Recycled Typewriter Key Cufflinks

These Recycled Typewriter Key Cufflinks ($50) are perfect for the wordsmith in your life; whether he's a writer, an avid reader, or just really good at crossword puzzles. What a creative little reminder that you appreciate his interests. If diamonds are a girl's best friend,... [More]

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Personal Shopper: Zoe's Brother's Birthday Gift

Says Zoe: "My brother is turning 40 in February and I'd like to get him something special to mark the occasion. He's a video game programmer, reader of speculative fiction and political analysis, WoW player, pipe aficionado (as in, he likes to smoke pipes), multilingual,... [More]


Personal Shopper: Valentine's Day Gifts for Kimberley's LEGO-Loving Boyfriend

Says Kimberley: "My boyfriend and I have been going out for 4 months (will be almost 5 months on V-Day) and we are both a bit on the geeky side. He is into gaming (pc or xbox), loves Indiana Jones and we have both just... [More]


Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Tomboy Girl

Chances are you didn't woo this particular lady with dainty chocolates and frilly gifts. This girl can talk sabermetrics with the best of your bros and could probably take you down with an effortless judo throw. But just because she took first place in your... [More]

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1st Birthday Party Hat

1st Birthday Party Hat

Your lil' princess deserves a pretty party hat for her 1st birthday! The 1st Birthday Party Hat ($13) is adorable; this black and white polka dot print party hat is trimmed with red feather trim, ribbons and lots of glitter.... [More]

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Philosophy Sweet On You Gift Set

Our girlfriends rock. They're there for us through, "I just met the perfect guy," to "Why did you ever let me go out with that ass?" They laugh with us, sing stupid songs in the car with us, and get all of our jokes, even... [More]

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12 Things I Love About You Mini Book

Wouldn't this 12 Things I Love About You Mini Book ($14) from Cori Kindred Etsy Shop make the sweetest and most thoughtful Valentine's Day gift? How lovely to lift someone's spirits by giving them a book filled with all the little things you love about... [More]

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Your Pets

Okay, let's admit it: We love, adore, treasure our pets. We know that there are those who think we're bat-guano crazy, but we dig the idea of giving them a little something for VD, just to remind them how much they mean to us. Fortunately,... [More]

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Sake Infused Shave Cream

Luxury is the name of the game, baby. It may not strike you as sexy, but a really fine shaving cream can put a smile on your man's face that is rivaled only by....okay, not even close to the smile on his face when he's... [More]

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BabyBoomer Kid Chairs

These Kid Chairs ($220 for 2) were clearly designed by children with discriminating taste. Who, other than a child (or child at heart), would know that decorative studs make everything look better? And surely a really creative little boy or girl knew that children's chairs... [More]

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Paul Smith Red Stained Glass Heart Cufflinks

Can you get your man to wear his heart on his sleeve? Probably not. Can you get your man to wear A heart on his cuffs? Yep! The Paul Smith Red Stained Glass Heart Cufflinks ($107) are red and cream stained glass featuring a strong... [More]

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San Diego Zoo Animal Care Wish List

Flowers are nice, candy is nice, lingerie is either nice or monumentally awkward. If you want to make your sweetheart's sweet heart melt for real this year, how about an option that's both charitable and SUPER, SUPER cute? You see, the San Diego Zoo keeps... [More]

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Personal Shopper: Gifts for Katie's Wonderful Boss

Says Katie: "I need to find a great thank-you gift for my boss for writing me a stellar recommendation for graduate school. My boss is an accomplished, poised, confident woman who is fluent in Italian and Spanish and just celebrated her 40th birthday, but looks... [More]


PLAY COMME DES GARÇONS Converse Red Heart Sneakers

Give your man's feet a little love with the PLAY COMME DES GARÇONS Converse Red Heart Sneakers ($95). These adorable low tops with rubber cap toe feature a sweet little red heart logo and black canvas panel at the heel. With those peepers - we... [More]

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Infant Football Cocoon

Pass that sweet bundle of joy to Dad this Playoff weekend. Once he sees his lil' guy wrapped in the Infant Football Cocoon ($35), you'll be able to sneak away for that marvelous manicure.... [More]

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Sourpuss Pomade Johnny Tee

Among the things we say about children around here, this is the one that applies today: He's never too young to wear clothes with attitude. The Sourpuss Pomade Johnny Tee ($10) has attitude in spades, featuring the iconic image of the great Johnny Cash himself.... [More]

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Comic Book Mighty Wallet

If your guy's idea of the perfect date is a weekend away at Comic Con, we think we might have found a fun gift idea for him. This Comic Book Mighty Wallet ($15) is a graphic, smile-inducing way to remind him that you care about... [More]

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Happy Chocolates and Blow Jobs Day Card

Happy Chocolates and Blow Jobs Day Card

One valentine your guy would love to receive.....the Happy Chocolates and Blow Jobs Day Card ($5)! Chocolate and oral sex just seem to go together, don't they?... [More]

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Sexy Snow White Laptop Decal

Sexy Snow White Laptop Decal

What guy doesn't crush on Snow White? Porcelain skin, bright blue eyes and black hair...we're sold! And he will love even more when you slap the Sexy Snow White Laptop Decal ($10) on his MacBook.... [More]

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Dolce & Gabbana The One Gentleman Deodorant Stick2

We know, it's just deodorant, but Dolce & Gabbana The One Gentleman Deodorant Stick ($25) has a pretty alluring understated scent that makes it a new favorite. When we're tucked under our guy's arm we like the idea of catching just a hint of cedarwood,... [More]

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