Dick the Whale Necklace

As any Melville fan will tell you, that Moby was a real jerk. After all, while he and Ahab might have had their issues, did he really have to go and... oh wait. Can't finish that one without a spoiler alert. Read the book, then... [More]

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Brass Grip Ring

When helping your hiking buddies up a particularly difficult section of trail, you must remember the all-important wrist grip as depicted on this Brass Grip Ring ($160). We don't want any broken fingers that may occur as a result of an improper regular hand grab... [More]

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GemSprouts Living Necklaces

Just what we always wanted: jewelry that requires maintenance. But while our silver remains sadly unpolished, these GemSprouts Living Necklaces ($10) might just be cool enough to motivate us to dip them in water every month or so to keep them alive and kicking. We'll... [More]

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Ivory Confetti Triangle Earrings

Find a little reason to celebrate every day when you've got these playful Ivory Confetti Triangle Earrings ($20) on. You put on pants? Great! You got to work less than fifteen minutes late? High five! You didn't cry even once in the bathroom today? Party... [More]

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Baker's Delight! Kitchen Mixer Necklace

We do love our KitchenAid mixers. Passionately. Hell, some of us only got married so we could get one. But why limit our affection to our countertops? This Baker's Delight! Kitchen Mixer Necklace ($46) lets us take it out on the road in the form... [More]

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Bakutis Design Praying Mantis Necklace

Aw, they're holding hands! Or wait...are they fighting? Maybe it's some kind of group prayer thing? We guess it doesn't matter what's going on in the polished silver Bakutis Design Praying Mantis Necklace ($160), even if it is some kind of midair thumb wrestling maybe?... [More]

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Monserat de Lucca Zodiac Necklaces

Admit it: horoscopes are pretty spooky. How does some random person writing for the newspaper have such a crazy accurate grasp on our careers and love lives? For that matter, the guy writing those cookie fortunes is seriously eerie as well. These Monserat de Lucca... [More]

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maurices Owl and Love Bracelet Set

To fight over-accessorizing, Coco Chanel once said to take one thing off after getting dressed in the morning. But Coco didn't live in the age of bracelet stacking, which we think is a fabulous way to dress up our wrists in the name of excess.... [More]

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Glowing Life Bar Necklace

It's important to keep an eye on your life meter, but sometimes it can hard to see all the way above your head (especially when you're battling orcs)! Keep your life bar close to your heart with the Glowing Life Bar Necklace ($16) a geek-chic... [More]

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Field Guide Design Pet Rock Necklaces

Remember your pet rock? It was a sad-ass attempt by your parents to let a painted hunk of granite make you give up your dreams of a dog or a pony. As if. These Field Guide Design Pet Rock Necklaces ($48 - $58), however, are... [More]

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Mohawk Fringe Earrings

These Mohawk Fringe Earrings ($32) are in the "statement jewelry" section of the Bauble Bar website, and the statement they're making is clearly "I am always ready for Mardi Gras."... [More]

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Putous Necklace

Add angles to your outfits with the Putous Necklace ($212) from Fay Andrada. The three strands are varying lengths and broken up by brass bars, so switching up your look just is as easy as finessing the chains or adding an extra pendant or two.... [More]

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Tiny Arrow Stud Earrings

We doubt you're the type to wait around for Cupid to take control of your love life, and while the Tiny Arrow Stud Earrings ($50) from TinyArmour won't magically produce a mate for you, they may add a little pep to your step. That confidence... [More]

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Octopus Tentacle Ring in Solid Bronze

Quick psych test: Do you see something ready to be deep-fried when you look at this Octopus ring ($59) or just an inquisitive ocean friend? If you're wondering where the nearest fryer is, you're hungry! If an ocean friend, you're too trusting. Just keep in... [More]

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Cast of Vices Coming or Going Concert Bracelet

Remember that proud day when you were first entitled to have a fluorescent plastic bracelet snapped onto your wrist at a Pearl Jam concert? That tiny, brightly-colored band opened up a whole new world of musical intoxication. The days when drinking beer while listening to... [More]

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Grey Leather Bangles

The simplicity of these Grey Leather Bangles ($20, on sale) makes them an ideal bracelet choice for just about any activity. You probably won't wear them to a formal wedding, but you can slip on all six for a weekend brunch date or a manic... [More]

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S'mores Three-Way Best Friend Necklaces

"We go together like..." (A.) "...the delicious ingredients of s'mores." (Well done, you have a solid friendship worthy of the S'mores Three-Way Best Friend Necklaces ($50).) (B.) "...rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong." (You must seek psychiatric help.)... [More]

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Moon Ring

Put a little piece of heaven on your finger with this Moon Ring ($49). Made in your choice of material and finish, this super cool accessory is printed with a topographically correct slice of Earth's spacey sidekick.... [More]

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Knotted Dark Gray Pearls & Tassel

This kind of wraparound pearl necklace ($385) is fit for a queen. It would certainly pair well with a long decadent velvet robe or a very fancy caftan. The tassel would match the gold trim, and the sapphire ball would match the top of the... [More]

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Lanvin Cool Word Pendant Necklace

People won't need to ask how you are when you're sporting this sizable statement piece ($945), first seen on the runway at this spring's Paris Fashion Week. It became a standout accessory immediately and you can finally get your hands on it, as long as... [More]

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