You Tell Us: Shirts My Way Hatoyama Shirt

Well, no one can accuse Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Yukio Hatayama of being afraid to wear colors, right? Bespoke tailors Shirts My Way think he's a fashion hero, not a fashion zero, so they've released a limited run of the Hatoyama Shirt ($500) for all... [More]

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Father's Day Gift Guide:Cosmic Firefly Steampunk Robot Cufflinks & Tie Tack

This snazzy Cosmic Firefly Steampunk Robot Cufflinks and Tie Tack Pin Set ($65) would make a great gift for all the steampunk-obsessed dads out there. Featuring an original 1950's-style robot design, they're perfect for adding a touch of style to his workaday shirts & ties.... [More]

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Father's Day Gift Guide: Rent Mother Nature Down East Clambake

If you live within dog-walking distance of the Atlantic, this won't be your thing, but if your Dad is a transplanted New Englander landlocked in Iowa or some such, we think this could be an unforgettable Father's Day treat. Rent Mother Nature is prepared to... [More]

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Miss Feeney's Finery Peek-A-Boo Ties

Somehow, vintage cheesecake pinups from the 40's and 50's seem so much classier than the be-siliconed bimbos of today.... Perhaps that's why we love Miss Feeney's Finery Silk Peek-a-Boo Ties ($85) so much. Featuring a standard (albeit high quality & colorful) silk tie in thick... [More]

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You Tell Us: Donovan Upcycled Suit Tote

Definitely for the urban hipster, the Donovan Upcycled Suit Tote ($250) teeters ever so closely on the edge of awesome and awful. First the idea of items being "upcycled" is ingenious, but a suit as a bag, we're not too sure. With leather handles, from... [More]

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Father's Day Gift Guide: BlackSocks Sockscription

Black socks, they never get dirty, the longer you wear them, the blacker they get! Sound familiar? Now that we've gotten that childhood song stuck in your noggins, we'll tell you about the ingenious gift that is the BlackSocks Sockscription ($29-175 for basic calf socks,... [More]

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Father's Day Gift Guide: Gather No Moss On the Rocks Set

Similar to the Fitzu Whiskey Stones we've told you about before, but possibly even cooler, the Gather No Moss On the Rocks Set ($32, backordered until 5/28/10) is an awesome gift for a dad who takes pride in his liquor collection. After a short stint... [More]

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Nu Joisy Tee

Nu Joisy Tee

Reality series Jersey Shore definitely put New Jersey on all of our radars, which is why we are strangely drawn to the Nu Joisy Tee ($28). This premium cotton tee is perfect for those New Jerseyites that will be packin' it up and hittin' the... [More]

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Golden Girl: Stiga NHL Stanley Cup Hockey Table Game

Gifts - Sure, we expect them on anniversaries, birthdays, etc. - but those are the easy ones. Don't you love when you get a "just because" bouquet or naughty piece of lingerie? Well, it works both ways, sister - you gotta give a little to... [More]

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Spanx for Men

HA! Now men get to suffer the squeezing and pinching of the miracle shapewear, Spanx! New Spanx for Men Undershirts ($55-58, available for pre-order) are "cotton compression undershirts" available in tank, crew neck, or v-neck styles, all of which supposedly firm the chest, flatten their... [More]

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My Little Black Bib

My Little Black Bib

Every lil' D.I.T. (Diva In Training) needs My Little Black Bib ($16)! This adorable bib is ultra stylish with a faux pearl necklace. Plus it will keep little miss thang looking oh so chic when she chows down!... [More]

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Beer Soap

Looking for a gift for the macho man in your life? May we suggest Beer Soaps ($5 each)? No, they won't make your dude smell like the morning after a frat party, but actually rather clean & refreshing. And, although he probably won't care, they're... [More]

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American Retro Pedal Tow Truck

American Retro Pedal Tow Truck

Your little dude would love to cruise around in the American Retro Pedal Tow Truck ($320)! This cool pedal truk was inspired by the famous "sad face" pedal cars of the late 1940's and early 1950's. This play truck is made from heavy guage steel... [More]

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micro chip cufflink-s.jpg

Microcontroller Cufflinks

Dudes that are into computers and such will Microcontroller Cufflinks ($45) to death. That's right, they're basically computer chips. These swanky suit accessories are meant for the men who probably care more about programming than romancing, but that doesn't mean we can't treat them to... [More]

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Bike Chain Bottle Opener

Bike Chain Bottle Opener

Do you know someone who loves bikes and beers? Well we know quite a few! The Bike Chain Bottle Opener ($15) is the perfect little gadget for this special person. Your pal can uncap his favorite beverage with this bottle opener made of recycled bike... [More]

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neuron tie-s.jpg

Neuron Tie

If you've got a geeky guy attached to the hip or your own personal Dr. Dreamy, maybe the Neuron Tie ($30) is the perfect V-Day gift. Axons and dendrites in the synaptic space make a bitchin' graphic, and these cool patterns are printed from an... [More]

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Silver Leaf First Year Frame

A fabulous shower gift for a mom-to-be and a great way to start spoiling that little princess before her grand arrival - the Silver Leaf First Year Frame ($59) is a must-have for every family. It is made of wood with a stunning silver-leaf overlay.... [More]

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Gund Plush Peppie Rat

It happens. One of your friends has just been dumped by That Slimeball, and is facing a lonely Valentine's Day. (Or, even worse, said friend has ditched the Slimeball but now, facing a sea of red hearts in the drugstore, is unwisely thinking of taking... [More]

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Gucci Trolley

V-Day Gifts: The Metrosexual

Valentine's Day: it strikes fear into the hearts of kids with crushes and married-fifty-years types alike. Why? It's just a day... Okay, a day fraught with overblown expectations and way too many stereotypes. That's why, this year, we're presenting gift ideas that will really mean... [More]

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Arcona Men Resolve Soothing Aftershave Balm

You may think aftershave only benefits him, but you're wrong: razor burn from kissing a stubbly-chinned hipster is a) itchy, b) burny, and c) hard to cover up with concealer. For Valentine's Day, snag him a bottle of Arcona Men Resolve Soothing Aftershave Balm ($24)... [More]

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