Don't Mug Dad: Father's Day Giveaway and Personal Shopper

***UPDATE*** This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who entered!

And you thought Mom was hard to shop for. The traditional range of Father's Day gifts is even narrower than that for Mother's Day, and the entries in it are, we're afraid, correspondingly much lamer. But Outblush is here to help. Readers, don't mug Dad.

If you need a little help finding something appropriate for your father, just email us at or post a comment here or on our Facebook page between now and noon PST on Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 to clue us in with a description of your pops and why your old block is tough to shop for. Six readers will receive the full Personal Shopper treatment (that is, an individually-selected list of gifts selected to meet your criteria) and everyone will have a chance to win a little (or big) something from the list below:

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Posted on 06.01.10 at 8:51 AM

My dad is super hard to shop for! He's a little eccentric with expensive tastes but the best gifts have been ones that have really been more thoughtful than high-priced. He's not really a "tool guy" or "fishing guy" so traditional father's day gifts don't do much for him. He's a science man, so anything in that arena would be a hit...I need some serious help (and on a budget)!


Posted on 06.01.10 at 1:35 PM

My dad is old fuddy duddy! No fun at all. He's retired and spends his day watching Dr. Oz and sleeping in the chair. He occasionally works in the garden or putters around in the garage. I would love to get him interested in a new hobby, maybe a good series of books, etc. Something new to get him out of his rut!


Posted on 06.01.10 at 2:00 PM

My dad passed away but I do buy a Father's Day gift for the father of my children (surely other women do this, too?) He is really hard to shop for because all of his hobbies are expensive. Ideas that are thoughtful, cool and frugal, please!


Posted on 06.01.10 at 7:48 PM

My Dad is a real 'manly man." He is always working on a car in his garage, doing something in the yard, dirt biking, camping, BBQing, boating or fishing. He also has it all when it come to these activities. He is so hard to shop for! I want to get him something that with be both a surprise but also something that he will use and appreciate! Help!


Posted on 06.02.10 at 10:21 AM

I have NO IDEA what to get for him, he's a mountaineer and a climber and is horrendous to shop for!! Any help would be SO SO SO appreciated!


Posted on 06.02.10 at 1:20 PM

My dad is one of those dads who owns about 3 dozen horrible looney toons and garfield tires. They have been gifts from my sister and I for the last 25 odd years. Sadly, they were the height of sucess in our father's day gift giving. Please help us find a gift for my amazing dad, who is neither tech or outdoors savvy, but who does consider zip ties and good coffee to be the answers to all of life's most complicated questions!


Posted on 06.02.10 at 3:53 PM

My daddy is the most impossible person to shop for- I don't think there has ever been a father's day, birthday or Christmas that he's been terribly thrilled with his gift.

He's a very particular man. He will only wear certain shoes, certain socks, certain shirts and only listens to certain bands and uses certain knives. He only reads ebooks anymore, and he's also very particular about what he will read.

What compounds the difficulty is that the second he decides he wants something, he will find a way to attain it. So, if he mentions something a week away from an obligatory holiday, I don't even bother because the day or two preceding it, he will have gotten it already.

He is an avid collector of knives- he has a few drawers full of them. He is also a big Civil War buff, and enjoys most anything involving history. He likes certain groups from Jazz and is a fan of LOLcats.

While he is probably the most difficult person to shop for, he is the easiest person in the world to love. He's my daddy, and I want to get him something he'll love for once in his life.

Eric Seberg

Posted on 06.02.10 at 6:22 PM

I'm the dad and I'm pretty easy to please. Anything off the list would be fine but I'm partial to Gerber Gear.


Posted on 06.03.10 at 8:02 AM

Ahhh...the subject of my father. Where do I begin? The man's a weirdo. Weird and proud of it. He kisses snapping turtles, encourages his daughters to melt chocolate bars so that they resemble feces, and tries to befriend skunks. All of which have embarrassed me tremendously and have made me love him all the more for it. Shopping for this man can only be described as comparable to searching for the lost ark of the covenant. I'm in desperate need of help!


Posted on 06.03.10 at 9:47 AM

My father loves gadgetry in all its forms, however he has an annoying habit of buying what he wants before we can gift it! I need help thinking of cool devices and toys that he hasn't found on his own yet.


Posted on 06.04.10 at 5:11 AM

We always get golf balls and a polo for our Dad since those are the only things for sure he'll use/wear. Other gifts seem to pile up in the basement. Any outside-the-box ideas would be great.


