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Ariella Collection Owl Ring

The owl is a symbol of wisdom, which makes total sense, because this Ariella Collection Owl Ring ($24) is a smart buy. We're thinking of using it as a good luck charm.... [More]

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Crown Ring

Royalty should be subtle. After all, Kate Middleton doesn't exactly run around wearing the crown jewels (though if we were her, we'd totally put them on when we were chilling around the palace). That's why this Crown Ring ($62) doesn't come with Burger King-style gems... [More]

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Skeleton Hand Ring

Baby, don't fear the reaper - especially if it comes in the form of this adorable Skeleton Hand Ring ($5). It's a super cute way to put the icy cold grip of Death around your finger.... [More]

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Colored Zipper Bracelet

Plastic jewelry isn't just for kids. This Colored Zipper Bracelet ($9) is a perfect example of why. Instead of stars or unicorns, it's shaped like a playfully postmodern zipper. We wouldn't call it sophisticated, but we can certainly wear it without looking like we're trying... [More]

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Cute Fox Ring

Foxes get reinterpreted more often than Shakespeare. Sometimes they're realistic, sometimes they're cartoony, and sometimes they're just plain genius! Cute Fox Ring ($12). Also available in Black/Green Eyes and White/Pink Eyes.... [More]

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Marmod8 Sterling Silver Fox Necklace

We might not want him in our henhouse, but we think the little predator on Marmod8's Sterling Silver Fox Necklace ($115) is downright adorable. We'll even forgive him for acting more like a sloth than his sly (and generally upright) real-life counterpart.... [More]

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Herkimer Diamond Claw Ring

We understand this Herkimer Diamond Claw Ring ($148). When we get our paws onto a good rock, we cling to it just as ferociously as this setting does. That holds true even if the rock in question is a particularly lovely chunk of quartz, and... [More]

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Sun Point Necklace

If the sun was a pie, what would it taste like? We're guessing maybe lemon chiffon and gunpowder; and it would be neat if a slice of it looked like this Sun Point Necklace ($30). The warm wood center contrasts beautifully with the translucent "rays"... [More]

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Crystal Studded And Gold Chain Link Jewelry Set

Mr. T wouldn't steer us wrong: big fat gold chains make for seriously cool accessories. This Crystal Studded And Gold Chain Link Jewelry Set ($39) brightens up the theme with an extra layer of sparkly bling. We pity the fool who misses out on this... [More]

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Handmade Geometric Studs

Some days, you just need a break from the heavy dangling earrings you hang from your lobes. Slip on a pair of Handmade Geometric Studs ($28) and enjoy the break from the weight of bigger earrings. The hand-shaped polymer clay studs are as cute as... [More]

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Starfish Stretch Bracelet

They're possibly the cutest sea creatures on the planet, so why wouldn't you want them on your wrist? This Starfish Stretch Bracelet ($20) turns those adorable echinoderms into a must-have summer accessory.... [More]

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Mint Green and Gold Bracelet Stack

This hot weather has us craving something a little refreshing. We'll take it in liquid form by way of a nice, cold mojito, and bring it into our look with this Mint Green and Gold Bracelet Stack ($38). The combination of glimmering gold with cool... [More]

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Helping Hands Collar Tips

You kids today and your collar accessories - back in our day, we were allowed one necklace, one ring, and, if we were lucky, a bracelet on Easter! And you can forget about bangles! Nowadays, even the collar of your shirt has its own accessories!... [More]

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Black and Gold Two-Tone Stud Earrings

Yin-yangs are for poor people! The Black and Gold Two-Tone Stud Earrings ($12) show that you're deep enough to understand the paradoxical unity between two opposing forces - but more importantly that you also like gold!... [More]

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What Dreams May Come Necklace

We know exactly what dream will come to us after we purchase the Vanessa Mooney What Dreams May Come Necklace ($155): we'll be picturing the mailman showing up with this pretty a day ahead of its estimated arrival date. And because it's our dream, we'll... [More]

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Nixon Time Teller P Watch

Honestly, a casual watch, like the Time Teller P Watch ($75) from Nixon, isn't something you can get away with wearing in a formal office, but that shouldn't stop you from buying it! You can slip this timepiece on after you leave work for the... [More]

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Chevron Seastone Necklace

Fancy up a basic outfit by donning the Chevron Seastone Necklace ($58). This statement piece isn't blinding or bulky, but it will turn heads with its gold chevron pattern and embedded mother-of-pearl chips.... [More]

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Jen's Pirate Booty Khfu Ring

Just because you can't pronounce it doesn't mean you can't appreciate it. Some of our favorite characters have impossible names: Cthulhu, Hermione, Joss Whedon. The Khfu Ring ($44) from Jen's Pirate Booty is named after the pharaoh Khufu, who built the Great Pyramid of Giza... [More]

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Alicia Bracelet Set

We've purchased our fair share of stackable bracelets, but the Alicia Bracelet Set ($249) by Mali Beads is definitely a fav. We can slip several on at a time or just wear the one that best coordinates with the day's outfit. Because each bracelet uses... [More]

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Gunmetal Expired Necklace

In terms of color names, "gunmetal" is a clear winner. This Gunmetal Expired Necklace ($32) offers a spiky style that's badass enough to live up to the term!... [More]

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