Llama Del Rey T-Shirt

Sorry about that coffee you just snorted out of your nose all over your keyboard. We really should've warned you how ridiculous this Llama Del Rey T-Shirt ($29) is, but what fun would that be?... [More]

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bow SM.jpg

Waldorf Bow Blouse

We love the Waldorf Bow Blouse ($25) because it's classy in the front and cut just low enough that it's a bit scandalous in the back. It has a giant bow, so if you wear it to work, no one in HR can say anything,... [More]

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Maison Scotch You Are Like Printed Tee

You be the judge: is this Maison Scotch tee ($49) super sweet or super creepy? Is it Twilight levels of stalkerish or can you wear this and not freak people out? We're leaning towards the former...but we sure do love the hand-drawn type!... [More]

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Cooper & Ella Forest Print Button-Up Blouse

We're totally comfortable with hugging trees when they've got all their leaves on them, but we're not so sure about the ones on this Cooper & Ella print blouse ($125). It's too easy to imagine those branches as long spindly arms, and we'd rather the... [More]

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Cat Hair Shirt

If you've got kitties, you're going to end up with a whole lot of extra fuzz on a better part of your wardrobe. Even if you manage to resist cuddling them before you head out the door, that fur is going to find its way... [More]

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Y'all Sweatshirt

There's a lot of debate on how to properly use "y'all" versus "y'alls" versus "all y'all", at least for people who didn't grow up in the South. You can find entire internet message boards about the distinctions, but we'll keep away from that and just... [More]

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Pret-A-Partay Tee

This tee ($35) and its play on words offer up a simple and direct message as long as you know the most basic of fashion terms. And yes, we're always ready to partay.... [More]

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twentysevennames Strawberry Fields Shirt

Strawberries are a welcome reminder of summer, and so is this Strawberry Fields Shirt ($153, on sale). This long-sleeved silk blouse will be a welcome layer in the cold temperatures, and the gently faded strawberry print only echoes your fading summer memories. Aww!... [More]

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10th Tribe Polka Top

Get in on a little updated '90s action. The cut of this 10th Tribe Polka Top ($70) reminds us of a combination of tops worn in elementary schools across the country during the time period...and we like that. You're already wearing flowered leggings, bodysuits, and... [More]

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Tank SM.jpg

Kenneth Cole Cora Blouse

The Cora Blouse ($110) in gold is perfect for those nights when you want to go out with your girls, but don't feel the need to spend hours getting ready. It hangs loosely and is super comfy, but looks great paired with dark jeans and... [More]

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Paint+Cloth Young American Sweatshirt

Wear your membership in the Young Americans club proudly with this sweatshirt ($30). Join the ranks of the disillusioned, lost, and heartbroken. At least you can be comfortable while doing it.... [More]

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Lace SM.jpg

7 For All Mankind Lace Tee

Black lace is dramatic and sexy, and we can't seem to get enough of it. The exposed zipper on this Lace Tee ($218) is a great touch on a classic look we love. Note, though, that the opaque tank pictured here is a separate garment...... [More]

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I Like Bands Crop Top

Unless you're some sort of mega-poser, you're wearing that band T-shirt because you hope to catch the attention of other like-minded individuals and start a conversation. But if you're already good at breaking the ice, consider the I Like Bands Crop Top ($27); it might... [More]

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Insert Candy Here Shirt

All of this working out and eating healthy nonsense has just left us with a constant candy craving. (As well as nice bods, thank you very much.) It's Halloween now and we're ready for some candy. But when you're this sugar-deprived, it's hard to form... [More]

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Sapiosexual T-Shirt

The Sapiosexual T-Shirt ($20) not only displays your identity but helps you weed out prospects based on their comprehension of Latin roots.... [More]

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Leah Goren Strawberry Tank

Strawberries seem to find their way into so many of our favorite things, from shortcake to margaritas. Now we can also add this Leah Goren Strawberry Tank ($34) to the list, thanks to its loose, comfy fit and retro fruity print.... [More]

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Boyfriend or Fridge Tee

God, can anyone even tell the difference? Boyfriend or Fridge Tee ($25)... [More]

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Become A Scientist T-Shirt

Sexy librarians think they're all that - but all they do all day is push around books written by sexy scientists! The Become A Scientist T-Shirt ($15) takes an active approach to recruiting today's youth. How can the career of the Ghostbusters be bad?... [More]

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Equipment Riley Faded Python Print Silk Tee

We're willing to overlook the $168 price tag on the Equipment Riley Faded Python Print Silk Tee. Why? It's pretty much going to become our signature piece. Snake print + silk + emerald green + ombré = we are in triple-puffy-heart-LOVE.... [More]

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I Like Cats Sweatshirt

One day this winter, you will stumble out of hibernation, at a loss for communication skills. You'll have left your place because you're going to a job interview and you'll look down at your outfit in the elevator and see that you're wearing this profound... [More]

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