Posted on 06.04.10 at 8:51 AM

This has been a big month for my father. He's walked his eldest daughter (me!) down the aisle, and he'll see his youngest daughter graduate high school in a few weeks. He's been jolly and supportive the whole time! But what do we get dear Dad on Father's Day to convey our appreciation for actively watching his little girls grow up? He's not much of a reader, and cares little about clothing or sports. He spends most of his time grilling up a mean summertime meal or tinkering around on his motorcycle. Do you have any ideas how to incorporate his hobbies into a meaningful gift?


Posted on 06.05.10 at 3:08 PM

I've found that my elderly dad enjoys gourmet food items that he has never tried ...not too hard to satisfy!


Posted on 06.05.10 at 11:20 PM

My dad is the worst to shop for, I think he does it for sport at this point. He is an ex navy SEAL turned he's already hard to shop for.

To make it worse? When I ask him what he wants? "Nothing."

You can't get an answer out of him for anything!


Posted on 06.06.10 at 8:51 AM

This is my husbands first fathers day and as usual I'm stumped with what to get him. He is impossible to shop for. He is a gadget guy who already owns everything he wants. What I'm really looking for something meaningful from our 3 month old daughter who he is completely smitten with!


Posted on 06.07.10 at 11:12 AM

My dad is impossible to shop for. It's almost like he doesn't like anything! He doesn't really watch movies; he reads, but if there's a book he wants to read, he buys it; he loves to play tennis, but has all the top of the line equipment he needs. Anything he wants or needs, he just goes to the store and gets himself. By the time birthdays or holidays come around, there's nothing left on his wish list. And a tie or a mug just isn't going to cut it.


Posted on 06.07.10 at 1:37 PM

My dad is simple to shop for. While that may seem like nothing to complain about, it is still hard to find a gift that will "wow" him. When you find someone who appreciates everything you gift them, that can be a wonderful feeling. However, I want him to actually use the gift. There is a collection of gifts tucked away in a corner with the tags attached, just waiting to be used. What good is a gift if the person never puts it to use? I am looking for a gift for an appreciative, generous, and loving dad.


Posted on 06.07.10 at 4:37 PM

Here's an example: if you buy him a pair of pants, he says, "But I already *have* pants!"


Posted on 06.07.10 at 9:08 PM

Dads are always hard to shop for, but finding a good father's day gift for my dad is extra tough because his birthday is the week before father's day. I can usually find one good gift, but trying to find another great idea a week later is a tough task.


Posted on 06.08.10 at 6:51 AM

My father wants nothing but gives everything. 20 years ago, he moved to this country just to give me and the rest of my family opportunities that he never had. I have always wanted to do something in return - but the man swears he wants absolutely nothing.

He enjoys watching television. He LOVES watching lots and lots of tennis. He loves reading. He doesn't really like technology, he doesn't have outdoor hobbies, and he loves his family more than anything. He lives in Knoxville, TN.

Please help!


Posted on 06.08.10 at 8:05 AM

My father is easy to shop for. Unfortunately, it's been the same thing for the last 10 years. Every father's day , I've gotten him a new baseball cap. I need to step it up a notch this year. Finding something other than a fitted baseball cap that my father will like is going to be more difficult than Naomi Campbell. Help!

He loves technology but owns everything he could possibly want. He is super handy around the house, the basement is like a home depot showroom.

sarah beth

Posted on 06.08.10 at 9:09 AM

My dad is ridiculously hard to shop for because even though I feel like I should know what he likes, I always get something a little wrong. He loves to read. I gave him a couple books by my favorite author. He hated them. He loves Fiona Apple. I gave him a Blossom Dearie cd. He hated it. It's impossibly frustrating.

Julia Herndon

Posted on 06.08.10 at 10:39 AM

I never know what to get my dad for Father's Day, especially because he buys whatever he wants. I usually end up getting him a generic gift like a shirt or hat. Some of the ideas that have been posted on here might be good this year.


Posted on 06.08.10 at 11:12 AM

Ugh, my dad is very difficult to shop for. He likes Nascar, grilling, and guns. He's not really good with technology, unless it's useful for camping or hiking. It's just difficult to figure out what to get him because I never know what he already has or if he'll find it useful as I'm not interested in the same things.


Posted on 06.11.10 at 2:50 PM

I'd love to win something for m husband- he's the best daddy to our two kids. Thanks!

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