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Allende Silk-Satin Bottoms

Ridiculously elegant and unbelievably deceptive, this big-bow has a secret. Satin pleating and hidden zippers can't hide the truth forever: Malene Birger's Allende Silk-Satin Bottom ($121) is a skirt-short, but a far cry from a skort (thank GOD). Finally, we can do a prim and... [More]

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Cowl 3/4 Pant Jumpsuit

We're not totally sold on this jumpsuit fad, but if we were to get one, we might consider this Cowl 3/4 Pant Jumpsuit ($228). Maybe it's the pretty purple hue that caught our eyes. Or maybe it's just that if you paired this with some... [More]

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Tweed Paperbag Trouser Short

Fall shorts can be a tricky affair. They're often nothing more than cut off versions of heavy trousers. We like the look of the Tweed Paperbag Trouser Short ($58) as a fall alternative. They're cut to flatter the feminine shape and actually have a style... [More]

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Cyprus Cotton Pants

There are some basics every girl should have her closet, and a good pair of black cotton pants is definitely one of those basics. These Cyprus Cotton Pants ($98) would make a great staple addition to your closet. Not only are they basic black and... [More]

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Crinkled Faux Leather Shorts

We could totally see Gwyneth Paltrow rocking a pair of these Crinkled Faux Leather Shorts ($99). They're pretty awesome to look at. The only thing that's getting us is the crinkled part. While high-profile fashionistas like Gwyneth (and Sienna!) can easily pull off the wrinkled-yet-classy... [More]

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Personal Shopper: Plus-sized pants for Rebecca V

Rebecca V. writes, "Help me, Outblush! I love your personal shopper, especially Janetor, who shows us plus sized ladies some love. Hopefully she (or one of you other fashionistas!) can help me out. I am a major apple shape, a size 18-20 on bottom. I... [More]

Hue Equestrian Leggings

Hue Equestrian Leggings

Yeee-haw! The Hue Equestrian Leggings are the perfect pants to pair with those killer riding boots you've had your eye on for some time now. These comfortable stretch cotton leggings have a super stylish suede riding patch on inner legs and they're available in chestnut... [More]

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Leggings With Ankle Snaps

We've been all about leggings lately, but seem to utilize them most often as an accessory to a bolder top and/or shoes. We'll happily give these Leggings with Ankle Snaps ($198) center stage thanks to the great charcoal color and row of snaps gracing the... [More]

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You Tell Us: Stirrup Pants

At first we weren't convinced. Then we thought that with the right pair of shoes...then we shook our indecisive heads and figured we'd let you tell us. Stirrup pants, like the Michael Kors Ponte pair ($70) are lining boutique shelves this season. They've been updated... [More]

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Ann Glen Plaid Pants

The new fall fashion fad is flare (get a load of that alliteration!), and if you're going to wear flare you might want do it with flair by wearing a pair like these Ann Glen Plaid Pants ($80).... [More]

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Personal Shopper: A Black Capri Romper for Natalie

Natalie G. left a comment on our Facebook page, saying, "Help! I need, ok crave, a capri black romper for a Labor Day weekend in NYC. Can you help me find one that is not trashy but fabulous???" No problem, Natalie! There are a lot... [More]


Personal Shopper: Silky High-Waisted Shorts for Tina N

Tina N. wrote, "Hey Outblush! I've been on the hunt for a very certain pair of shorts for a while: silky (or a breezy material, like rayon), high waisted, probably with a tie waist, in a neutral color... simple! Why is it so difficult to... [More]


Banana Republic Boyfriend Cords

This is embarrassing, but, what the hell: We once owned a pair of hot pink corduroys. We were about seven years old, so it's okay (it was the 80's), but, it still shames us, big time, to admit that those zipp-zapp-zupp sound-making pants were one... [More]

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Hue Corduroy Leggings

Denim leggings (a.k.a. "jeggings", a term we can't decide if we love or hate) are everywhere, so the next logical step is other legging-y pants. While we don't know that we'd wear them with a short shirt, these Hue Corduroy Stretch Leggings ($34) would certainly... [More]

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Valentine Cargo Pants

We threw on our old pair of cargo pants the other day and realized the shape wasn't doing anything for us. It didn't help that our friend told us they looked like mom pants (only a true friend lets you know these things). Skinny cargos... [More]

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Wave Patch Legging

Sometimes we get in a bad-girl, Pink-Ladies kinda mood, but we don't want to risk looking too costume-y (or ridonkulous) in a pair of leather pants. David Lerner's Wave Patch Legging ($105) does just the trick! These luxe black leggings come with a hint of... [More]

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Personal Shopper: Dressier Shorts for Jenna R

Jenna R. wrote, "Hi! So I am a 22 year old who is a size 8/10...I like to go out and look cute but I am not too keen on having my 'cheeks' hanging out. I need some cute shorts that are not too hoochy... [More]

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Zipper Pocket Leggings

Oh, we're so LA in the Zipper Pocket Leggings ($50) from LNA. A powerhouse silver shimmer gets shaken up by three zippers, and they're not hanging around looking punk rock - they actually work. Granted, stuffing anything bigger than an ID and a few bills... [More]

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Sierra Pants

There's something so glamorous about drapey, wide legged pants. They're casual and oh-so-comfortable, and yet paired with the right top, can come off pretty polished. How great is it to feel like you're wearing lounge clothes but look like a put-together fashionista? These Sierra Pants... [More]

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Aspire/Acquire: Skinny Military Cargo Pants

Celebs like Kim Kardashian, Gwen Stefani, and Rihanna have all been spotted in skinny military-style cargo pants of late, and they're purportedly huge for fall. A stylish, comfortable alternative to your standby jeans, they add a little edge to any outfit and can be dressed... [More]

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