Doubtblush: Oak Black Half Tank

Oh God... Please don't let this Oak Black Half Tank with Asymmetric Hem ($82) become "in." If, heaven forbid it did, we could see it going into hipster-redneck territory, like ironic trucker caps and mullets; alternately, it could be co-opted by club kid guido wannabes... [More]

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Kids Leather Bedroom Set

Who knew? Who knew that a kid's bedroom set could be so cool? Start 'em early, we say; teach your kids to appreciate good design. This Leather Bedroom Set ($1,295) is an excellent first step.... [More]

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Paco Rabanne 1 Million

Outblush is reviewing another men's cologne? Well. Yeah! Paco Rabanne's new 1 Million ($53 for the small bottle, $70 for the big one) runs with the mint trend, blending the note with warmer ingredients like amber and cinnamon to make something distinctive and almost candied.... [More]

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Personal Shopper: Gifts for Alana's Bon Ami

Alana wrote to the Bargainist, saying: "I am finding myself a bit in a situation - I am headed to France in a week to visit a friend and I need to bring her a birthday gift - she is very preppy and loves the... [More]


Plush Cthulhu

Maybe we're a little too geeky at times, but we don't see why kids can only have the standard teddy bear/stuffed rabbit collection... Why not get your little dweeb-in-training a Cthulhu Plush Toy ($20)? Just think of how cute it will be when Junior starts... [More]

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Baby Washcloth Cupcakes

If you know someone who's expecting, you've got to check out these Wash Cloth Cupcakes ($15). For the price, you get four "cupcakes" (the pink shown is for girls, but there are also ones for baby boys and gender-neutral showers), each one with two washcloths.... [More]

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle

What's an 11 letter word for memorialize? That's right... commemorate (very good, btw). And if you're looking for the perfect commemorative gift, look no further than this very cool idea. Choose any date from the past 60 years and the New York Times will provide... [More]

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Doubtblush: Time to Celebrate Rainbow Rose Bouquet

Bwa? We love bright colors and festivity. Honestly we do. But this rainbow rose bouquet ($63 and up) is lurid and artificial in a way that puts popsicles to shame. It takes the romance right out of roses, in our opinion. poll by [More]

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Carrot Car

We wanted you to take a look at the Carrot Car (Inquire), created by the amazing artist Judson Beaumont. We're not sure we actually want to know how much the thing cost, but wouldn't it be the perfect gift for the kid who has everything?... [More]

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LA Rug Funky Boys Quilt Rug

Has it ever struck you how much a lot of little boy's room look alike, sort of like they all came from the same mold? We really liked this LA Rug ($68) as a floor cover. Not only does it introduce some great graphics and... [More]

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Chocolate Dreams Wooden Wall Letters

They may not be edible, but they're oh so delicious. These Wooden Wall Letters ($20/per letter) come in designs for the little girls and boys in your life. Granted, it's not a reinvention of the wheel, but each letter is so well crafted that the... [More]

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Wild Fling Popcorn Bowl

Football season is upon us ladies - meaning more time in front of the TV and more time eating on the couch. It's inevitable, so just let it happen and bring some fun to the viewing with the Wild Fling Popcorn Bowl ($20). The ultimate... [More]

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Princess Toy Box Bench

Even princesses can be a little messy. Give her a super cute way to keep her toys off the floor and one more piece of "royal" furniture for the playroom. The Princess Toy Box Bench ($189) will do both with flair.... [More]

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Recycled Wetsuit Laptop Sleeve

Ever spent hours wondering how to make sure his laptop looked "macho?" Okay, the idea is ridiculous. But if you've ever, for one second, wanted to get him a gift that would protect his beloved laptop, take a gander at this Recycled Wetsuit Laptop Sleeve... [More]

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Kids TV Wall Mirror

Do we like it cause it'd be cute in a kids room, or do we like it cause it looks like the opening credits of My Favorite Martian? Does it matter why we like it? Pretty much every kid on the planet will think this... [More]

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Men's Eau Lando Cologne

We've found the origin of the phrase, "Don't hate the playa, hate the game." It's Lando - and this is his cologne. Men's Eau Lando Cologne ($40).... [More]

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Firefighter Revolving Bookcase

Ever met a little boy who didn't dream of being a fireman? Not sure we have either. He can combine the fantasy of being a hero with all the fantasies found in books with this Firefighter Revolving Bookcase ($169). It's a great place to keep... [More]

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Dainty Flower Heart Frame

You know something we don't always think of giving to that special little girl in our life? Framed photos. Oh sure, we get them for our more-mature friends after they've gone on a great trip or we've gotten our hands on an embarrassing shot of... [More]

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Karen Walker Helter Skelter Sunglasses

Let's forget about the unfortunate name of this sunglass style and just focus on the aesthetics. How great would your guy look in these babies? They're not the same aviator or sports sunglasses every other egghead and jock is wearing, but rather, something pretty special...even... [More]

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Pink Princess Bedroom Vanity Set

Okay, how much would have loved this vanity set when you were a princess-in-training? First of all, it's pink (that makes us smile), and the Bedroom Vanity Set ($160) is a great place for her to organize all her little girl beauty supplies.... [More]

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