Silver Tree Sloth Charm Necklace

In the animal kingdom, if the lion is a regal king, and the beaver is a busy worker, then the sloth is the guy who sits on his couch smoking pot all day. If you've got that "what's the rush?" mentality, try sporting the Silver... [More]

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Chalcedony Charm Bangle

At first, we thought this was a necklace. It's not! The Chalcedony Charm Bangle ($39) was made to grace your wrist, and it does so with a simple charm (literally). The light sheen of the pale blue stone looks especially delicate and alluring when hung... [More]

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OBEY Window Pane Ring

With the artsy weirdness of a foreign film comes the OBEY Window Pane Ring ($12). What exactly is the meaning behind the two feathers displayed in an oxidized frame? It's open to interpretation...which is another way of saying, "Who cares? It looks cool!"... [More]

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Hedgehog Earrings

Okay, maybe the birchwood Hedgehog Earrings ($16) are a little on the juvenile side, but you can't very well do business casual every day. Set aside the hoops and enamel-coated chandelier earrings for the weekend and make friends with these prickly little guys. They add... [More]

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OBEY Stone Rose Ring

Do you like nice things but not when they look nice? This OBEY Stone Rose Ring ($25) - which was almost impossible to find in stock - is the perfect blend of beauty and grittiness. While the design itself could be elegant, the oxidized silver... [More]

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Blinding Light Necklace

No, this Blinding Light Necklace ($15) doesn't glow. That would admittedly be completely awesome. But even if it doesn't have a built-in LED, we still think this svelte teal pendant would make a particularly lovely addition to your jewelry collection.... [More]

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Harmonica Necklace

Expecting to go to prison on a moment's notice? Be prepared to pass long hours of solitude with this Harmonica Necklace ($14)! This tiny instrument really works, if you know how to play it at least. Also available in gold and black.... [More]

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Kyoto Fan Stretch Bracelet

This Kyoto Fan Stretch Bracelet ($26) was supposedly inspired by Japan, but it feels art deco to us - and that's enough to make us start fangirling for The Great Gatsby.... [More]

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Adderbite Two Finger Snake Ring

You've seen snake rings that wrap around your finger. You may even have seen snake rings that bite your finger. But have you ever seen one that does both!? The Adderbite Two Finger Snake Ring ($50) is a magnum opus of the snake ring world!... [More]

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Silver Anatomical Heart Locket

Finally, heart jewelry for the literalists! The Silver Anatomical Heart Locket ($302) makes traditional heart-shaped pendants seem just plain juvenile! This polished silver locket is anatomically accurate, and each one is handmade. And what do you think the inside of the locket looks like? That's... [More]

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Pencil Me In Necklace

Are you a writer? A sketch artist? An SAT administrator? If so, you'll love the Pencil Me In Necklace ($15). While the goldtone prevents this pencil from actually writing, the image will still get your point across.... [More]

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Kenneth Jay Lane Starfish Ring

Starfish are cool... but they're a lot cooler in black! Thanks, Kenneth Jay Lane, for seeing that the only thing starfish need is a new paint job. This Starfish Ring ($40) is plated in gunmetal, giving a sleek and shiny gloss to the distinctive starfish... [More]

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Jumbo Navy Stone Ring

The Jumbo Navy Stone Ring ($25) offers a fun take on traditional rings. Instead of those boring old complete circles, this one is a wraparound with an enlarged end to mimic the conventional design. Let's hear it for reinventing an old standard!... [More]

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HandyMaiden Barn Owl Necklace

The more popular owl necklaces become, the more creative designers have to be in coming out with new ones. It's that arms-race mentality that helped HandyMaiden to design this unique and utterly charming Barn Owl Necklace ($35). What is it about critters in egg shapes... [More]

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Pink Skullhead Bracelet

No, those aren't pieces of Franken Berry... that's the Pink Skullhead Bracelet ($10)! Fashionable and edgy, this cute bracelet looks like something worn by someone in a hip Saturday morning cartoon.... [More]

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On The Road Again Earrings

We've found something awesome to do with old tires besides burning them. All right, so technically these On The Road Again Earrings ($20) are made with bike inner tubes, not Goodyears. We still think they're rather striking.... [More]

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Purple Louvre Resin Bangle

We're totally digging the funky geometry of this Purple Louvre Resin Bangle ($158), which draws inspiration from the glass and steel elegance of France's premiere art palace. In warm purple and bright gold plate, it makes a good attention-grabber wherever you decide to wear it.... [More]

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In Gratitude Necklace

We admit it: we'd splurge on cute jewelry whether it made the world a better place or not. But the fact that this In Gratitude Necklace ($50) helps create new opportunities for women in Uganda certainly makes us feel better about where our cash is... [More]

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Horse Ring

Just think of the fun you can have when people ask you where you got this Horse Ring ($80). Tell them it was a gift from the sexy cowboy who carried off your grandmother, or that your great-uncle dug it up as part of a... [More]

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Victorian Governess Cuff

Crafty types will love the thread-snipping theme of this Victorian Governess Cuff ($130), modeled after tiny pairs of antique scissors. If you agree, don't hesitate to pull that add-to-cart trigger. With only forty in existence, this piece will soon be as lost as the era... [More]

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