Big Mouth Sweatshirt

Are you a Rocky Horror Picture Show fan? A Stones fan? Maybe you're just an incurable gossip? This Big Mouth Sweatshirt ($68) appeals to different tastes for different reasons. The suggestive, slightly parted lips give it a seductive quality, which is heightened further by the... [More]

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After Party Top

Our real "after party" tops are red-wine-stained sweatshirts with frayed sleeves we toss on when we know we're going to be spending the day on the couch guzzling Gatorade and watching infomercials. This After Party Top ($37), on the other hand, demands to be worn... [More]

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Alfie Blouse in Pink Stripes

What says "good girl ready to go bad" quite like the candy striper look? We think this Alfie Blouse in Pink Stripes ($35) suggests that very nicely without looking like something you got out of a plastic bag at iParty.... [More]

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Parisienne Lace Top

We were all about it at age seven, and nothing has changed: we still love to dress up and pretend we're princesses. This Parisienne Lace Top ($158) might not be full-on Sleeping Beauty, but we think it's got the whole peasant-girl-about-to-get-noticed-by-a-hot-prince vibe down pat.... [More]

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Destroyed Tee

You know what the problem with most shirts is? They're way too intact! No holes, no tears - they're like, brand new, and who wants that? Thankfully there's the Destroyed Tee ($24), for those of us who can appreciate the sheer perfection of imperfection. With... [More]

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Flowing Orchids Tunic

Embrace your inner flower-power type with this Flowing Orchids Tunic ($221). Just refrain from playing bongos or smoking weed in the park while you're wearing it.... [More]

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Slayer Scratchy Logo Tee

For people who listen to metal music non-ironically, this rock band T-shirt trend is a godsend. But while everyone else and their sisters are wearing the same old AC/DC shirts, you can show a little genre-expertise with your Slayer Scratchy Logo Tee ($20).... [More]

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Black/Mint Vertical Striped Top

We've been seeing what we might affectionately call "Beetlejuice pants" on many a gal around town, and while we admire anyone who has the guts to wear them, we much prefer the slimming stripe on this Black/Mint Vertical Striped Top ($33).... [More]

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RAYGUN Midwest Map Tee

Midwesterners are totally misunderstood, right? Everyone assumes it's all frigid temps and fridges full of cheese. Get cheeky by wearing the Midwest Map Tee ($20) from RAYGUN, which puts those prejudices front and center.... [More]

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Natassja Cotton Striped Kandi Top

Children of the '80s (like us) know that H-to-T neon is not a good idea unless you're, say, working road construction at night. But once again, neon is "in" for spring, so what's a fluorescent-shy fashionista to do? Add just a little touch of the... [More]

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People's Liberation Denim Vest

We don't need no education - not if we're sporting this People's Liberation Denim Vest ($59). It's the perfect piece for our inner rebel, particularly when matched with a white tank and big, fat bicep tattoo. The tattoo will be fake, of course. As awesome... [More]

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Halston Heritage Racerback Sweater Tank

It's hard to look sexy in the winter, with bulky sweaters leaving ninety percent of your body to the imagination. It's a good thing that Halston solved this with their Racerback Sweater Tank ($225). The color is sure to attract attention - not that you'll... [More]

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Star Crossed Lovers Tee

Romeo and Juliet sure were least up to a point. The Shakespeare reference on the Star Crossed Lovers tee ($64) makes a great icebreaker, and also weeds out who paid attention in English class and who didn't. The distressed hems give the tee a... [More]

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3/4-Sleeve Kanga Pocket Hoodie

Sometimes it's good to put away the flashy designs and get back to basics. The 3/4-Sleeve Kanga Pocket Hoodie ($13) will suit any occasion, from casual Friday to a softball game to a night at the movies with the boy next door. While it may... [More]

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Madewell Silk Popover

It's at this point in winter that we feel like spring is nevuh gonna get here. Then we see something like this dreamy Creamsicle-hued silk blouse and know that somehow, someday, we'll be wearing it with skinny ankle-length jeans and sandals on a warm, sunny... [More]

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Amy Stand Collar Fred Perry Shirt

With this Amy Stand Collar Fred Perry Shirt ($95), the brand melds rock-star design with a do-good ethic. The "Amy" in question is dearly departed songstress Amy Winehouse, whose signature style inspired the look, and whose legacy - the Amy Winehouse Foundation - receives a... [More]

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Endless Skies Sweatshirt

When is a sweatshirt more than something you wear under your Snuggie on a sick day? When it's this Endless Skies Sweatshirt ($88), which makes the traditional slouchy staple super-cool with a clever woven-back design. The fact that it vaguely reminds us of the top... [More]

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Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 11.47.19 AM.png

Scoop Back Bow Top

Is one of your resolutions for 2013 to show off your upper back as much as possible? Amazing. That is a very weird resolution, but if that's the resolution you're making, it must mean you have no need for the more traditional "fewer cookies, more... [More]

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Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 11.21.46 AM.png

Spare Scene Sweater

If you want to get noticed and you enjoy tart beverages, head straight for this Spare Scene Sweater ($70). It's neon, but not with the kind of intensity that hurts our eyes and makes us a little angry at the person who's wearing it, and... [More]

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Sessùn Mattea Shirt

Get ready for the coming spring by picking up the Sessùn Mattea Shirt ($218). This cheery songbird-patterned top is gathered at the chest and sleeves for a romantic look. We're thinking it'll wear well with a high-waisted midi skirt, soft curls, and a café au... [More]

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