Diablo III

Pssst! Wanna make your man's day? Diablo III ($60) drops today. If you're not the type to also nab a copy for yourself and roll a Witch Doctor, then make sure you've got some other activities planned. Once you plop this in his lap he'll... [More]

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High Cotton Shoals Club Madras Bow Tie

Although you can count on one hand the number of events to which your boyfriend could wear this High Cotton Shoals Club Madras Bow Tie ($45) in his entire lifetime, that won't stop you from giving it to him for his birthday next month.... [More]

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Sonic Fabric Necktie

Is your dad the retro audio type? Pick him up one of these Sonic Fabric Neckties ($120), made from a fabric that's 50% recorded audiocassette tape. Bonus? They're technically audible - run a tape head over one (if you can find such a thing outside... [More]

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Rutledge Jacket

We'd love to dress the man in our lives up in this super cozy-looking Rutledge Jacket ($395) from Billy Reid. Just think of how smart and dashing he'd look! And then think of how comfy and warm the Rutledge will be when we inevitably steal... [More]

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Rogue Touch Pocket Watch

Who says pocket watches went out with Winston Churchill? This Rogue Touch Pocket Watch ($169) looks like just the thing for a gentleman to sport inside his pinstripe coat. The face boats both an ever-present LCD display and a disco awesome backlight in one of... [More]

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Tungsten Carbide Laser Darth Vader Design Ring

Real men don't wear jewelry. Well, unless it's as awesome as the Tungsten Carbide Laser Darth Vader Design Ring ($49). Tungsten carbide is three times as stiffer than steel, making it the perfect material for men's jewelry. No matter how many times they bang it... [More]

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BTC Dino Bow Tie

Macarons and lime green might be in for weddings this year, but we're crossing our fingers that the big bridal theme for 2013 will be dinosaurs. You heard it here first! Now snatch up a BTC Dino Bow Tie ($38) for your groom-to-be. Or just... [More]

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Wood Tie

Office dress code have the man in your life suffering from boring wardrobe blues? This Wood Tie ($36) ought to perk him up. It's made from salvaged wood formed into lightweight panels and held together with flexible elastic. We suspect it's just tielike enough to... [More]

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Batman Money Clip

You looked at that picture up there, right? Great, we don't really think we need to tell you anything about this Batman Money Clip ($40). We're just going to give you a minute to bookmark this item (or pin it, like the cool kids do... [More]

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Zara Double Breasted Trench Coat

Sure, we've been stocking up on bright summer clothes for ourselves, but the Zara Double Breasted Trench Coat ($129) stopped us in our tracks. Our men could use a little color in their lives, too. We're not yet sure how to convince them to go... [More]

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Zombies Afoot Plush Slippers

No, you won't ever see us rocking a pair of these Zombies Afoot Plush Slippers ($40), but we're all for giving them away as gifts! Before we get comments on our lack of adventure, we're going to remind you that our sense of humor is... [More]

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Pool Ball Candle Holder Set

Pool Ball Candle Holder Set

The Pool Ball Candle Holder Set ($70) is powerful enough to brighten any man cave. Even though they're not the most romantic candles for date night, we'll surely give our guy points for trying to romance us a bit.... [More]

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Peary & Henson Aftershave Splash

We like our men manly. We like brawny shoulders, scruff, and the strange obsession with MMA/cars/football that comes with them. But we'd never sniff at a clean-shaven man. Unless he's using Peary & Henson Aftershave Splash ($18). Then it would be difficult not to sniff... [More]

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Sleep Deprived Daddy and Baby Gift Set

Usually it's the mommas who get all the attention and gifts when a new baby is on the way. But we want to give due recognition to dads, too. Our 21st century men are stepping up to the plate: changing diapers with the best of... [More]

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Shaving Tester Vials Kit

With Christmas over and Valentine's Day fast approaching, we're yet again on the quest for a cool gift for our man. We love this Shaving Tester Vials Kit ($16) from Prospector Co. Surprise your man with a metal tin full of fabulous shaving essentials in... [More]

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Lakeside Collection Knit Jean Lounge Pants

You guys, it's worse than we thought. There are pajama jeans for men! Not the original brand, of course, but these Knit jean Lounge Pants ($13) are almost more offensive. They come in two styles, one of which includes a little sag to show off... [More]

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L'Occitane Cade After Shave Balm

Money can't buy you love, but buying boys things they wouldn't buy themselves shows thoughtfulness. If anyone was lucky enough to be spoiled rotten this holiday season, consider picking up L'Occitane Cade After Shave Balm ($29) for your guy. Skincare isn't manly, but it's essential.... [More]

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New York Style Pizza Man-Can

New York Style Pizza Man-Can

Once upon a time there was a little man with a big plan and some recycled cans. This is true story so sit tight. A 14 year-old-boy from Ohio created man-scented candles that only a man could love. However he does have one that tickles... [More]

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Crimson King Star Wars Chewbacca LEGO Silver Toned Cuff Links

If your groom is the Han Solo to your Princess Leia, there's no better gift for the best man than these Star Wars Chewbacca LEGO Silver Toned Cuff Links ($25) by Etsy seller crimsonking. And (spoiler alert for a 30+ year old movie), you could... [More]

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2011 Holiday Gift Idea: Happy Socks Patterned Socks

Three cheers for dudes who don't take their underwear too seriously! Keep his business attire a little more lighthearted by stuffing his stocking with a pair of Happy Socks Patterned Socks ($12). And if he turns his nose up, we suppose they could just be... [More]

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