What Dreams May Come Necklace

We know exactly what dream will come to us after we purchase the Vanessa Mooney What Dreams May Come Necklace ($155): we'll be picturing the mailman showing up with this pretty a day ahead of its estimated arrival date. And because it's our dream, we'll... [More]

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Nixon Time Teller P Watch

Honestly, a casual watch, like the Time Teller P Watch ($75) from Nixon, isn't something you can get away with wearing in a formal office, but that shouldn't stop you from buying it! You can slip this timepiece on after you leave work for the... [More]

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Chevron Seastone Necklace

Fancy up a basic outfit by donning the Chevron Seastone Necklace ($58). This statement piece isn't blinding or bulky, but it will turn heads with its gold chevron pattern and embedded mother-of-pearl chips.... [More]

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Jen's Pirate Booty Khfu Ring

Just because you can't pronounce it doesn't mean you can't appreciate it. Some of our favorite characters have impossible names: Cthulhu, Hermione, Joss Whedon. The Khfu Ring ($44) from Jen's Pirate Booty is named after the pharaoh Khufu, who built the Great Pyramid of Giza... [More]

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Alicia Bracelet Set

We've purchased our fair share of stackable bracelets, but the Alicia Bracelet Set ($249) by Mali Beads is definitely a fav. We can slip several on at a time or just wear the one that best coordinates with the day's outfit. Because each bracelet uses... [More]

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Gunmetal Expired Necklace

In terms of color names, "gunmetal" is a clear winner. This Gunmetal Expired Necklace ($32) offers a spiky style that's badass enough to live up to the term!... [More]

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Corset Sterling Silver Ring

From Sarah Burchill, the Swedish designer who's responsible for these shoe-themed earrings, comes another piece of jewelry based on something else you can wear! The Corset Sterling Silver Ring ($200) would make a great undergarment for Tinkerbell, but an even better accessory for you!... [More]

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Antik Batik Delphi Multicolor Resin Bangle Bracelet

Not so brazen when it comes to florals? Start small! This Antik Batik Delphi Multicolor Resin Bangle Bracelet ($66) has more than enough impact to liven up even your simplest, most solid ensemble.... [More]

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Dripping Earrings

It doesn't matter how they started - these Dripping Earrings ($100) are perfect just the way they are.... [More]

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Lion Hoop Earrings

Knock, knock! These Lion Hoop Earrings ($20) remind us of a time when guests had to physically lift chunks of metal and bang them against doors to announce their arrival.... [More]

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Dream Lover Necklace

Dream lovers love everything - the hard part is winning over the hardened realists! As your personal shopping guardian angels, we keep our feet on the ground and our heads far, far away from the clouds (shh), and we still think this Dream Lover Necklace... [More]

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Mini Meow Ring

Seeing as June is Adopt-A-Cat Month, we're going to shamelessly play up to our fellow CCL*readers and write up this Mini Meow Ring ($32). It's just the thing to wear when you're scooping the litter box (perhaps not) or out shopping for a new laser... [More]

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GOLD CAT MASK small.jpg

Gold Cat Mask

If Lady Gaga can wear a disco ball on her face, you can totally rock this Gold Cat Mask ($22). As a matter of fact, let's start a new trend and make face jewelry everyday wear. Who's on board?... [More]

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Emerald Contessa Necklace

Usually when we find an extravagant statement necklace that we really love, it's something that's gonna cost us in the triple digits. Not so the Emerald Contessa Necklace ($25), which, like everything at Jeweliq, clocks in at less than a movie date for two.... [More]

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Fossilized Woolly Mammoth Geometric Signature Earrings

Sure, they're a bit out of your usual budget, but can you really put a price on owning a piece of the Pleistocene? These Fossilized Woolly Mammoth Geometric Signature Earrings ($14,380) make honest-to-goodness pieces of prehistoric beast their focus. And though we'd hardly call mammoth... [More]

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Ox Earrings

Tell the world how tough you are with these Ox Earrings ($19). After all, what's tougher than a big, dumb, castrated beast used to haul heavy stuff around? Okay, possibly a wolverine, but they don't make for such cute accessories.... [More]

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Mysterious Face Earrings

We're not saying these Mysterious Face Earrings ($20) are something that every girl will want. To be honest, "mysterious" in this case just seems like a euphemism for "creepy." But there is something appealing about those blank white faces, and lovers of antique jewelry might... [More]

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Scorpion Shape Wrap Ring

Aw...isn't it cute how he's trying to sting us and pinch our flesh? If all scorpions were as cute as this Scorpion Shape Wrap Ring ($13), we wouldn't mind finding them in our shoes so much...at first.... [More]

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LOL Bangle Bracelet

Not every piece of jewelry you put on has to be super srs. Leave Grandma's pearls at home for the night and try this LOL Bangle Bracelet ($12). We think this irreverent bangle would be a great addition to your experiments in bracelet stacking.... [More]

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Garden Tassel Earrings in Peony

"Budding flowers grow while you listen to the enchanting harp play in the secret garden..." The description for these Garden Tassel Earrings in Peony ($35) is a touch on the abstract side, unless it's actually a code telling us that the fibers of these delicate... [More]

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