Natasha Grasso Small Gold Horseshoe Necklace

You can't wear too many good luck charms, right? No really, we're asking for your opinion. Say we wear the adorable Natasha Grasso Small Gold Horseshoe Necklace ($77) with a shamrock bracelet and our favorite pair of lucky socks. Do you think we're pushing it... [More]

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Tiffany Airplane Charm Pendant

We'd love to fly first class. Why shouldn't our travel-inspired jewelry be of the same caliber? This nostalgic Airplane Charm Pendant ($150) is made by the best in the business - Tiffany, of course - and costs a heck of a lot less than that... [More]

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Sunshine Daydream Earrings

These Southwest-inspired earrings ($108) will radiate from your ears like the sun setting over the mountains yonder. The rays are brass, the centers of the suns, amber. Let these evocative pieces of jewelry help you get in touch with the spiritual red rocks and mysterious... [More]

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Tortoise Graph Necklace

For the bar graph lover in you, we present the Tortoise Graph Necklace ($25). You'll delight in this symmetrical statement-making piece of jewelry for math nerds, with its aesthetically pleasing "data" expressed in attractive faux tortoiseshell.... [More]

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Two-Tone Toggle Bracelet

Dang, this thing looks complicated. We're going to end up handcuffed to something, aren't we? Two-Tone Toggle Bracelet ($38)... [More]

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Star SM.jpg

Hollow Jagged Star Earrings with Pavé White Diamonds

We love drooling over diamonds as much as the next gal. Okay, probably way, way more than the next gal. But, we have to draw the line somewhere. Jennifer Fisher's Hollow Jagged Star Earrings with Pavé White Diamonds ($7,000) are amazing. So amazing that no... [More]

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Girl and Cat Big Brooch

This portrait brooch ($35) seems like a sweet portrait of a girl and her cat, but something's a bit off, don't you think? We're half expecting a flash of lightning to reveal some awful truth underneath the image, like a painting from the Haunted Mansion... [More]

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Ruler Ring

This Ruler Ring ($150 - $900) has us drooling, thanks to its perfectly simple concept - a wrapped ruler - gorgeously executed with handwriting-style numerals and an artisan look. Too bad makers Digby and Iona insist on only producing this in precious metals. We'd love... [More]

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Jewel SM.jpg

Vince Camuto Jeweled Necklace

We aren't waiting until Halloween to start wearing costume jewelry; we want the glitz and glamor of a pageant girl all year long. This necklace ($125) is so sparkly, you'll look like you belong on stage.... [More]

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Glass Cluster Ring

The little bubbles on this ring ($42) look like they're made of crystallized sugar, but this is no Ring Pop and that's not rock candy. This unique piece of jewelry is actually made using a glassblowing technique involving a blowtorch, so try to remember not... [More]

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Design Glut Needle & Thread Necklace

We've always been envious of our friends with mad seamstress skills. They'll show up to brunch all decked out in an adorable skirt and accept our compliments with a humble, "oh thanks, I just made it last night." We're in awe, and this Needle &... [More]

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Hidden Message Necklace

Think Twitter forces you to make your message succinct? One hundred and forty characters is downright luxurious compared to what you can squeeze into one of these Hidden Message Necklaces ($135 - $485). This clever accessory looks striking when hanging naturally around your neck, but... [More]

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Olivia Burton Woodland Hummingbird Motif Watch

A hummingbird's heart beats up to 1260 times a minute, while their wings flap up to 80 times a second. You won't be confirming those rates with this gold-banded watch ($100) (unless you have superpowers) but perhaps the lovely hummingbird illustration will remind you of... [More]

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Piper Strand Hadley Earrings

If these Piper Strand Hadley Earrings ($65) were made from real diamonds and sapphires, we daresay Princess Shinylocks (Kate Middleton) would snap them up as the perfect earrings to match her famous engagement ring. Then, she'd wear them with a bespoke McQueen evening gown and... [More]

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Imperial Crown Ring

While it may be a little uncouth to don a queen's crown while you go about your daily routine, you can get away with wearing Betsey Johnson's Imperial Crown Ring ($55). The purdy pink crown befits both royalty and the average, everyday gal who wants... [More]

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Barbed Wire Earrings

Nothing is more badass than sticking a few pieces of barbed wire into your earlobes and calling it fashion, but if you prefer a painless (and tetanus-free) facsimile of badass, you can clip on the Barbed Wire Earrings ($220) by Rodarte. The gold plating may... [More]

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Venetian Mask Necklace

Did you know that Venetian masks are actually used for more than just creepy rich-people orgies? It's true! They also come in lots of different styles - some of them even have normal-sized noses! This Venetian Mask Necklace ($120) celebrates the prettier side of the... [More]

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Sterling Silver Mood Ring

Love the concept of mood rings but hate that they usually come in cardboard display boxes at drug store checkouts, the stone ensconced in the belly of a turtle or penguin or the center of the sun? No worries, we found this sterling silver mood... [More]

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astrid & miyu All Eyes On Me Earrings

Finally, earrings that will go with every single party outfit we own! The astrid & miyu* cascading All Eyes On Me Earrings ($112, shipping from the UK) are just the things to elevate our holiday party ensembles from pretty to pizzazz-y. They're a little heavy,... [More]

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Kelly Wearstler Carlton Cuff

Cupcake sprinkles in bracelet form! This Kelly Wearstler cuff ($325) brings the party with its colorful sparkles and jazzy cut-outs. If you're feeling low on energy, we bet you'll feel better as soon as you put this on.... [More]

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