Cicada Earrings

We're not so crazy about these oversized insects when they're in hordes covering our front lawns, but they're fabulous when they're dangling from our ears. We think these earrings ($30) are a much better way to enjoy cicadas than pizza is.... [More]

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Roberta Chiarella Purple Parfait Necklace

Indulge in a parfait without the pesky calories as you drape the Roberta Chiarella Purple Parfait Necklace ($38) around your neck. Graduated shades of grape, strawberry, raspberry, and coral resin squares are framed in gold for an extra hit of bling. It would look great... [More]

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Hadley Cuff

You don't have to be a horse nut to appreciate this Hadley Cuff ($40). The contrast between light aqua enamel and bronze embossing makes this piece cool enough even for those who'd only get into a saddle by way of some buff cowboy tossing them... [More]

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Monserat De Lucca Friendship Puzzle Necklace Set

You outgrew those half-heart necklace pairs when you were in third grade, but that doesn't mean you're too grown-up to appreciate a nice way to pay tribute to your bestie. This Monserat De Lucca Friendship Puzzle Necklace Set ($84) is a more adult, wearable take... [More]

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Brooklyn Bridge Cuff Bracelet

They don't build them like they used to. Today's bridges are dryly functional and sadly budget-conscious, which is what makes the water-spanning monuments of yesteryear all the more impressive. This Brooklyn Bridge Cuff Bracelet ($74) celebrates one of those marvels of engineering, translating its distinct... [More]

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Onyx Talisman

"Onyx" is just a fancy name for a black rock. "Talisman" is just a fancy name for any piece of trash superstitiously credited with mysterious powers. Put them together, though, and you have a necklace worthy of its fancy name. Onyx Talisman ($16).... [More]

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Winifred Grace Constellation Cuff

Pick up one of these Winifred Grace Constellation Cuffs ($143), and the next time some idiot in a bar asks you what your sign is, you can show him. While giving him the finger.... [More]

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Anchorage Necklace

Who says statement necklaces have to be enameled baubles or elaborate strings of beads? In fact, those are getting so commonplace that this Anchorage Necklace ($70) from Shokay packs a wallop of a statement just by being different. The double-braided necklace is made from a... [More]

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Black NASCAR Tread Ring

Some gals just have that need for speed. Others have the exact opposite - the need for traction. Either way, the Black NASCAR Tread Ring ($325) has got you covered.... [More]

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The Bolt

It hit us like a bolt out of the blue: we need to own this O2 Designs The Bolt Necklace ($70 - $80). It's petite and powerful, and available in gold, rose gold and silver. We've been struck (stricken?) by all three!... [More]

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Wishful Thinking Bracelet

You know full well that every good thing that's happened to you this year can be traced to one simple event: pulling off the winning half of that wishbone at Thanksgiving dinner. Well, that and fortune cookies. Pay tribute to your luck by going out... [More]

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The Warhol Necklace

See the necklace inspired by the lamest game of Othello ever! The Warhol Necklace ($25) works great as a statement necklace, not so much as a strategy for tabletop games.... [More]

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Rainbow Crystal Knuckle Ring

We'd like to offer props to the brainiacs who figured out how to mold sparkly things out of plastic. Without them, we'd be forced to save up painful amounts of money to afford a collection of colorful gems for a stunning cocktail ring. (Or to... [More]

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Abracadabra Bracelet

Maybe you're not superstitious. You might have no problem walking under a ladder. Perhaps it's been years since you read your horoscope. Heck, you could even own a black cat. So of course, you wouldn't be buying this Abracadabra Bracelet ($48) in the hope that... [More]

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Custom Skinny Bar Bracelet

Personalize a Custom Skinny Bar Bracelet ($47) with up to sixteen numbers or letters. Use your favorite phrase, important dates, names of loved ones, or whatever your imagination can think up. The price is right to collect a few of 'em and stack, so order... [More]

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Besotted Silver Rustic Cuff

For the armored knight who cares about protection and appearance... The Besotted Silver Rustic Cuff ($15) has a design that both draws attention to your slender wrist and protects it from sword attacks.... [More]

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Fish Haute of Water Earrings

Look at how adorable the little fish in that little basket is. Not so adorable is what comes next, which involves a little bowl and a little gutting knife. Fish Haute of Water Earrings ($12).... [More]

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Shiny Black Tusk Bangle

Isn't it great we live in an age when we can buy "tusk" jewelry and it's not made from real elephant? The Shiny Black Tusk Bangle ($160) is an adjustable brass bangle that's inspired by - not carved from - the majestic elephant.... [More]

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Crystal Turtle Stud Earrings

All animals with predominantly round shapes really should be made into stud earrings. The Crystal Turtle Stud Earrings ($8) work...the Anteater Stud Earrings were kind of a dud. Also available in gold crystal.... [More]

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Hotrod Rocks Piston Earrings

If you're looking for a suggestive sex metaphor, you won't find a better one than the piston! These Hotrod Rocks Piston Earrings ($40) are all about thrusting, pulling out, then thrusting again, and then... whew, did it just get hot in here?... [More]

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