Swedish Love Story Necklace

Two people meet, connect over a shared love of catchy pop music, and spend their long and happy lives together enjoying reindeer jerky and an excellent public health care system. This icy yet colorful Swedish Love Story Necklace ($45) seems like a fitting tribute to... [More]

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The Menagerie Necklaces

If you were a wizard, what would your patronus be? A rabbit? A lion? Or maybe a brachiosaurus? Ariel Gordon's The Menagerie Necklaces ($99-315) give you a range of critters to choose from, each transformed into an adorable charm. Pick the one that comes closest... [More]

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Buckminster Earrings

Architecture nerds and biochemistry geeks alike will get a kick out of these Buckminster Earrings ($32). Sure, they're nothing at all like actual buckyballs, but we figure their quasi-geodesic look should be close enough to draw a few eyes at that next symposium.... [More]

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Midnight Goldstone Star Necklace

The shimmery Midnight Goldstone Star Necklace ($79) has sparkles to spare, and looking into it is mesmerizing. Be careful you don't get caught staring when you should be paying attention during the Monday morning meeting!... [More]

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Rose Gold Geo Earrings

If these geo earrings ($24) were any other color - like a bright red or pink - they might be mistaken for rock candy. Luckily for anybody with a particularly vicious sweet tooth, this set is painted a beautiful rose gold color, bringing the confusion... [More]

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Little Face Photo Ring

Ever feel like you're being watched? It might be because you've slipped on this Little Face Photo Ring ($78). Or it could be your dog hoping you'll drop a nice, fat piece of that whatever it is you're eating.... [More]

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Pizza Party Bracelet

Some things are so silly, they pass right through Lame Central back into the Land of Awesome. Bobcat Goldthwait is one example. This Pizza Party Bracelet ($60) is another. With its neon palette and pepperoni-spiked charm, it reaches a level of ridiculousness bound to incite... [More]

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NYC Metro Cuff

The streets of Manhattan may be an easy-to-navigate numbered grid, but underground the borough has the organization of a Mississippi swamp! Not only is the NYC Metro Cuff ($30) a stylish accessory showcasing the American fashion capital, it makes navigating the subway system as easy... [More]

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Alien Ears

Truth: These friendly little Roswell-inspired earrings ($18) may not guarantee you'll see any UFOs or make contact with any aliens, but they'll definitely help any outfit go from "terrestrial" to a little bit "extra."... [More]

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Globe Earrings

Feel like you've been carrying the world on your shoulders? We think it would look much nicer on your lobes in the form of these Globe Earrings ($12). Thankfully, they weigh far less than does your laundry list of obligations.... [More]

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Signature Slogan Collection Bangles

Role models are important. How else do we know what heights we should strive for? Scientists work to achieve the insight of Einstein, politicians aspire to the wisdom of Gandhi, and we'll fight to look as fabulously fashionable as Jackie O. This set of Signature... [More]

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Tiny Fish Hook Necklace

This Tiny Fish Hook Necklace ($85) won't save you from starvation during that inevitable zombie apocalypse. The only finned creatures you could catch with this pendant would be too small to bother with even without anyone left at Fish and Game to make sure your... [More]

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Metropolis Cuff

This Metropolis Cuff ($65) is a different take on art deco. Instead of the usual gleaming gold or chrome, the 1920s-inspired pattern on this accessory is made with warm cherry wood and sleek black anodized aluminum.... [More]

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Dream Catcher Necklace

Want to slip into that Phish concert without drawing the attention of suspicious hippie hordes? Just put on this Dream Catcher Necklace ($86) and a squirt of patchouli. Leave off the patchouli, and this lovely accessory will go with your more elegant, tie-dye-free ensembles just... [More]

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Safety Pin Necklace

This Safety Pin Necklace ($22) is pretty cute, in a debutante punk kind of way. It'll also come in handy if you needed to make an emergency wardrobe repair.... [More]

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House of Harlow 1960 Palladium Talon Cuff

You used to want to be the princess. Now you've got way more respect for that wicked sorceress. Instead of mooning around singing to birds and being vacantly pretty, those witches bucked up and got things done. Get a bit of the look to match... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: BAM! POW! Studs

Get your onomatopoeia on with these BAM! POW! Studs ($5). They're an affordably fabulous way to add a little classic comic book fun to your accessory collection. And just think how nice it will be, no longer having to shout out your own sound effects... [More]

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Polaroid Camera Necklace

Whether you're a photographer for real or just someone who appreciates kitsch, you'll dig this Polaroid Camera Necklace ($35). This cute wooden replica also functions as a locket for storing your tiny treasures.... [More]

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Baker St. Magnifier Neckace

We know you'd love to get your hands on Sherlock himself, but Benedict Cumberbatch probably has a bodyguard. And just think what your friends would say to a request for bail money when you're arrested for stalking. We recommend you settle for buying this Baker... [More]

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Cat Origami Necklace

Toting your precious furball with you wherever you go is frowned upon by just about everyone (no matter what the cat stroller industry wants you to believe!). So leave Princess to her daily routine of napping and grooming and wear the Cat Origami Necklace ($39)... [More]

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