Lisa August Peacock Flat Link Bib Necklace

If we didn't know better, we'd swear the designer of the Lisa August Peacock Flat Bib Link Necklace ($98) had somehow used alchemy to turn peacock feathers into precious metal. Nope. Turns out the pleasingly chunky, interwoven links are made from cellulose acetate, but they... [More]

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Hey Ryan Gosling Earrings

Hey Girl, you've got the sexiest ears around. Well... not yet. You will come September 9th, when these studly studs ship. Right now the Hey Ryan Gosling Earrings ($16) are only available for preorder.... [More]

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Dope Lambo Two-Finger Ring

Having a tricked-out car is nothing special... But having a tricked-out Matchbox car - that's high class! Whether you like Italian cars, toys, or fine living, the one thing the Dope Lambo Two-Finger Ring ($100) conveys for sure is that you like gold!... [More]

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Sweet Pink Bow Necklace small.jpg

Sweet Pink Bow Necklace

Women are a gift to the world, and even if your boyfriend doesn't make you feel that way, this Sweet Pink Bow Necklace ($15) will. In blush pink, it's delicate and special, just like you. (Also, consider ditching the boyfriend.)... [More]

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Kayla Midi Rings

Swollen knuckles? No problem! No soap is needed for the removal of these trendy "midi" rings ($17), intended to be worn between the fingertip and knuckle. Plus, we love simple gold bands and appreciate that there are now more places to wear them!... [More]

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Giles & Brother Skinny Archer Cuff

Does anybody else get flashbacks involving that bent nail puzzle when looking at this bracelet? We're fairly certain that's not the objective of the Giles & Brother Skinny Archer Cuff ($95), but we just want to make sure...there's no way to untangle the two halves,... [More]

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Twine Gem Dangle Earrings

"Excuse me, is that a prism dangling off your ear?" Admirers will be amazed to see that these Twine Gem Dangle Earrings ($30) are actually flat. Hand & Machine's creations are laser-cut from repurposed wood, then painted to create simple optical illusions.... [More]

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mettle Triangle Lapel Pins

Why deal with the hassle of trying to finagle your necklace underneath your collar? It gets even more involved if you've layered a sweater over your button-down. Steer clear of all that mess and just wear these Triangle Lapel Pins ($90).... [More]

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Turquoise Leather Triple Wrap Bracelet

Clasp on a little color via the Turquoise Leather Triple Wrap Bracelet ($49) from Amy Fine Design, which takes the classic turquoise-and-silver combination and gives it a face-lift. Sure, you can wear it with a pair of cowboy boots for a bit of Western flair,... [More]

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Medallion Locket Pendant Necklace

Don't start cutting a circle into your favorite photo just yet! The Medallion Locket Pendant Necklace ($58) from House of Harlow 1960 swings open vertically to reveal space for a diamond-shaped photo. Fit a pic of your favorite guy, gal, pet, or potted plant inside... [More]

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Last Word Bangle

Wear the Last Word Bangle ($318) when you're feeling particularly snarky. If you find yourself delivering a one-liner or comeback with a little too much vinegar, you can blame it on your bracelet. Just shake your head and mumble something about it always mouthing off.... [More]

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Scented Snow Cone Necklace

What's better than the sight of a fresh, glistening rainbow snow cone? The smell! The best part about the Scented Snow Cone Necklace ($30) isn't how realistic it look, it's how realistic it smells! (The taste is pretty important, too, we guess.)... [More]

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Quotation Post Earrings

It's like crossing your fingers behind your back when you're fibbing. With these Quotation Post Earrings ($12), nobody's going to know whether you're for real or just "for real."... [More]

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Two-Tone Rope Necklace

When accompanying our moms to the fabric store, we used to wander along the trimmings aisle and imagine new, innovative uses for the curtain cording or the rickrack, idly draping them around our necks or wrists, or perhaps around our waists as some sort of... [More]

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Kristi Cuff

It's inevitable: chunky metallic cuffs are always going to be associated with Wonder Woman, and we're fine with that. Channel your superhuman skills with the Kristi Cuff ($45); we think it has some mystical qualities of its own, with its gorgeous textured surface and that... [More]

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Skunk SM.jpg

Skunk Ring

We think skunk rings are great, even if you may want to stay away from skunk-inspired perfumes. Skunk Ring ($50, on sale)... [More]

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Elephant SM.jpg

Pack Your Trunks Earrings

Let's face it - a week ago, we thought we had just about every kind of animal motif in our closets. What were we missing? Elephants! Pack Your Trunks Earrings ($10).... [More]

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Green Cork Eco Watch

There's never a bad time for eco-friendliness, especially when it comes in such a stylish, minimalist package. Containing not one ounce of plastic, the Green Cork Eco Watch ($45) is constructed with cork (surprise) and corn resin, and contains a mercury-free battery.... [More]

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Knot Necklace

Unless you belong to the International Guild of Knot Tyers, make sure you always keep this Adia Kibur necklace ($50) clasped so as not to undo the intricate knots that are its centerpiece. We suppose that if the knots came undone there would still be... [More]

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Alphabet Studs

Plenty of celebs have used name pendants as part of their signature look, but we're going to move ahead of the trend and wear a pair of Alphabet Studs ($98) from Maya Brenner. Grab your custom pair by picking a metal and your two letters.... [More]

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