Fleece-Lined Leggings

This winter, wear all of your fabulous dresses and sweaters over the top a pair of warm Fleece-Lined Leggings ($18) by Hansel from Basel. They aren't "fleece-lined" like your mittens, so they're not going to be thick or heavy. They're lightweight and flexible, keeping your... [More]

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Revenge of the Burned Velvet Leggings

Unleash the true potential of the leggings trend with texture. Jeans don't have texture. And the best you can hope for from the rest of the trouser department is corduroy, and corduroy is about as exciting as a plate full of peas. These Revenge of... [More]

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Blank Denim Sequin Pants

Blank Denim Sequin Pants

The holiday season is almost here, so bring on the spaaahhhhkles! We would totally rock these Blank Denim Sequin Pants ($98). They're gorgeous in navy, and we'd dress them down a bit with a flowy cami in a breathtaking sky blue.... [More]

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Skinny Jeans in Metallic Baroque Print

Gold-on-black brocade has got us palpitating this winter. We were loving it in this gorgeous little mini we saw last week, and we're even more crazy about the look in these Skinny Jeans in Metallic Baroque Print ($70). They're perfectly wintery and utterly elegant. Whoever... [More]

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Essential Grid Pattern Capris

Class up your act with these Essential Grid Pattern Capris ($23). They sport a perfect preppy look that everyone will figure you had to have shelled out at least a hundred bucks to acquire. Match them with a blazer and tuck something by Proust under... [More]

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The Disco Pant

Bring on the perms, platforms, and Pointer Sisters - we're ready to get our seventies moves on in The Disco Pant ($85). From the super high waist to the shiny polyester surface, these hip-huggers are ideal for shaking your stuff on a laser-lit dance floor.... [More]

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Silk Wide Leg Pants

Not pleased that the skinny jean trend is still going strong? They may be good for tucking into boots, but they're also good for showing off all of our bumps and lumps. Invest in a great pair of wide leg pants like these ($253) for... [More]

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Oriental Print Trousers

Print pants aren't a new fad, but they've certainly been updated for the winter season. These Oriental Print Trousers ($60) are almost a work of art, despite the dopey name, boasting an iconic crane print. Cranes are a symbol of longevity - so do you... [More]

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Zara Plush Drawstring Trousers

When you live alone, there is no one else to go out and fetch your snot meds from the drugstore. And you don't really want to be caught out wearing the same grey sweatpants that have been in your bottom dresser drawer for fifteen years... [More]

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Acquaverde Zip Jeans

You can't think of a better place to put zippers than right on your hips. This way, at Thanksgiving, when you've stuffed yourself with turkey, cranberry sauce, biscuits, green beans, pineapple casserole, pecan pie, and cider, you can simply expand your pants at the waist... [More]

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A.Friend by A.F. Vandevorst Petra Pants

Life is a circus and you'd like to think you've got some control of all the madness. So on Saturday morning, when the dog is all but roaring to go outside, the kids are bouncing on the furniture, your husband is asking for another turn... [More]

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Arachnid Leggings

Spiders are the creepiest. One gets too close to us, and all our dginity goes out the window as we transform into screaming, frantically stomping hysterics. That's why we figure these Arachnid Leggings ($77) are a perfect look for Halloween, as long as we can... [More]

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BDG Baroque Side High-Rise Leggings

Baroque art ranks up there with some of the higher achievements of mankind, alongside space travel and keeping Madonna alive all this time. But it's the frames that hold those baroque pieces onto the wall that really deserve some recognition. Pay homage to those unsung... [More]

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The Limited Drew Pieced-Edge Bootcut Pants

You can only wear the same pair of black slacks so many times before you set yourself on fire out of sheer boredom. So you're always on the lookout for something to add just a hint of color to your bland office wardrobe. The herringbone... [More]

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Zoey Zip Power Stretch Jeans

We love eggplant in our dinners. We're even more crazy about it in a pair of pants. These Zoey Zip Power Stretch Jeans ($226) feature a super-skinny fit, funky zipper details, and a gorgeously royal hue.... [More]

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Blank NYC Sequined Skinny Pants

Yes, we realize we will need to be careful where we sit while wearing these Blank NYC Sequined Skinny Pants ($98). We can just imagine how easily those shiny black sequins could snag on fluffy upholstery, leading to some potentially embarrassing attached-to-the-couch moments. That's okay.... [More]

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Rag & Bone Purple Ombré Stretch Skinny Jeans

These Purple Ombré Stretch Skinny Jeans ($220) are so purply Zen that it's hard to be pissed that they cost more than two hundred smackers. After you buy them, just remember to repeat the important part of their name. Ommmmmmm.... [More]

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I Hate Mondays Tee and Shorts

On most Sunday evenings, you'll find us vegged out on our couches sporting the I Hate Mondays Tee and Shorts ($36). We pout as we set our iPhone alarms for the ungodly hour of 5:45am and wrack our brains for the perfect excuse to skip... [More]

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Theory Sienna Tailor Pants

What are pants but backup dancers for your shoes? These Theory Sienna Tailor Pants ($255) act as exclamation points to your entire footwear collection. Tapering from the thigh and stopping right at the ankle, these wool-blend Italian works of art are great with pumps, booties,... [More]

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Nobody Cult Skinny Jeans

High-waisted shorts translate into high-waisted pants this fall, as demonstrated by these Nobody Cult Skinny Jeans ($309). Their handsome sienna brown color and high waistline bump these up past casual, helping you to appear as though you know what you're doing with your wardrobe.... [More]

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