Marvel Universe The Avengers Tank Top

We've always had a soft spot for Marvel over DC, so we'll admit to being first in line at our local theater to see The Avengers. We liked it so much we may have watched it again the next day. And we'll proudly wear our... [More]

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Lee Crochet Blouse

We compost religiously. We write poetry. We use salt water as a hair product. We're about as bohemian as it gets, but when we hit the town in faux snakeskin bandage dresses, everybody seems to think we're heartless fashion slaves. They'll pick up on our... [More]

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Leather Trim Tee

Lately, we've been especially taken with "mullet tees." We're digging the business-in-front-party-in-back look. This gorgeous Leather Trim Tee ($250) has a classic, dare we say elegant, front, and a back that features more playful design details. Meryl Streep would have worn this beautifully!... [More]

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Phuket Yellow Flower Tunic

Phuket encapsulates just about everything we're looking for in a summer getaway: beaches, palm trees, and a "Forget about it and have a good time" ethos. We think this Phuket Yellow Flower Tunic ($20) captures that spirit beautifully, with its elegant yet comfortable style and... [More]

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Supermaggie Elephant Top

Many people believe elephants to be a good luck symbol - and even if you don't fall into that camp, they're darn cute. We're digging the fresh colors and the precious pachyderm displayed on this Supermaggie Elephant Burnout Top ($42). We'll be wearing it a... [More]

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Aztec Cold Shoulder Blouson

We give the cold shoulder to Facebook friend invites from people we barely knew in high school - not to gorgeous fashion pieces. So we won't be snubbing this Aztec Cold Shoulder Blouson ($61). With its funky print and sexy neckline, we'll welcome it into... [More]

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Faded Western Chambray Shirt

If ever there were a quintessential summery shirt it would be this one. Pack the Faded Western Chambray Shirt ($40) for long weekends and see just how many ways you can wear it! Leave it unbuttoned and pair it with a sexy striped bikini, match... [More]

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Petal Top

We were always told we were "late bloomers", which we guess was a nice way of trying to make us feel better about the fact that the only prom dates we could ever get were related, closeted, pitying, or all of the above. Now that... [More]

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The Perfect Shirt

Is The Perfect Shirt ($29) truly perfect? The one we bought doesn't give us backrubs or wash dishes, so we'll have to say - regrettably - no. But it is made with a super-soft cotton-poly blend, with a wide, sexy neckline and cute little zip... [More]

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Miso Horse Tie Front T-Shirt

Despite the fact that we said it was all we wanted for every birthday and every Christmas from the ages of six to eleven, no one ever bought us a pony. We're over it, though. Honestly. This Miso Horse Tie Front T-Shirt ($16) is a... [More]

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Tee and Cake Map Tee

Looking for Cathay, or eyeing our lady assets? It might be hard to tell when we're sporting this Tee and Cake Map Tee ($50), which features a fun vintage map print. Just how vintage is the print? When it was drawn, Russia had a tsar... [More]

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Crochet Overlay Peplum Top

Oh là là, the Crochet Overlay Peplum Top ($30) is sexy! Sure, the sweatheart neckline is stitched over with lace, but if you get a good look, there's a mighty big dip into the cleavage! The back is open, too, so we'll have to plan... [More]

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Balloon Top in Cloud

Perfectly slouchy and comfortable, this stylish Balloon Top in Cloud ($110) is bound to become a favorite cozy-up-on-the-couch(or on-a-date)-with-your-man sweatshirt. You'll love it with bright denims and a pair of chucks. Your man will love that you're finally relinquishing his favorite casual sweatshirt from your... [More]

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Veteran Pullover

Okay - so we've never been in the army. Any army. But we've certainly fought our share of skirmishes on the battlefield of love, so we think we qualify to wear this Veteran Pullover ($345). We've earned its comfy, laid-back style after all those nights... [More]

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Tab Sleeve Printed Top

Slipping on this loose, soft-hued Tab Sleeve Print Top ($64) makes us feel like we're laid-back, artistic types who can easily go with the flow of the summer. Of course, in reality, we're frazzled, workaholic types who go from the office to scrubbing the bottom... [More]

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Center of Attention Top

We've been working our belly buttons off to get our abs summer-ready, and we've decided we deserve a little recognition for all that effort. That's why we're going to hit the town in this Center of Attention Top ($29). The funky twist and cut-out sides... [More]

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Pink Floral Bralet

We've found the perfect piece for that hot date to the drive-in: this Pink Floral Bralet ($38). Add a pair of skintight black capri pants and sky-high wedges for a sexy retro look that'll all but guarantee a movie make-out session. That, or a role... [More]

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Chill Cropped Tank

Feeling stressed? Fight the cortisol with this Chill Cropped Tank ($11). For one thing, you can't get away with wearing it anyplace that isn't fun - i.e. work. And if everyone you run into follows its clearly printed instructions, your day is bound to be... [More]

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Open Back Sweater

We like our sweaters the same way we like our BBQ: a little saucy. Not that we'd gnaw on any drumsticks while wearing this Open Back Sweater ($50). A classic, elegant piece in the front, it adds just a bit of spice to the back... [More]

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Jump Shirt

How we miss the days of our youth when we would hang upside down from the monkey bars for hours or daringly jump from a moving swing. Even if we're a tad timid in our old age (hey, we don't need any broken bones!), we... [More]

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