Metallic Snake Print Leggings

These days, the young 'uns have all these newfangled leggings, with prints of paintings, or monsters, or rap music. But whatever happened to good, old-fashioned, skintight snake leggings like the ones Grandma used to wear? We're not going to call these Metallic Snake Print Leggings... [More]

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Motel Demi Dungaree Playsuit

That cute boy from coloring class invited you over for juice and playtime, but you have nothing to wear!!! Try the Motel Demi Dungaree Playsuit ($95)! This cute and innocent piece features strap fastenings and a timeless blue paisley print. Ah, youth is wasted on... [More]

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Solstice Shorts

"Dress shorts" seems like it should be an oxymoron, but these Solstice Shorts ($32) are so classy, we're almost tempted to try wearing them to the office. Almost. We will, however, feel entirely comfortable donning them with a sharp blazer and heels for a night... [More]

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Madewell Bright Hyacinth Denim Cutoff Shorts

We go back and forth on how we prefer to wear our shorts. Thankfully, both cuffed and cutoff are going to be in style this summer, so we don't need to make up our minds. These Bright Hyacinth Denim Cutoff Shorts ($59) are a spot-on... [More]

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Champion Double Dry Workout Pants

Workout pants are wasted on workouts! How can they expect us to wear something so comfortable only at the gym, where no one goes feel comfortable? We say, wear these Champion Double Dry Workout Pants ($20) anywhere you want! Wear them at the bar! Wear... [More]

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Snowflake and Deer Detail Leggings

Just in time for spring: winter-themed leggings! You've got a good few weeks left to enjoy the Snowflake and Deer Detail Leggings ($25).... [More]

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Nairobi Leggings

There are leggings that stand out, and there are leggings that sucker punch onlookers in the eye! These Nairobi Leggings ($83) feature a one-of-a-kind print that's shiny, gold, and ambiguously exotic.... [More]

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The Little Things Shorts

After spending a bit of time sitting in these The Little Things Shorts ($42), we might find a very interesting pattern on our derrieres. Who cares? These pearl-encrusted fuchsia beauties are far too cute for a temporary case of bumpy bottom syndrome to stop us... [More]

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Lightning Leggings

Every step you take is earth-shattering and every look you give is electric! Now you just need the pants to match. Try these Lightning Leggings ($26). Perfect for days when you're in a terrible mood!... [More]

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Content-rich Semi Sheer Tights

Have you ever drawn on your own legs? If you have, then you know the importance of getting an actual artist to do anything like that that people might actually see. That's where the Content-rich Semi Sheer Tights ($19) come in! These come with pre-drawn... [More]

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Baroque Luxury Printed Pants

Sure, the Baroque period did a lot for architecture, but its real contribution to humanity is these pants! The Baroque Luxury Printed Pants ($48) feature a shimmering charcoal gray print against a black background. Remember: when you have nothing to lose, go for Baroque!... [More]

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Middle Earth Map Leggings

Nerds can totally be hot stuff. Don't believe us? Just see what we look like when we don these Middle Earth Map Leggings ($88). We challenge even the world's biggest jock not to turn his head when we've got the rolling plains of Rohan decorating... [More]

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Woven Top Print Pants

Toss them on with a loose tank or tee for a day of filing nails and reading back issues of InStyle, or pop on a long tuxedo blazer and some strappy heels for a slick, modern look. Either way, these Woven Top Print Pants ($50)... [More]

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U Shaped Cuff Knee Socks

With the U Shaped Cuff Knee Socks ($12), it's like your legs are wearing their own multipiece outfit! The black leggings have a jewel-entrusted cuff that's topped off with a ribbon tie that can go in the front or back. Just be careful your legs... [More]

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Silent Smoke Leggings

The twirling dance of smoke captivated the cavemen of the ice age, the stoners of the sixties, and everyone in between. Now you too can capture its free-flowing mystique with these Silent Smoke Leggings ($62). These leggings will make you want to stare at them... [More]

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Fool For You Harem Pants

We know: harem pants are evil. Saying a pair of them might be worth wearing is like telling someone a Sith Lord is actually an okay guy to have a beer with every once in a while. But we can't help ourselves. Something about these... [More]

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Intergalactic Leggings

Warning: putting on these Intergalactic Leggings ($22, on sale) may result in socially backward geek types* stooping to ascertain whether the collage of images actually contains any scenes from Blade Runner. If this should occur, removing a copy of OK! Magazine from your purse should... [More]

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Moon Phases Shorts

Put the "moon" back in "mooning" with these scientifically accurate Moon Phases Shorts ($70) from Melacine Moon. The designer hand-paints nine transitional moons against a black denim sky. The frayed bottoms also provide a nice creatures-of-the-night touch.... [More]

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Studded Corduroy Shorts

Sure, everything is better with studs, but let's not overdo it. We like these Studded Corduroy Shorts ($39) because they have a reasonable amount of studs. Just a dash on the right leg and a pinch on the left pocket. Yeah, they're edgy, but they're... [More]

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Low Waist Black Shorts

If you're like us, you always forget where your pockets are. Never again, with these Low Waist Black Shorts ($80). The white flower trim stands in appealing contrast to the black underneath. If you like lacework and short shorts, this pair will be a fine... [More]

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