Indian Outlaw Necklace

A clean white shirt, a denim jacket, and possibly a ten-gallon hat: that's what we'll be sporting along with this Indian Outlaw Necklace ($16). And to any of you say that might be Western-wear overkill, we reply: this town ain't big enough for the two... [More]

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Simona V Amethyst Slice Necklace

There's no need for bells and whistles when the Amethyst Slice Necklace ($49) by Simona V has its own charming natural beauty. It's a sliver of amethyst set in pure gold and hung on a barely-there chain. The layered rock makes a unique statement without... [More]

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Magnolia Statement Necklace in Fern

We're getting a bit hot and bothered about this Magnolia Statement Necklace ($220). The semiprecious stones and delicately wrought gold-plated leaves create a perfectly elegant balance we're dying to clasp on and start showing off.... [More]

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Beatrix Ring

What we love about this Beatrix Ring ($245) is that it's a gritty and innovative take on the spike trend. There's nothing calming about this jagged hunk of metal, but if you're going for that edgy look, there's nothing better!... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: TV Necklace

When's the last time you saw an honest-to-goodness test screen? We're pretty sure we were still in grade school. Get into the retro spirit with this TV Necklace ($5), then find a VCR or 8-track charm to complete the look. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just... [More]

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Band Calf Straps

Your legs are calling. They're feeling left out of the fun. While your neck and wrists get all dandied up, their best hope for getting fancy is a pair of silly socks. Treat them to these Band Calf Straps ($105), which give them a chance... [More]

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Neon Spiked Panther Head Ring

Straight from your nightmares comes the Neon Spiked Panther Head Ring ($278)! We've never seen a panther with scales and spike ears, and after seeing this ring, we hope we never do! Even though it may frighten children, on the right finger this ring could... [More]

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Quatrefoil Needlepoint Cuff

Who needs bling when you can have embroidery? This Quatrefoil Needlepoint Cuff ($48) makes a crafty statement with a brightly stitched pattern on a leather-backed cuff. It's a refreshing change from our usual baubles.... [More]

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Vintage Elephant Bracelet

Straight from Grandma's jewelry box comes this Vintage Elephant Bracelet ($12). With its classic design, gemstone embellishment, and enamel finish, this bangle lets you relive childhood dress-up time.... [More]

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Pixelated Heart Earrings

You may spend a lot of time in three dimensions, but your heart lives in 8-bit. These Pixelated Heart Earrings ($20) show that understanding geek culture doesn't mean you're not still a sweetie! Plus, if you're ever low on health, you can just eat one!... [More]

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Galaxy Wars Necklace

The makers of this Galaxy Wars Necklace ($14) might be very carefully tiptoeing around a copyright infringement lawsuit, but we all know full well where these clever little charms have come from. Pick one up for a cheap and fabulous way to show off your... [More]

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Fly Away With Me Earrings

You're sick of skulls and spikes and you're ready to switch to the side of good. Show off your divine transformation with these Fly Away With Me Earrings ($104) by Phoebe Coleman. Pay attention to the hammered texture, a rough look that contrasts with the... [More]

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Question Mark Ring

Life can be confusing, and we all feel "???" at some points. What better tool for expressing your bewilderment than this bright red Question Mark Ring ($5)? Perfect for people who forget easily, people who ask a lot of questions, and people who forget easily.... [More]

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Barbed Wire Knuckle Ring

Protect yourself with the smallest barbed-wire fence in history! The Barbed Wire Knuckle Ring ($12) adds a little twist to your ring collection. It looks great when coupled with other potentially dangerous jewelry, and it keeps intruders away...from your finger, anyway.... [More]

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Feather Button Earrings

Our DIY-loving friends will flip when we turn up wearing these Feather Button Earrings ($8). They look like just the thing we might have stolen off some clever crafter's blog. Little will anyone know that these adorable accessories were far too affordable to bother making... [More]

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Roberta Chiarella Emerald Envy Earrings

We just found our green for St. Patrick's Day... Pinch-proof, here we come! March 17th aside, wearing these Roberta Chiarella Emerald Envy Earrings ($48) is a surefire way to add some vibrant, verdant green to your end-of-winter-oh-God-I-give-up black sweater and jeans outfit, or to make... [More]

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Addendum Ring

We're pretty sure this Addendum Ring ($186) is making some sort of profound postmodern commentary on our consumerist culture. It's an elegant and fairly pricey ring with a beautiful setting holding... another beautiful setting. Use it to throw your philosophical friends into fits of existentialism.... [More]

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Geo Drusy Rings

OMG, SPARKLES. That's pretty much all our brains allowed us to think when we caught sight of the Geo Drusy Rings ($76 each). Now we're stuck with the important decision of which color to purchase first. We say "first" because they're stackable, and we certainly... [More]

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Fairy Tale Necklace

Deep down you know you're a princess in a fairy tale - you can't help it that you were born a few centuries too late in a land that's not far, far away. But with this Fairy Tale Necklace ($18) from TeaCup Castle, you can... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Rainbow Novelty Stud

Okay, a pair of cheapo Rainbow Novelty Studs ($4) isn't going to last you forever. But they're the ideal impulse purchase. They're tiny, brightly colored, and a total throwback to 1986. What more can you ask for in an accessory that costs less than your... [More]

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