F.U.N. Earrings

"Time to make some more earrings. What materials do we have?" "Just these pyramid studs and a few spikes. Should we get more supplies?" "No... I think I have an idea..." F.U.N. Earrings ($24)... [More]

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Moonchild Geometric Necklace

Halfway between a flowerchild and a starchild, you have a moonchild. And as we know from the extensive research done by Pink* Floyd, the moonchild loves prisms and tetrahedral shapes - hence the Moonchild Geometric Necklace ($15). *Yes, we know. King Crimson. Wrong color. Got... [More]

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Heart.Beat Necklace

This Heart.Beat Necklace ($119) from Sarah Chloe is formed into the peaks and troughs of a classic EKG. Wear it as a tribute to the fact that your pumper is still pumping - and pass on that high-cholesterol burger in favor of a salad next... [More]

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Crystal Spike Stud Earrings

If you are what you wear, then these Crystal Spike Stud Earrings ($48) are the perfect accessory to alert the world to your star quality. It's simply not enough to just believe it, so rock these earrings and let your dreams come true. (Even if... [More]

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Polar Seas Necklace

Need something blue for that big day? Screw the chintzy garter and treat yourself to this Polar Seas Necklace ($440) instead. This replica of a runway stunner might take a bigger bite out of your budget than that crappy piece of powder blue satin and... [More]

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Avant Garde Paris Star Arm Cuff

Orion's belt aside, stars look better scattered than in a straight line. The Avant Garde Paris Star Arm Cuff ($155) makes a great use of the band to connect the almost random pattern of stars, turning your forearm into a veritable night sky.... [More]

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Whale of a Time Earring Set

Why settle for one pair of whale-themed earrings when you can have three? Take turns wearing each style or mix and match if you're feeling wild. Whale of a Time earring set ($12)... [More]

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Loch Ness Monster Earrings

These Loch Ness Monster Earrings ($34) are made with limited-edition prints by artist Sarah-Lambert Cook - as if the notion of jewelry paying tribute to a prehistoric hanger-on wasn't enough on its own. Cryptozoology has never looked cuter.... [More]

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Bill Skinner Horse Bracelet

We might be old enough now to recognize that owning a horse involves a lot of work and money, but harsh reality can't completely kill our pony fever. We'll just celebrate our love for things equine with a few lovely accessories instead, like this Bill... [More]

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Lapis Ring

Who needs facets? This Lapis Ring ($55) looks even more lovely with its rough-and-chunky centerpiece. It's proof of what your boyfriend keeps trying to tell you when he buys you microscopic tube tops - sometimes au naturel is the best way to go.... [More]

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Amy Von Harrington Chapstick Necklaces

Accessorize yourself beautifully while keeping your lips plump and healthy with one of these Amy Von Harrington Chapstick Necklaces ($35). They turn that must-have item we usually keep stashed in our purses into a sweet-looking piece of jewelry.... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Flower Stretch Bracelet

Drop that daisy chain this minute. Why go to all that effort for something that will wilt in ten minutes when you can embellish yourself with this Flower Stretch Bracelet ($6)? We love all three of the available colors: bright coral, sea green, and soft... [More]

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Tikal Earrings

Looking at these Tikal Earrings ($88) is a bit like cloud-gazing. Does that bit of cumulus resemble a rabbit or a dragon? Do these angled rows of shiny black beads evoke bitty black purses or tiny typewriters? Use your imagination.... [More]

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Black/White Punk Diamond Ring

You want more jewelry with spikes? You don't need to ask us twice! This Black/White Punk Diamond Ring ($10) blends the grittiness of spikes with, well, less-gritty rhinestones.... [More]

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The Great Gatsby Mini Book Necklace

Baz Luhrmann's star-studded motion picture might be dropping down in the box office rankings, but The Great Gatsby is alive and well in the world of fashion. With designers from budget-friendly Nine West to bank-busting Dolce & Gabbana hopping on the 1920s-inspired bandwagon, we figure... [More]

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3 Best Bitches Necklaces

What's better than a best friend? A best bitch! And what's better than a best bitch? Two best bitches! Show up the PG-rated Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with these 3 Best Bitches Necklaces ($24).... [More]

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Luv Aj Cage Ring

Not everything we post here has to be weird or Star Wars-related (though that's how we like it). This Luv Aj Cage Ring ($45) is just a solid piece of jewelry capable of accenting almost any outfit.... [More]

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Nantucket Earrings

It was the Pequod's home port in Moby-Dick, the summer home of Mr. Rogers, and the subject of a few limericks we can't repeat in front of children. All that and more is why we're digging these Nantucket Earrings ($25), which depict the larger-than-life island... [More]

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Pin-On Compass

Stay on course with this Pin-On Compass ($25). It's not just a cute accessory. When you use it to navigate yourself and your friends to the bar, it'll look far more impressive than that boring old GPS app on your iPhone.... [More]

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Franz Dragonfly Necklace

If dragonflies weren't awesome, they wouldn't have named them after dragons! This Franz Dragonfly Necklace ($122) lauds an insect that would just be gross with a less prestigious name!... [More]

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