!

For my commercial:

Celebrity: Scarlett Johannson or another Marilyn Monroe-esque woman.

Hair: Deep Crimson red

Dress: Corset matching box design with matching full satin skirt.

Scene: Woman walking into luxuriously appointed room. Camera moves to show her back while she slowly starts undoing the back of the corset, and steps behind an opaque screen (with her back turned to the screen) where the dress drops and a nude colored hourglass figure with red hair is silhouetted which seamlessly transitions as the camera zooms out from the figure into the bottle of perfume.


Posted on 04.14.11 at 12:05 PM

Love this post, very well written :)

Commercial idea: the all around girl and woman.. many faces from a young woman entering adulthood to the older woman as described doing many things. Show it's wearability and durability. Have women and men smiling to the smell, and maybe even a kid/s smiling appealing to the mothers out there.

Katie Maynard

Posted on 04.14.11 at 12:17 PM

female: beautiful platinum blonde actress
male: tall, dark, stubble, looks great shirtless

Location: Penthouse suite - burgandy/ gold drapery - elegent

Scene: Two lovers return from an evening of glamour. Male removes his tuxedo shirt and tosses on bed. Reaches to embrace female and nuzzles into her perfumed neck. With her back to the camera, he slowly starts to unlace her corset as the camera pans out. Cut to perfume/box.

Sound: Intensifying romantic instrumental builds until cut to bottle as it dramatically cuts to softness. No dialogue.


Posted on 04.14.11 at 2:32 PM

To my mom, putting on perfume is the same as putting on an article of clothing--you don't leave the house without putting it on. When she gets dressed, she puts on her perfume.

In that idea, then, my commercial idea is women getting ready for the day. Different women--a mom, a college student, a business professional. There's a vague image of each woman showering (foggy, backs turned to the camera), then of each women putting on her "uniform" for each position. The mom in mom-type clothing, the student, maybe jeans, t-shirt, a hoodie, the business professional in a pinstripe skirt suit. The putting on of shoes appropriate to each "uniform" is a close up, especially the business woman and her heels. And then each woman puts on the scent and inhales. There's a flash, flash, flash, and one at a time, in a slower fashion, is each woman done up in a sexy fashion with heels (maybe even Frederick's feather boa heels), feather boas, commercial-appropriate cleavage, fishnets, red lipstick, and corsets. The scene should be shot in a smokey and sexy but commercially-appropriate way. One red-lipstick lips close-up is necessary, maybe more. Red and black is the theme. And then flash, flash, flash again, and each woman is back in her "uniform", but smiling a secret, sexy smile, as though they all know their hidden sexual power, speaking to the sexuality and power in all women, and as though this perfume celebrates that sexuality. It's for every woman, and it's for every fantasy. The final shot is of Frederick's of Hollywood Eau de Toilette, maybe on a silver tray on a dresser.

The soundtrack of the commercial should be regular getting ready noises until the sexy flash scene, where the music should be seductive. Something with a slower beat and maybe saxophone.

I can explain further if need be. :)


Posted on 04.14.11 at 7:38 PM

I adore this scent. I would start with a slightly older man (clooneyish) who is running his hand over something that reminds him of a passionate long ago tryst. (tasteful flashback here) As he looks out the window he smells the air smiles then sees a "the woman" out the window and in her bag is a bottle of the perfume with a tag line onlong the lines of your passion has finally come back. Love this stuff!, can stop scrimping on my last bit!

Heather P

Posted on 04.18.11 at 12:36 PM

My commercial would be set in a room with a wall of windows (NY skyline at night in the background). A woman in a beautiful black dress with the same lacing as the box up the back. Red lips. She says, "It's underneath that's what counts." Her dress falls. She has tasteful Fredricks undergarments. She sprays the scent and walks to the window. And scene. Oh and I'm totally keeping my day job ;)


Posted on 04.19.11 at 7:06 AM

i would just have a really sexy guy untying that ribbon on the box as if he were undressing a woman.
but i like humor and sexy guys in my commercials. :)

Stephanie Smith

Posted on 04.19.11 at 4:06 PM

I would have it start out as a close-up of a man's hands untying a corset, slowly...then cut to him biting his lip in anticipation, back to hands, all while sexy music is playing..then, as he gets to the last bit, pans out to the man untying the box with a woman behind him in the doorway of the room shaking her head at him and rolling her eyes.


Posted on 04.20.11 at 2:41 PM

I think the commercial should be shot on a balcony overlooking the beach on a clear moonlit night with waves crashing on the beach and french doors standing open to a luxurious Frederick's red and black hotel suite-- crushed red rose petals scattered about-- champagne bucket sitting out with beads of condensation running down the sides-- oversized bubble bath tub sitting empty with a trail of water and suds leading across the floor-- and the couple in bed under satiny sheets softly out of focus as the camera moves across this scene and focuses in on the perfume bottle sitting on the nightstand in front of a mirror and a vase of roses and burned down, heavily running with dripping wax taper candles.


Posted on 04.24.11 at 7:50 PM

The scene starts in quasi background silence. Camera is already zoomed in extremely closely on a clear but just beginning to perspire crystal whiskey cup. The background is a beautiful desert under the blazing midday sun. You can hear the wind blowing through the desert sands, baking under the sun sitting in the middle of the intensely cloud-free sky. *woosh woosh* The cup is filled three-quarters of the way with intensely red cranberry juice looking liquid (same type of red as the cap). It’s sitting on a jet-black and lacquered long balcony railing and the perspiring liquid on the outside of the glass is beginning to touch the wood. Two jagged hand cut ice cubes are poking out of the crimson liquid and they shift and lightly disturb the surface.

Camera zooms out as a slender and pale feminine hand reaches out for the cup and lifts it. Camera is now shooting from a low angle onto the pale woman standing behind the balcony, holding the cup filled with the red liquid. Background silence is filled with a womanly sigh. She turns to her side and her back is shown, pale skin enveloped revealingly in deep red fabric (same red as perfume cap). Upbeat exotic music a la Stereo Love by Edward Maya starts playing. *Doo doo doo* She’s wearing a thin, floor-length, extremely low cut with her entire back and shoulder blades showing, strapless wine-red dress with an exquisite corset-design strings tied together at her lower back section (like the perfume box).
Camera rotates sideways and a handsome, sort of clueless uniformed bellhop is open-mouthed gazing at her from downstairs behind her back. There’s lots of luggage around him. Camera rotates back to the woman with long black hair done up in a slightly curly updo, she smiles without looking back and places the glass back onto the balcony railing. She disappears into her room and the bellhop who’s sweating slightly in the sun bends down to pick up the luggage, he doesn’t see her behind the sheer white curtains that she’s holding a perfume bottle to her neck (presumably spraying some onto her neck) and putting it back onto her vanity table. Camera is back onto the bellhop soldiering ahead with the luggage and he stops suddenly, seeing a pair of feet clad in silvery flats stepped in front of him and he looks up.
Music stops in a breath, and he sees the woman in front of him smiling and a soothing breeze brushes past her to him. She proffers a second glass of that cranberry-like juice clinking with ice cubes to him. And he smiles.
Scene darkens to black and upbeat music resumes with perfume bottle and box standing on black velvety fabric.

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