Panda Bear and Leaf Pendant

What is this!? A baby panda? And what's on its head... No... It's an adorable fauxhawk! Unbelievable! This Panda Bear and Leaf Pendant ($10) is so cute, it's outrageous!... [More]

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Corporate Eclipse Watch in Bronze

Solar eclipses are so primitive - in the Information Age, we have corporate eclipses! This Corporate Eclipse Watch in Bronze ($13) will inspire awe and worship in the other members of the board just as the disappearance of the sun did in cavemen.... [More]

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The Deer Hunter Pendant

We might not be able to hit the side of a house with a Marshmallow Bazooka, but we can still feel like masters of the wild with the Deer Hunter Pendant ($21).... [More]

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Tayrona Wooden Necklace

Forget all those acrylic statement necklaces. Where do you think they go when they die? Probably that giant plastic island gunking up the Pacific. We do like that this Tayrona Wooden Necklace ($48) creates a great look-at-me effect with a totally renewable resource.... [More]

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U Is Hot Heart Necklace

Me is hot? You is sweet! U Is Hot Heart Necklace ($35) is cute accessory, and help much with grammar!... [More]

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JANELLA Braided Bamboo Earrings

Big earrings don't have to mean dealing with sketchy elongated piercing holes in your ears. These JANELLA Braided Bamboo Earrings ($28) make a colorful impact, but their ultralight woven bamboo construction means you'll hardly know you're wearing them.... [More]

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Silver Chained Ring

Chains... They're not just for necklaces anymore! Silver Chained Ring ($18).... [More]

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Michael Kors Logo-Plaque Hinge Bangle

If you're a self-proclaimed fashionista, then brand your wrist with this Michael Kors Logo-Plaque Hinge Bangle ($115). When you're draped in your favorite designer, there's no need to drop names - your accessories speak for themselves.... [More]

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Kiss Off Stud Earrings

Lips and earlobes just go well together - it's a basic move in any Casanova's repertoire. With any luck, you'll be removing the metal lips of the Kiss Off Stud Earrings ($12) to make way for the real thing!... [More]

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Upvote Downvote Reddit Earrings

It doesn't matter what you think of the Upvote Downvote Reddit Earrings ($10) - what matters is what the public thinks! The more people that like them, the more people that will see them (y'know, because you'll wear them around more).... [More]

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Crosby Pave Double Ring small.jpg

Crosby Pavé Double Ring

Two is better than one, and we really really like this Crosby Pavé Double Ring ($88). This is one of those items you could buy in multiples and just bling your whole hand out with. Sure, it's a bit excessive - but anytime you wear... [More]

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Wanderlust Cuff

As you trudge through another workday, sighing at the sunshine pouring in through your window the window across the office from you, give your new Wanderlust Cuff ($90) a squeeze. It'll remind you that your day job is what's supporting your travels. Then open an... [More]

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Women's Karamica White 341 Diamonds Pave Dial Cream Watch small.jpg

Swiss Legend Karamica Pavé Dial Watch

There's just something about being covered in diamonds that will never lose its wicked appeal. We're not suggesting you buy this for yourself, of course. This is the perfect "I'm sorry" gift to request from your naughty boyfriend. That'll show him. Swiss Legend Karamica Pavé... [More]

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Curling Leaf Feather Earrings

Leaves, feathers. Metal, natural. Can't we all just get along? Curling Leaf Feather Earrings ($7). Also available in bluish-purple.... [More]

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Marc Jacobs Handcuff Necklace

We love the idea of a piece of jewelry you intentionally wear backwards. With this Marc Jacobs Handcuff Necklace ($16), the clasp is actually the main attraction. Wear the handcuff-shaped closure at the front and feel like a true iconoclast.... [More]

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Marbled Crystal Ring

Thank goodness they didn't go with crystallized marble - that would have looked hideous! We're just kidding. We have no idea how to marbleize crystal or crystallize marble... All we know is we would wear the Marbled Crystal Ring ($28).... [More]

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Mega Chain Drape Necklace

Do you love chain necklaces? Does your neckline look better with a metallic shimmer? Do you prefer to jangle with each step you take? This Mega Chain Drape Necklace ($80) will be just the thing when one, five, or ten chain necklaces aren't enough.... [More]

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Tuleste Market Rosette Bracelet

A bracelet of roses, made out of rose gold? How meta. Tuleste Market Rosette Bracelet ($195).... [More]

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Gold Ethnic Linked Bracelet

We're all Renaissance women these days; masters of a range of skills and activities that would make da Vinci's head spin. We might as well start dressing the part. This Gold Ethnic Linked Bracelet ($69) looks like something you might spot in a Medici jewelry... [More]

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925 Sterling Silver Bunny Ring

The 925 Sterling Silver Bunny Ring ($37) features a rabbit with its ears pulled back and a wide-eyed expression: the bunny equivalent of a flirty smile.... [More]

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