Black Scallop Fringe Necklace

We've decided that we need a little more drama in our lives. No, we don't mean the kind that has us sobbing while we consume an entire cake by ourselves. We mean the sort that makes a serious impact when we step into the room.... [More]

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Rosetta Stone Brass Cuff

We're just a little bit obsessed with the collection over at Jezebel Charms. It's a veritable treasure trove of shiny things no history or literature buff will be able to resist. Our current favorite is this Rosetta Stone Brass Cuff ($44). It reproduces some of... [More]

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Custom Beach Earrings

It's something of a habit. Every time we go someplace sunny and beautiful for vacation, we cart home a plastic baggie full of sand with the vague notion that we'll use it for some kind of project we never get around to actually doing. Well,... [More]

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Calvin Klein Continuity Bracelet

There's something vaguely hypnotic about this Calvin Klein Continuity Bracelet ($93). It's like the narrow, cat-pupil-shaped green stone is staring at us, demanding that we order that extra cupcake. Yes: our increased level of cupcake consumption is almost certainly the bracelet's fault.... [More]

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Twiggy Ring

No, not that Twiggy, but given how slender this Twiggy Ring ($18) is, we understand the confusion. This environmentally conscious ring is great for nature-lovers, outdoorsy types, and beavers.... [More]

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Screw Front and Back Earrings

Do you want your ears to look like that table we built when we were drunk? These Screw Front and Back Earrings ($7) will do the trick! With a realistic screw design, you'll fool anyone who is unfamiliar with how earrings work!... [More]

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Yes, they're an abomination. Their nasal passages are dysfunctional, they've got bladders the size of peanuts, and they're about as clever as a busload of concussed hockey players. We don't care. Pugs are fabulous. We'll share our love of the noseless little monsters with pride... [More]

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Petroleum Small Gold Pendant

It's probably the world's most precious resource, so why shouldn't we see it transformed into a piece of fine jewelry? This Petroleum Small Gold Pendant ($376) turns that black gold into a solid centerpiece for a beautifully designed necklace. Just think what a nice piece... [More]

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Baroque Jewelled Pendant

You don't need five-inch spikes or fluorescent cat heads to make your jewelry stand out - sometimes simpler is better. The Baroque Jewelled Pendant ($12) is very simple, and yet still makes a powerful impact when you walk into a room.... [More]

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Silver Spike Necklace

It's a shame you can't wear your spiky punk jewelry to classy events... or can you? This Silver Spike Necklace ($43) features the best of both aesthetics: the edginess of a spike necklace with the elegance of silver and clear crystal facets.... [More]

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Stone Age Bangle

Want to fabulously accessorize your wrist and give your arm a nice daily workout? Just slide on this Stone Age Bangle ($138). This rock-solid piece boasts enough heft to get those biceps burning. We recommend buying two - after all, you don't want your shoulders... [More]

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The Time Necklace

What's better than a vintage clock necklace? A vintage clock necklace with a bell tassel! This piece ($30) is so committed to being an antique that the mechanism doesn't even work! How's that for realism? But the important thing is that it looks good, and... [More]

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Geo Bracelet

A budget-friendly price tag, a stylishly asymmetrical look, and a subtle spectrum of takes on teal solidly win us over to the love of this Geo Bracelet ($16). We think it will go especially nicely with the collection of sundresses we've been busily accumulating in... [More]

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Dara Ettinger Aleeva Earrings

Drop everything and take a look at these drop-dead-gorgeous drop earrings. Dara Ettinger is the master of natural media and these Aleeva Earrings ($187) are no exception to the rule. Amethyst and druzy stones dangle from your lobes in a luxurious way, elevating any everyday... [More]

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Skull Fruit Flower Enamel Ring

And you thought Carmen Miranda looked good when she was alive! This Skull Fruit Flower Enamel Ring ($10) is as colorful and vibrant as a samba singer should be, even in death. Just look at those sparkling rhinestones - you've never seen a skull so... [More]

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Braid Necklace

It's the simple things in life that make all the difference: puppies, frosting from a can, and elegantly basic accessories like this Braid Necklace ($40). We love how its combination of red leather with delicate gold chain brightens up other wardrobe essentials, black tees for... [More]

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Gotham Skyline Pendant

We're not sure if the best thing about the Gotham Skyline Pendant ($50-60, sold in two pieces) by GothamSmith is the tiny zeppelin in the sky or the fact that it has two parts. It's got geek-girl BFF necklace written all over it, and we're... [More]

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TOMTOM Bronze Large Studder Stack Ring

We love stud accessories, but we can also admit we don't need to have studs adorning everything 24/7. On those days when our ensembles need just a little more edge, we'll slip on the TOMTOM Bronze Large Studder Stack Ring ($72) to make it clear... [More]

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Onyx Skull Cocktail Ring

Why isn't every skull detail made from onyx?! The Onyx Skull Cocktail Ring ($78) knows how to do it - to really bring out the dark and menacing aspects of a skull design, you need a rock of solid black!... [More]

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Teenie Heart Necklace

Even though you can order the Teenie Heart Necklace ($101-380) by Jane Hollinger Jewelry in several different combinations of finishes and lengths, the sweetness of the style stays the same. We're all over delicate pieces this spring. They somehow seem like a fresh change of... [More]

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