Emerald Contessa Necklace

Usually when we find an extravagant statement necklace that we really love, it's something that's gonna cost us in the triple digits. Not so the Emerald Contessa Necklace ($25), which, like everything at Jeweliq, clocks in at less than a movie date for two.... [More]

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Fossilized Woolly Mammoth Geometric Signature Earrings

Sure, they're a bit out of your usual budget, but can you really put a price on owning a piece of the Pleistocene? These Fossilized Woolly Mammoth Geometric Signature Earrings ($14,380) make honest-to-goodness pieces of prehistoric beast their focus. And though we'd hardly call mammoth... [More]

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Ox Earrings

Tell the world how tough you are with these Ox Earrings ($19). After all, what's tougher than a big, dumb, castrated beast used to haul heavy stuff around? Okay, possibly a wolverine, but they don't make for such cute accessories.... [More]

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Mysterious Face Earrings

We're not saying these Mysterious Face Earrings ($20) are something that every girl will want. To be honest, "mysterious" in this case just seems like a euphemism for "creepy." But there is something appealing about those blank white faces, and lovers of antique jewelry might... [More]

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Scorpion Shape Wrap Ring

Aw...isn't it cute how he's trying to sting us and pinch our flesh? If all scorpions were as cute as this Scorpion Shape Wrap Ring ($13), we wouldn't mind finding them in our shoes so much...at first.... [More]

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LOL Bangle Bracelet

Not every piece of jewelry you put on has to be super srs. Leave Grandma's pearls at home for the night and try this LOL Bangle Bracelet ($12). We think this irreverent bangle would be a great addition to your experiments in bracelet stacking.... [More]

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Garden Tassel Earrings in Peony

"Budding flowers grow while you listen to the enchanting harp play in the secret garden..." The description for these Garden Tassel Earrings in Peony ($35) is a touch on the abstract side, unless it's actually a code telling us that the fibers of these delicate... [More]

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Continuous Knot Earrings

Where does it start? Where does it end? Try to answer those questions, and these Continuous Knot Earrings ($58) could eat up your mental processing power forever. Your brain would be like a hamster trying to get to the end of a wheel. Just put... [More]

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Cabo Confetti Necklace

We're not sure it would be possible to jam another chunk of mineral into this Cabo Confetti Necklace ($249). If you tried, this colorful rope might just turn into a semiprecious gemstone bomb. Available in either gold or silver (not that you'll see much of... [More]

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Lily Pad Post Earrings

Who would've thought stagnant water could provide the inspiration for such a lovely piece of jewelry? Of course, these Lily Pad Post Earrings ($44) are modeled after one of the nicer-looking kinds of swampy plant life. Pick them up in vaguely true-to-life green or go... [More]

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Barely Ring: Jaggered

True or False: rings are a necessary evil. If you answered true, first... why*? And second, maybe you'll like this Barely Ring: Jaggered ($5) - it's designed to be tiny and subtle! * "I am a Lantern" is a good answer.... [More]

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Silver Burlesque Pumps Earrings

How much do you like shoes? Enough to wear them on your ears as well as your feet? For the girl who can never have enough footwear, there are these Silver Burlesque Pumps Earrings ($225). Made-to-order, these sterling silver beauties come in your choice of... [More]

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Metroid Pendant

Mario, Link, and the rest of that boys' club have warehouses full of merchandise, while poor Samus Aran is stuck on the wrong side of the glass ceiling! This Metroid Pendant ($30) is the first piece of jewelry we've seen from our favorite sci-fi gaming... [More]

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Spiked Crystal Ring

Just when you thought that everything you could do with spikes had been done. The Spiked Crystal Ring ($15) offers a rose gold finish on what looks like a fashionable version of a throwing star!... [More]

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African Drop Stone Earrings

Think you can only stack vertically? Think again! The African Drop Stone Earrings ($11) deftly use chains and colorful stones to defy both gravity and expectations.... [More]

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Chunky Enamel Necklace

What? The name "Chunky Enamel" didn't entice you to buy the Chunky Enamel Necklace ($13) right away? Maybe the sparkling green hue and gemstone cut will help convince you - or at least the price will!... [More]

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Punk Style Silver Skull Ring

There's something about a festively decorated skull that always moves us. Is it the subconscious idea of celebrating life before death, or just our secret desire to be flamboyant pirates? This Punk Style Silver Skull Ring ($59) is great for lots of reasons!... [More]

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Leva Cuff

Rock jewelry's fine for people who are stable and grounded, but what about those who are flexible and go with the flow? This Leva Cuff ($122) has a fluidity that goes with both your carefree personality and that dress you just bought!... [More]

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Aksama Short Chain Earrings

Our first instinct after feasting our eyes on the Aksama Short Chain Earrings ($98) was to book a tropical vacation. The emerald and sapphire resin pieces (linked by rose gold chains) have a bit of a palm tree feel. While we suppose we could wear... [More]

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Origami Parrot Necklace

This Origami Parrot Necklace ($156) is more clever than a library full of MIT grads. It captures all the ephemeral beauty of real origami but in a medium we won't squish when we accidentally sit on it.... [More]

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