Quaint Ring

Too Absorb took seven elaborate crosses and affixed them to a metallic coil, and then they called it "quaint"? The jangly, shiny, eye-popping Quaint Ring ($13) is anything but! Scroll down to find selection. Order form email only.... [More]

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Kathleen Whitaker Staple Studs

Look, if you wanted it to look like you had stapled your ear, you could have just gone to any highschooler's homemade tattoo and piercing party. Just kidding, we know the resulting staple wouldn't look anywhere near this elegant - and your ear would also... [More]

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Cast Snake Rattle Necklace

The rattlesnake's rattle should put fear into the hearts of all mankind - but not just because of the snake mouth that's attached to the end. The rattle motif is found on Aztec temples and jewelry usually associated with deities, and in Mayan beliefs, the... [More]

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Electric Blue Shark Teeth Studs

You all know us. Know how we earn a living. But wearing these Electric Blue Shark Teeth Studs ($24) won't be liking going down to the pond chasing bluegills and tommycods. These studs will add such an impact to your look, you might need to... [More]

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Lazy Oaf Skull Ring

For a brand called Lazy Oaf, it looks like a lot of time went into getting this Skull Ring ($24) just right. Black gems on gold plating with that iconic design... if the designers of this ring are lazy oafs, what does that make us?... [More]

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Skull SM.jpg

Alexander McQueen Crystal Bee and Skull Cocktail Ring

We love Alexander McQueen's Crystal Bee and Skull Cocktail Ring ($290), but it just doesn't make sense. We get the skull, even the crystals, but why would a bee land on a skull? We think they should have gone with some sort of larva or... [More]

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elephant SM.jpg


We love elephants, America, and looking good. The #FREEDOMELEPHANT ($80) necklace by Freedom of Animals is made in 'Merica, it looks great on us, and a percentage of its sales go to help elephants! We're going to stomp around town wearing it and eating peanuts,... [More]

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Mini USB Locket

If you're a stylish tech girl, a flash drive is exactly what you want close to your heart - forget a sappy lyric or some dude's picture. With the Mini USB Locket ($200), you'll be able to download and upload files wherever you please -... [More]

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Veda Bracelet

It's surreal and just a little bit creepy to be sporting disembodied hands as decoration. But it's also very kind of said cast brass hands to hold the ends of this bracelet ($185) together. We wonder if they could conjure up a third when it's... [More]

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Shield Necklace

You've earned your stripes through years at summer camp or in Girl Scouts, but you can't quite figure out a way to repurpose those shirts without looking like some middle schooler with access to Mom's sewing machine and closet full of rickrack. Don't worry, this... [More]

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Original Night Ice LED Earrings

Light-up earrings aren't for every occasion (going to the theater, visiting someone in a hospital), but for crazy dance clubs or crazy costume parties - anything crazy really - the Original Night Ice LED Earrings ($30) will make you stand out like a beacon of... [More]

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Double Gun Necklace

You're not looking for trouble... but you're ready for it. Whether your sipping whiskey at the saloon or sipping mimosas at the salon, wearing around two six-shooters makes one thing clear: you're a badass. This exquisite (and hard to come by) Double Gun Necklace ($218)... [More]

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Travel 10,000 Dice Necklace

You're in charge of bringing the fun, at least when it comes to traditional dice games. This unique necklace ($82) doubles as a travel version of 10,000, so when you find yourself stuck at the airport or the car dealership, you can simply deconstruct your... [More]

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Dick the Whale Necklace

As any Melville fan will tell you, that Moby was a real jerk. After all, while he and Ahab might have had their issues, did he really have to go and... oh wait. Can't finish that one without a spoiler alert. Read the book, then... [More]

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Brass Grip Ring

When helping your hiking buddies up a particularly difficult section of trail, you must remember the all-important wrist grip as depicted on this Brass Grip Ring ($160). We don't want any broken fingers that may occur as a result of an improper regular hand grab... [More]

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GemSprouts Living Necklaces

Just what we always wanted: jewelry that requires maintenance. But while our silver remains sadly unpolished, these GemSprouts Living Necklaces ($10) might just be cool enough to motivate us to dip them in water every month or so to keep them alive and kicking. We'll... [More]

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Ivory Confetti Triangle Earrings

Find a little reason to celebrate every day when you've got these playful Ivory Confetti Triangle Earrings ($20) on. You put on pants? Great! You got to work less than fifteen minutes late? High five! You didn't cry even once in the bathroom today? Party... [More]

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Baker's Delight! Kitchen Mixer Necklace

We do love our KitchenAid mixers. Passionately. Hell, some of us only got married so we could get one. But why limit our affection to our countertops? This Baker's Delight! Kitchen Mixer Necklace ($46) lets us take it out on the road in the form... [More]

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Bakutis Design Praying Mantis Necklace

Aw, they're holding hands! Or wait...are they fighting? Maybe it's some kind of group prayer thing? We guess it doesn't matter what's going on in the polished silver Bakutis Design Praying Mantis Necklace ($160), even if it is some kind of midair thumb wrestling maybe?... [More]

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Monserat de Lucca Zodiac Necklaces

Admit it: horoscopes are pretty spooky. How does some random person writing for the newspaper have such a crazy accurate grasp on our careers and love lives? For that matter, the guy writing those cookie fortunes is seriously eerie as well. These Monserat de Lucca... [More]

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