Father's Day Personal Shopper: Dixie's Biker Dad

Says Dixie: "My dad is incredibly tough to shop for. He's 58 years old and recently retired from more than 30 years as a ditch digger with the City in northern Minnesota, and his interests focus primarily around his Harley Davidson motorcycle, his 1985 Porsche... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Signet Ring for Jessica J's Dad

Jessica J. says, "My mother and father will have been married for 35 years at the end of June. Since it is a big anniversary, my mother is wanting something extra special for his present this year (especially since he is a good enough man... [More]

Leather Beer Holster 100.jpg

Leather Beer Holster

We laughed when we first saw Red Envelope's Leather Beer Holster ($30). It's ridiculous, right? Well, maybe, but it's also kind of awesomely brilliant. There are totally times when you'd prefer a beer by your side, but need to go hands free - grilling being... [More]

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Father's Day Personal Shopper: Stephanie's Scientific Dad

Says Stephanie: "My dad is super hard to shop for! He's a little eccentric with expensive tastes but the best gifts have been ones that have really been more thoughtful than high-priced. He's not really a "tool guy" or "fishing guy" so traditional father's day... [More]


Gifts for the A-Team: Face

Face, you handsome cad! We know you to be a smooth talking, dapper man, and we'd love to see you dressed to the nines in this jet setting Paul Smith Travel Suit ($1,275). It's a fine wool/mohair blend which is lightweight but durable and will... [More]

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Gifts for the A-Team: Mad Dog Murdock

Oh Murdock - your sanity is questioned as often as your flying skills, but we have perfect faith in both (unlike some people we know - Mr. Bad Attitude, we're thinking of you). To celebrate your triumphant return to the skies we got you a... [More]

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Gifts for the A-Team: B. A. Baracus

Rampage Jackson, it's not looking good. First there were those dumbass comments about the perceived gayness of acting and Vancouver, which made us want to give you one of these. Then there was the kerfuffle about Mr. T, whose updated role you snagged, not liking... [More]

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Father's Day Gift Guide: My Other Ride is a Light Cycle Hoodie

For the dads who were impressionable kids when the original Tron came out in 1982, the forthcoming December '10 arrival of Tron Legacy in theaters is either eliciting an, "OMG, YES!" or "OMG, NOOOOO!" response. Either way, he's probably going to go see it. And... [More]

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Chest Hair T-Shirt

If your man is not quite the Tom Selleck he wishes, the Chest Hair T-Shirt ($22) can help. Sadly, there's nothing extra for you to run your fingers through.... [More]

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Don't Mug Dad: Father's Day Giveaway and Personal Shopper

***UPDATE*** This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who entered! And you thought Mom was hard to shop for. The traditional range of Father's Day gifts is even narrower than that for Mother's Day, and the entries in it are, we're afraid, correspondingly much... [More]


You Tell Us: Shirts My Way Hatoyama Shirt

Well, no one can accuse Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Yukio Hatayama of being afraid to wear colors, right? Bespoke tailors Shirts My Way think he's a fashion hero, not a fashion zero, so they've released a limited run of the Hatoyama Shirt ($500) for all... [More]

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Father's Day Gift Guide:Cosmic Firefly Steampunk Robot Cufflinks & Tie Tack

This snazzy Cosmic Firefly Steampunk Robot Cufflinks and Tie Tack Pin Set ($65) would make a great gift for all the steampunk-obsessed dads out there. Featuring an original 1950's-style robot design, they're perfect for adding a touch of style to his workaday shirts & ties.... [More]

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Father's Day Gift Guide: Rent Mother Nature Down East Clambake

If you live within dog-walking distance of the Atlantic, this won't be your thing, but if your Dad is a transplanted New Englander landlocked in Iowa or some such, we think this could be an unforgettable Father's Day treat. Rent Mother Nature is prepared to... [More]

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Miss Feeney's Finery Peek-A-Boo Ties

Somehow, vintage cheesecake pinups from the 40's and 50's seem so much classier than the be-siliconed bimbos of today.... Perhaps that's why we love Miss Feeney's Finery Silk Peek-a-Boo Ties ($85) so much. Featuring a standard (albeit high quality & colorful) silk tie in thick... [More]

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You Tell Us: Donovan Upcycled Suit Tote

Definitely for the urban hipster, the Donovan Upcycled Suit Tote ($250) teeters ever so closely on the edge of awesome and awful. First the idea of items being "upcycled" is ingenious, but a suit as a bag, we're not too sure. With leather handles, from... [More]

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Father's Day Gift Guide: BlackSocks Sockscription

Black socks, they never get dirty, the longer you wear them, the blacker they get! Sound familiar? Now that we've gotten that childhood song stuck in your noggins, we'll tell you about the ingenious gift that is the BlackSocks Sockscription ($29-175 for basic calf socks,... [More]

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Father's Day Gift Guide: Gather No Moss On the Rocks Set

Similar to the Fitzu Whiskey Stones we've told you about before, but possibly even cooler, the Gather No Moss On the Rocks Set ($32, backordered until 5/28/10) is an awesome gift for a dad who takes pride in his liquor collection. After a short stint... [More]

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Nu Joisy Tee

Nu Joisy Tee

Reality series Jersey Shore definitely put New Jersey on all of our radars, which is why we are strangely drawn to the Nu Joisy Tee ($28). This premium cotton tee is perfect for those New Jerseyites that will be packin' it up and hittin' the... [More]

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Golden Girl: Stiga NHL Stanley Cup Hockey Table Game

Gifts - Sure, we expect them on anniversaries, birthdays, etc. - but those are the easy ones. Don't you love when you get a "just because" bouquet or naughty piece of lingerie? Well, it works both ways, sister - you gotta give a little to... [More]

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Spanx for Men

HA! Now men get to suffer the squeezing and pinching of the miracle shapewear, Spanx! New Spanx for Men Undershirts ($55-58, available for pre-order) are "cotton compression undershirts" available in tank, crew neck, or v-neck styles, all of which supposedly firm the chest, flatten their... [More]

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