Mystic Necklace

We might not be healing the sick or raising the dead, but we can confidently say we're accessorization gurus. That's why we can recognize the style potential of this Mystic Necklace ($38). Use it to add an uplifting vibe to a simple black tee or... [More]

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Bamboo Earrings

You can turn it into T-shirts, chopsticks, or really nice flooring. Bamboo is versatile stuff. Even the shape of its elegant stalks inspires stylish jewelry. Just take a peek at these simple, elegant Bamboo Earrings ($42)!... [More]

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Rebellious Nature Ring

We don't know where the Rebellious Nature Ring ($10) got its name. With its symmetry, structure, and classic style, the only thing rebellious about it is that it calls itself rebellious! (Although the Safe Bet Ring doesn't sound as enticing...)... [More]

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Mini Record Earrings

Whether you love vinyl or just want to add a nostalgic touch to your look, you'll dig these groovy Mini Record Earrings ($12). Wear them with one of those retro updos you've been practicing.... [More]

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VERAMEAT Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Ring

Cat ladies: we've found a way for you to show off your love of kitties that doesn't involve letting twelve of them live hoarders-style in your house. Just decorate one of your digits with this VERAMEAT Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Ring ($48). Its... [More]

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Triple Skull Ring

If we were to try to identify the most fashionable movie characters of all time, of course the person on everyone's list would be the cult leader from Temple of Doom. Dress like the man who inspired a generation of fashionistas with the Triple Skull... [More]

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Earphone Necklace

Wearing a pair of earbuds around your neck while you're out of an evening might leave you looking just a bit like a tool. Wearing this Earphone Necklace ($18), on the other hand, makes you look like a cleverly stylish gal. Why? We don't know.... [More]

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Yolunda Necklace

Pom-poms make everything more fun. Just look at how they spice up this Yolunda Necklace ($45). What would be a nice-enough rope accessory gets a huge boost in cute with the addition of a few fuzzy pink balls.... [More]

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It's Hot Outside Thermometer Necklace

Throw the amateur meteorologist in your life into fits of delight by giving her this It's Hot Outside Thermometer Necklace ($18). The simple chain is decorated with a traditional - and fully functional - temperature gauge. Just try not to get annoyed when she starts... [More]

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Cassia Reversible Bib Necklace

Is your jewelry drawer becoming a mess of dozens upon dozens of statement necklaces? You can trim down your collection once you snag the Cassia Reversible Bib Necklace ($300). All it takes is a simple flip, and voilĂ ! You have a brand new necklace in... [More]

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Blue Agate Leather Wrap Bracelet

You can't get any more classic than the blue-on-gold color combination. We're pretty sure it was the scheme used by whatever ancient interior decorator did King Tut's tomb. It worked in 1323 B.C., and still looks sharp today in this Blue Agate Leather Wrap Bracelet... [More]

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Slinky Chain Necklace

Sometimes the chain can be the best part of a necklace. The Slinky Chain Necklace ($30) consists of a gold chain with a black and gold tassel - all string, no bling!... [More]

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Bamboo Park Resin Bangle

This Bamboo Park Resin Bangle ($78) reminds us of a museum display case. Just like those plexiglass shields make bits of rock or pot shards look fascinating, the clear resin turns the encased gold bangle into something worth staring at.... [More]

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A Touch Of Death Earrings

If you like the strong, silent type, the Grim Reaper is a catch - it's just he that gets a little handsy when he's drunk, which can lead to problems... A Touch Of Death Earrings ($9).... [More]

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The Gold Rush Necklace

Bring a touch of class to a plain outfit with the Gold Rush Necklace ($40). The chunky gold chain is interrupted by a large black agate stone that sits slightly off to the side. It's one of those versatile pieces that looks stunning paired with... [More]

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Talk about a turn-on! Not only does the iNecklace ($75) feature the adorable Apple power icon, an LED light "breathes" in that famous Apple rhythm with the help of a CR1220 battery. It's even programmable!... [More]

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Pineapples! Necklace

Most fruits follow the same basic patterns - roundish, smoothish - but pineapples are kind of doing their own thing. They're like the Lady Gaga of things that grow on trees. Support the pineapple's putting itself out there with this Pineapples! Necklace ($54).... [More]

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Raxevsky PRINTEMPS Bone Floral Bracelets

If you're looking for something a little different in a bangle set, check out these Raxevsky PRINTEMPS Bone Floral Bracelets ($12). They marry a traditional handpainted look with thin, elegant turquoise accents. We think these show best with a simple ensemble - think jeans and... [More]

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Ariella Collection Owl Ring small.jpg

Ariella Collection Owl Ring

The owl is a symbol of wisdom, which makes total sense, because this Ariella Collection Owl Ring ($24) is a smart buy. We're thinking of using it as a good luck charm.... [More]

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Crown Ring

Royalty should be subtle. After all, Kate Middleton doesn't exactly run around wearing the crown jewels (though if we were her, we'd totally put them on when we were chilling around the palace). That's why this Crown Ring ($62) doesn't come with Burger King-style gems... [More]

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