Marbled Crystal Ring

Thank goodness they didn't go with crystallized marble - that would have looked hideous! We're just kidding. We have no idea how to marbleize crystal or crystallize marble... All we know is we would wear the Marbled Crystal Ring ($28).... [More]

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Mega Chain Drape Necklace

Do you love chain necklaces? Does your neckline look better with a metallic shimmer? Do you prefer to jangle with each step you take? This Mega Chain Drape Necklace ($80) will be just the thing when one, five, or ten chain necklaces aren't enough.... [More]

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Tuleste Market Rosette Bracelet

A bracelet of roses, made out of rose gold? How meta. Tuleste Market Rosette Bracelet ($195).... [More]

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Gold Ethnic Linked Bracelet

We're all Renaissance women these days; masters of a range of skills and activities that would make da Vinci's head spin. We might as well start dressing the part. This Gold Ethnic Linked Bracelet ($69) looks like something you might spot in a Medici jewelry... [More]

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925 Sterling Silver Bunny Ring

The 925 Sterling Silver Bunny Ring ($37) features a rabbit with its ears pulled back and a wide-eyed expression: the bunny equivalent of a flirty smile.... [More]

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Rolee Cuff

The Rolee Cuff ($54) seems to be missing something, but we don't have the time to figure it out. With a face, this would just be another expensive watch - but without one, it becomes art!... [More]

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Burcu Okut Bodrum Ring

This Bodrum Ring ($219) combines the creativity and aesthetics of conventional jewelry with the functionality of a mine cart. Much respect to Turkish designer Burcu Okut for thinking outside the box.... [More]

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Cheap Monday Luminous Bracelet

Is your love of fashion that transparent? Dress like you've got nothing to hide with the Cheap Monday Luminous Bracelet ($40). Wear it alone, or over a sleeve!... [More]

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Julie Vos Elephant Cuff

Double your good fortune with this pachyderm bangle bracelet: Elephants are traditional symbols of memory, luck, and wisdom, so this might be a good piece to wear on particularly stressful days. The textured band is capped with two carved elephants with sparkling amethyst eyes, giving... [More]

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Kikkerland Ring Stylus

Ridiculously awesome, or just plain ridiculous? We like that with this Ring Stylus ($15), we'll always have a way to use our tablets handy (ha! handy!), but the implication that we're wed to our iPads might take it a bit far. Be warned: it only... [More]

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Nadri Cubic Zirconia Cluster Bangle

Forget your orderly rows of neat little sparklers. We want our bling big and wild, like in this Nadri Cubic Zirconia Cluster Bangle ($198). It makes traditional tennis bracelet designs look downright paltry with its bold collection of asymmetrical gems. Slip it on and watch... [More]

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Kate Spade Metro Watch

Ugh, numbers are so blasé! Kate Spade knows that solid black circles are the new Arabic numeral system - that's why she gives us the Metro Watch ($175).... [More]

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Pyrrha Carpe Diem Cast Wax Seal Necklace

When we first watched Dead Poets Society, we loved the phrase "carpe diem" almost as much as we did Robert Sean Leonard's big brown eyes. Now we can celebrate the same antiestablishment spirit with this Pyrrha Carpe Diem Cast Wax Seal Necklace ($166). Wear it... [More]

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Epcot Lens Necklace

This Epcot Lens Necklace ($34) makes us wonder: what if the actual Spaceship Earth at the Epcot Center was made of crystal instead of aluminum composite? It would probably turn into a conduit for galactic waves that would lift all of humanity to a higher... [More]

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On Par Grass Bangle

Don't be so modest, On Par Grass Bangle ($148) - you're totally above par! (Or under. If you're a golfer.) This Kate Spade treasure is the perfect accessory for any nature-themed outfit.... [More]

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Funky Paper Bead Necklace

Who needs gems when you've got trash? This Funky Paper Bead Necklace ($30) uses recycled materials to create its brightly colorful rows. It's also made sustainably by the African Style collective in Uganda. Wear it and feel as good as you'll look.... [More]

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F.U.N. Earrings

"Time to make some more earrings. What materials do we have?" "Just these pyramid studs and a few spikes. Should we get more supplies?" "No... I think I have an idea..." F.U.N. Earrings ($24)... [More]

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Moonchild Geometric Necklace

Halfway between a flowerchild and a starchild, you have a moonchild. And as we know from the extensive research done by Pink* Floyd, the moonchild loves prisms and tetrahedral shapes - hence the Moonchild Geometric Necklace ($15). *Yes, we know. King Crimson. Wrong color. Got... [More]

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Heart.Beat Necklace

This Heart.Beat Necklace ($119) from Sarah Chloe is formed into the peaks and troughs of a classic EKG. Wear it as a tribute to the fact that your pumper is still pumping - and pass on that high-cholesterol burger in favor of a salad next... [More]

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Crystal Spike Stud Earrings

If you are what you wear, then these Crystal Spike Stud Earrings ($48) are the perfect accessory to alert the world to your star quality. It's simply not enough to just believe it, so rock these earrings and let your dreams come true. (Even if... [More]

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