Hollow Barbarian Silver Chain

Channel ancient warriors this summer by wearing the Hollow Barbarian Silver Chain ($171). This piece will help you get seriously fierce without going on a destructive rampage or going to the trouble conquering the earth. Unless you're into that sort of thing. "Hollow Barbarian" would... [More]

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Recycled Tin Earrings

Was the source of these Recycled Tin Earrings ($14) a tea tin? Or a keepsake box? You may have to make up your own story.... [More]

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Cobalt Silk Dip Necklace

When is a rustic beaded necklace more than a weekend craft project? When it's this Cobalt Silk Dip Necklace ($80)! The design beautifully offsets a rich blue base with gold-plated Czech glass for an extra level of luster.... [More]

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Aspire/Acquire: Titanium Lotus Necklace

Ann writes: "Long-time lurker here. I would love to find a less-expensive version of this necklace. Is it possible? The Internet says no, so I turned to you. I would love to have one for my birthday, which is just a month away! I'm hoping... [More]

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Single Ladies Necklace

What kind of single lady are you? The red-hot carnelian teardrop variety? Or maybe the saucy turquoise spike type? Whatever your flavor, you'll have fun picking out the version of this Single Ladies Necklace ($48) that suits you.... [More]

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Color Theory Necklace

We didn't think anything could really be inspired by a color field painting. It's possibly the world's most boring art school exercise. This Color Theory Necklace ($78) happily proves us wrong. Its carefully arranged palette of beads makes for a lovely addition to our jewelry... [More]

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Telepathic Ear Cuff

Wouldn't it be cool if this Telepathic Ear Cuff ($190) actually gave you the power to read minds? Hello, opportunities for blackmail! Sadly, that's not part of the package. What it will do, however, is incite accessory envy in all of your friends. If you... [More]

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Helm Dangle Earrings

Millionaires and pirates agree: boats are cool. So are accessories that celebrate the nautical life, like these Helm Dangle Earrings ($20). They'll add a jaunty seaside air to the looks of even the most committed landlubbers.... [More]

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Gri-Gri Fluorescent Yarn Bracelet

We love going big with our bracelets, from massive cuffs to acres of jangling bangles, but sometimes our look calls for something a little simpler. This yarn bracelet ($38) is just the ticket for those days, with its minimalist arrangement of brass beads and its... [More]

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Equilateral Earrings

The geometry buff in you will love these Equilateral Earrings ($46), with their nesting brass triangles with sides of equal length. Granted, the geometry buff in you is probably miniscule, but we figure you ought to throw her a bone every once in a while.... [More]

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Kristin Cavallari Safety Pin Earrings

It's safety first with the Kristin Cavallari Safety Pin Earrings ($18). After all, the last thing you want near your earlobe is something decorative with a sharp point.... [More]

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Driftwood Amulets with Lapis

These Driftwood Amulets with Lapis ($84) look as though they should have some sort of magical power. We'd be tempted to try dancing ourselves up a rainstorm while wearing them, or hypnotizing the Starbucks barista into giving us a Venti for the price of a... [More]

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Crystal Bonfire Bracelet

They say that in the end, you're your own best friend. So why not buy yourself the ultimate friendship bracelet? This Crystal Bonfire Bracelet ($36) goes far beyond those knotted thread chains we used to whip up during sixth grade study hall. And since it's... [More]

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Circular Topography Studs

Before there was Google Earth, there were topographical maps, those awesome, lumpy pieces of classic schoolroom decor. Recapture their old-school charm with these Circular Topography Studs ($207).... [More]

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Adorasaurus Stud Earrings

These Adorasaurus Stud Earrings ($14) are definitely cuteness squared! They may not be appropriate for all occasions, but they'll certainly do for a casual day out while we lunch and shop with friends. (For that price, we may have to snag a few pairs for... [More]

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Vea Earrings

How darling are these jazzed-up hoop earrings? The Vea Earrings ($126) by Stone & Honey take a traditional silhouette and wrap it in indigo or coral-colored Irish linen to create a new and modern look. The colors are still neutral enough that the hoops can... [More]

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Black Tie Optional Mini Ring

The dainty Black Tie Optional Mini Ring ($40, on sale) from Kate Spade may not seem like much competition next to bigger, shinier options, but we promise you it most definitely can hold its own once it's around your finger. The pink resin bow is... [More]

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CZ Crown Shape Studs

Give your ears the coronation they've been waiting for! These CZ Crown Shape Studs ($18) have all the subtle charm of glimmering studs, but with a nice crown detailing!... [More]

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Night Sky Necklace

Carry a tiny universe around your neck with this Night Sky Necklace ($28). It's a perfectly charming little accessory handpainted with a starry constellation design in rich navy and gold. With its accompanying sky-print muslin bag, it's a precious idea for a shower or birthday... [More]

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Loud Love Diamond Top Ring

When they said "diamonds are a girl's best friend," we're not quite sure this is what they meant. The sterling silver Loud Love Diamond Top Ring ($52) may not be a bestie, but we wouldn't mind its being a friendly acquaintance.... [More]

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