Love Me Ice Cream Tee

Do you ever walk through the little girls' section, see something like the Toica Stefan Ice Cream Tee ($20), and fervently wish that 1) it came in your size, and 2) you could pull off wearing it if it did? Yup, us too. With one... [More]

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skeleton stationary-s.jpg

Correspondence Box with Skull Stationery

Deep pocketed gift givers listen up. For that friend that's even darker than Tim Burton, the Correspondence Box with Skull Stationery ($175) is drool-worthy. The black resin cast box and set of twelve skull note cards have an old world quality that's infused with genuine... [More]

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Personal Shopper: Gifts to Cheer Up Mel's Sister

Says Mel: "So this request isn't for myself, but for my sister--she just called off the wedding with her fiancee/boyfriend of 4 years. I can't say that I'm heartbroken (he had way too much baggage and drama), but she sure is. I know that time... [More]


Eshu Cleansing Brick

If upon seeing this product you are tempted to crack wise about "soap-on-a-rope" we want you to know that you're in good company. We simply can't look at the Eshu Cleansing Brick ($14) without saying something inappropriate. Please know; if this were any old hunk... [More]

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Fashion Angels Enterprise Eco Angels Make Your Own Natural Beauty Products

We are so completely envious that we didn't have anything like this available to us when we were kids. Eco Angels Make Your Own Natural Beauty Products ($25) comes with a really fun guide book that's filled with recipes to help a girl make her... [More]

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Ms. & Mrs. Labor & Delivery Survival Kit

For all those girls in our lives who are currently enceinte (French for pregnant) we have found this fun Labor & Delivery Survival Kit ($45). Nope, it won't make the contractions any easier, but it just may make her feel pampered while she's experiencing them.... [More]

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Personalized Heart Pocket Pillow

Personalized Heart Pocket Pillow

Did you know today is National Tooth Fairy Day? Surprise your little one with a beautiful Personalized Heart Pocket Pillow ($48). He can tuck that little tooth in the pocket as he eagerly awaits for his tooth to be snatched.....and more importantly replaced with some... [More]

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Marmol & Son Bee Movie Eau De Toilette Spray for Kids

If the little girl in your life wants to pamper herself as you're going through your morning beauty routine - indulge her desire. Marmol & Son Bee Movie Eau De Toilette Spray for Kids ($13) has a light, delicate aroma that won't make a girl... [More]

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Ani-Mates Re-usuable Kids Ice Packs

Generally, nothing makes a kid's boo boo stop hurting faster than a little kiss from his mother. When that kiss doesn't quite do the trick though, there's always Ani-Mates Re-usuable Kids Ice Packs ($10/each). If nothing else, he'll be distracted by the really cute animal... [More]

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Balloon Animal Kit

Balloon Animal Kit

We always wondered how our pediatrician made those balloon animals. Now it all makes sense. He must have experimented with the Balloon Animal Kit ($12). Silly us....we thought he was a clown on weekends.... [More]

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Chanel Bleu De Chanel Eau de Toilette

Chanel has long been a staple in our fragrance arsenal and we're really glad to know that our guys can take advantage of a classic, too. Bleu De Chanel Eau de Toilette ($60) is a sensual blend of citrus and woods, a clean, masculine scent... [More]

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A Day at the Pond, Placemat and Markers

If you have kids of your own, or if you occasionally entertain nieces and nephews, you know the importance of protecting your table from their (sometime) primate like eating habits. You also know how important entertaining them can be as you're trying to finish your... [More]

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TURMS Red Wooden Complete Case

Likes - cuff links, pocket squares, freshly pressed suits, shined shoes - oh, who are we kidding, if we can get one out of four, we'd be happy. We'll drop a subtle hint with a gorgeous gift in the TURMS Red Wooden Complete Case (£450).... [More]

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boyfriend in a bottle-s.jpg

Boyfriend in a Bottle

If you have an "It's Complicated" boyfriend, maybe No Strings Attached style, the Boyfriend in a Bottle ($11) can supplement that need for a stable relationship. Make it a gag gift, throw it down the stairs for your own amusement, or convince everyone you've gone... [More]

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Bacon, Chocolate, Beer Gift Box

The Bacon, Chocolate, Beer Gift Box ($48) - 2 Mo's Bacon Bars, Flying Bacon and Chocolate Pig, and a 22 ounce bottle of Rogue Shakespeare Stout. Sounds like the perfect Valentine to us!... [More]

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Service Personnel

Let's be practical here. There are people in our lives who work hard to help us clean, groom our lawns, make us beautiful, and watch our children when we're not there to do it ourselves. These are the folks who make us look and feel... [More]


Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Manly Man

Manly-men can be hard to shop for - they usually don't want much and what they do covet their inner alpha male just encourages them to acquire themselves. But even the roughest and tumblest of lover boys deserve something to make them smile on Valentine's... [More]

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Paloma's Nest Custom Where We Met Map

A great wedding or baby shower gift, the Custom Where We Met/Where You Were Born Map ($32) from Paloma's Nest places a heart on the city where two lovers met, or where baby was born. It's stamped with the names you choose, and the city... [More]

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide: The Geeky Guy

Gone are the days when "geek" meant pocket protectors and poor social skills. Geeks everywhere have embraced their geekiness and done some crazy awesome stuff, you know, like create the internets in all of its infinite glory! We love the geeky guys in our lives:... [More]


Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Kids

Whether you're a mom extraordinaire, favorite auntie, awesome sis, or (fairy?) godmother, you strive to get your munchkins the best gifts possible. There's no better feeling than seeing kids smile, but since you went all out for the holiday season, try one of these more... [More]

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