Encased Brass Cuff

There's homemade jewelry, like that not-so-fabulous stuff your mom makes you for your birthday that you wear when she comes to visit and hide the rest of the year. Then there's jewelry that looks homemade, like this Encased Brass Cuff ($160). The crochet web covering... [More]

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Starling Necklace

If we pair the Starling Necklace ($45) by Academy Jewelry with a navy-striped skirt, will we be taking the nautical theme too far? Possibly, but we're not sure we care! While this necklace reminds us of a life preserver, we don't think it screams life... [More]

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Family Branch Birthstone Necklace

If you're feeling exceptionally clever today, you'll buy this Family Branch Birthstone Necklace ($110) now and load it up with the gems representing you and your siblings. That way, when your mom's birthday does actually roll around, you won't be caught with your gift-giving pants... [More]

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Fine Line Detailed Necklace

There's no denying the appeal of locks on jewelry - but padlocks can get so heavy! Besides, what are you, a human bike chain? The jewel-encrusted fasteners on the Fine Line Detailed Necklace ($16) are the best of both worlds: you want to play hard-to-get,... [More]

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Rope Me In Necklace

Right over left and left over right, makes the knot neat and tidy and... um... maybe it was left over right first? Thankfully you don't have to know how to make the Rope Me In Necklace ($36) in order to work it!... [More]

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Clear Chunky Crystal Necklace

Looking glam doesn't have to be a budget-breaking proposition. Just check out the Clear Chunky Crystal Necklace ($18) This multi-strand piece looks like it was lifted straight out of Champagneville, but can be yours for a Bud Light price. Talk about the best of both... [More]

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Only In Dreams Ring

Figures that someone named Vanessa Mooney would make a night-sky-themed ring. Self-promotion much? We'll forgive her because the Only In Dreams Ring ($80) has that simple-but-still-stylish allure.... [More]

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Arrow Snake Chain Necklace

This Arrow Snake Chain Necklace ($7) is like the next evolutionary phase of the arrow necklace: it's bigger, it's got that cool open top on the arrow, and that snake chain will resist predators far better than a dinky regular chain could.... [More]

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Acrylic Nameplate Necklace

If you don't mind skeezy types knowing what to call you when they hit on you, this Acrylic Nameplate Necklace ($64) could be a super fun summer accessory. And if you do mind, we figure it's worth spending an hour or two perfecting your withering... [More]

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Colorful Glaze Cube Necklace

Ugh! Regular Rubik's cubes are so frustrating! Let's call this Colorful Glaze Cube Necklace ($3) a Rubik's cube on Easy.... [More]

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HOLST + LEE Blazing Bonfire Necklace

Dress appropriately for that campfire with this HOLST + LEE Blazing Bonfire Necklace ($225). This eye-catching piece is made with brass, wrapped thread and fabric in fiery hues. It'll make for a perfect accent to the smear of s'more on your face.... [More]

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Alexis Bittar Dust Bracelet

Add some subtle sparkle to your wrist with this Alexis Bittar Dust Bracelet ($155). Its delicate swirls of sparkling crystals hang suspended in a clear Lucite, with the look of a slice of stolen sky wrapped around your arm.... [More]

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Porta Necklace

The Porta Necklace ($205) makes us think of primitive cave art. Either that or an upside down happy rainbow. Either way, we think it's a pretty sharp statement piece. (It's also bigger than it looks - check out the dimensions.)... [More]

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White Star Compass Necklace

It wasn't a faulty compass that doomed the Titanic. We'll blame that on inadequate safety precautions and bad design. Let this White Star Compass Necklace ($24) be a reminder that obstacles have a way of finding you even when you stay on course. Preorder this... [More]

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I Spyz Cat Eyez Necklace

What this sleek black cat says with its eyes cannot be said with words. I Spyz Cat Eyez Necklace ($30)... [More]

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Deck of Cards Two-Finger Ring

Why keep your best cards hidden up your sleeve? With the Deck of Cards Two-Finger Ring ($98), you can flaunt your best hand (in more ways than one)!... [More]

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Temperate Season Necklace

It's that time of year again... No, not fall! God forbid our summer is cut short! We meant it's time to buy new jewelry! The Temperate Season Necklace ($30) reminds us that we have three more months to go before it's time to get temperate.... [More]

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Black Leather Bow Bracelet

This Black Leather Bow Bracelet ($20) walks a fine line between naughty and nice, which we think makes it a perfect staple accessory. And since you're ordering it from a friendly Etsy craftsperson and not some big chain store, custom sizing to make this piece... [More]

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Pacman Ring

Collecting pellets that never end, being both the pursuer and the pursued, lusting for pretzels and cherries... is there no greater metaphor for life? Honor the pixelated hero that started it all with this handmade silver Pacman Ring ($55) - it's classy without sacrificing geek... [More]

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Color Study Necklace

Please note: you cannot eat this Color Study Necklace ($72). However much its row of brightly hued beads might resemble the sugary treats of your youth, attempting to chew them will result in a mouth full of clay shards, not a sweet and tasty snack.... [More]

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