The Mantry Crate

Father's Day is just a few short weeks away, and because you're an excellent kid, you've already started brainstorming gift ideas. Wanna finish your shopping before your lunch break ends? Get pops a subscription to the Mantry ($225 for a 3-month subscription). Each crate packs... [More]

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WiFi Cufflinks

You want to make your man feel like James Bond, but an Aston Martin is a little out of your price range. Fear not: these WiFi Cufflinks ($250) will bring out his smoldering inner secret agent for a fraction of the price. Like something fresh... [More]

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Heroes and Aristocrats The Well Groomed Man Kit

Sorry, lumberjacks. While there's certainly a time and place for the just-crawled-out-of-the-woods type, nothing beats a well-groomed man. That's the inspiration behind this Heroes and Aristocrats gift set ($70), which brings together three of Royal Apothic's fancy pants bath products for gents. Pick it up... [More]

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REPLICA Jazz Club Cologne

Still looking for the perfect gift for your special someone? If he's the type to enjoy the finer things in life, then how about treating him to a bottle of REPLICA's Jazz Club Cologne ($125)? Deep and aged, it boasts notes of rum, neroli oil,... [More]

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Norse x Hestra Svante Glove

You're all dressed up and ready to go out, and as you open the door you see what your guy is wearing on his hands. Puffy bright blue mittens. "You don't have anything else?" you ask, incredulously. Negative. Give him the gift of functional and... [More]

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The Bacon Crate

You know the way to his heart: straight through his clogged arteries. This Bacon Crate ($60) from Man Crates is packed with treats pumped full of savory hog goodness, from popcorn to peanut brittle. And it all comes in a manly box that'll have him... [More]

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Harry's The Truman Set

You may rest easy. We know what you should buy your dad this Christmas: Harry's The Truman Shave Set ($15), a perfect stocking-sized way to introduce the old man to the world beyond Bic. The centerpiece of this set is Harry's signature quintuple-bladed razor, precisely... [More]

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Owen & Fred Shaving Kit Bag

Novembeard, No Shave November... whatever you call it, it's almost over! Why don't you order this most excellent Shaving Kit Bag ($68) for your guy while you sing the "Hallelujah" chorus. Fill it with his favorite shaving supplies (and hide the beard oil!), and present... [More]

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Cedarwood Soap

Your significant other says there's nothing manly about washing with scented soap. You remind him that Irish Spring is, in fact, a fragrance. It just also happens to make your nostrils burn. Shortcut the stalemate by dropping this Cedarwood Soap ($10) into his stocking. With... [More]

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Dinosaur Pin Set

What do you get the man in your life who has everything? Everything dinosaur-related, we mean. Dinosaur figurines, dino hats, dino tees, dino posters... and how do you gently steer his still-going-strong childhood fascination with these beasts into something a little more subtle? Why, you... [More]

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Captain Fawcett's Beard Oil

You guys. It's back. And whether you love his facial hair or hate it, your guy is keen on participating in Novembeard/No Shave November. Smile through pursed lips and hand him a bottle of Captain Fawcett's Beard Oil ($56). He may not be able to... [More]

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On the Road Kit

Your guy is a seasoned traveler, jetting all over the country to shmooze with company partners and prospective new clients. It's important that he looks as good as his A-game pitch sounds, but the constant plane rides and hotel stays aren't exactly doing his skin... [More]

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Field Shave Soap Canister

You love camping, but your man would much rather spend his vacation time in a fancy hotel than huddling for warmth in a tent. In the spirit of compromise, offer to buy him this Field Shave Soap Canister ($15) so he can maintain his polished... [More]

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Tom Daxon VSOP Eau de Parfum

You want your man to know that there's more to masculine fragrances than Axe and Old Spice. He's suspicious that things in fancy-looking bottles will make him smell like a chick. This Tom Daxon VSOP Eau de Parfum ($185) might just be your saving grace.... [More]

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Black and Gray Flask Tie

Got a guy friend who's a snappy dresser and always half in the bag? We've found you his next birthday gift: the Flask Tie ($25). Featuring the classic "business in the front, party in the back" construction, the bladder is nestled on the back side... [More]

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Hand Machined Brass Corkscrew

That's a giant price tag on a small gadget, but for good reason. Each Hand Machined Brass Corkscrew ($140) is created without the use of computers, an assembly line, or other mass-manufacturing practices. In short, they're crafted with care, polished to a shine, and lovingly... [More]

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Lumberjack Shampoo

We're not sure what Lumberjack Shampoo ($17) might smell like. Wood chips? Sweaty flannel? Chainsaw oil? However, we are confident that putting a bottle in the shower will keep your guy's paws off of your expensive products that he uses to suds up his measly... [More]

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Black Coffee Beard Oil

What's better than a guy with a beard? A guy with a beard that smells like freshly brewed coffee. (And not because he dribbled his cappuccino down his chin and didn't wipe it up.) Not only will this java-scented beard oil ($12) make your man's... [More]

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Majellin Button-Up Shirt

Remember how he promised to take you traveling but three years later you have enough trouble just getting him off the couch? Give him this Majellin Button-Up Shirt ($96) as a subtle hint that you're ready to see the world. With that beer belly he's... [More]

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Pinot Noir Baseball Jersey

If somehow you've managed to find a man who is more passionate about fine wine than baseball, you can get him this Pinot Noir Baseball Jersey ($148) from Acapulco Gold. It's made from the same materials as a classic authentic jersey from ye olde times... [More]

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