Burberry Small Check Strap Watch

Forget holiday diamonds; Burberry is on our wish list this year! We'd be happy campers to find the Small Check Strap Watch ($495) in our stockings. The chances of that happening? Technically, that's up to Santa, but we're not gonna bank on it, even though... [More]

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The Phono Drop Pendant

Want to have real cred as a DJ? Stop spinning Fatboy Slim and don this ultimate audiophile accessory: The Phono Drop Pendant ($250). Made with sterling silver details and an actual, hand-cut piece of record vinyl, this teeny-tiny deck is a perfect way of showing... [More]

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31 Bits Poppy Glow Necklace

Look closely: these beads are made out of recycled paper sourced from posters, old textbooks, and ads - material at the end of its life that would have gone unused otherwise. The 31 Bits company teams up with a group of women artisans from Uganda... [More]

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Arrow Cuff

Already bought your midnight seats for the opening of Catching Fire? Be a true Hunger Games junkie and accessorize appropriately. We think this Arrow Cuff ($172) would be a nice fit, along with your two hot best friends (who also have to be in love... [More]

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Odette 14K Moon and Star Studs

Seeing beautiful studs sets like the Moon and Star Studs ($276) from Odette always gives us the itch to add more holes to our ears. We swear, we're gonna pep-talk ourselves into it this time around, and then start saving up so we can afford... [More]

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Christmas Tree Sugar Cookie Earrings

If you can't eat 'em, wear 'em. That's our motto when it comes to holiday snacks this year. We'll be closely rationing our consumption of actual frosted, sprinkle-dusted treats, but we can wear these Christmas Tree Sugar Cookie Earrings ($17) every day without adding pounds... [More]

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Treasures of the Night Necklace

And the real treasure of the night is...love and friendship!? What kind of crap is that!? We want gold and gems, like in Rose Pierre's Treasures of the Night Necklace ($65). This gold-plated bezel contains a handful of loose, colored gems in either black or... [More]

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Dream Collective Wave Cuff

The Dream Collective Wave Cuff ($185) looks like it could have come from an archaeological dig site. The designs engraved in brass could have been done hundreds or even thousands of years ago, inspired by some ancient kingdom's view of the ocean waves. Take your... [More]

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Black Friday Bender: CC Skye Deco Earrings

You don't need to buy a new dress this holiday season. It's true. Trust us. No one will notice you're wearing last year's perfectly good dress when you're wearing these CC Skye Deco Earrings ($250). They're flashy, but classy, and have a little bit of... [More]

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Satya Jewelry Vibrance Cuff

We'd love to be elegant, but more often than not end up spending the day in our yoga pants. Those elastic waistbands are just so darned comfortable, and don't give us crap about that extra slice of pie we had last night. Perhaps if we... [More]

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Northern Star Open Star Ring

Star of wonder, star of night. Star covered in bright, shiny gemstones - now that's our kind of celestial body. This Northern Star Open Star Ring ($95) is a perfect example, accented with glittering white topaz with a fun cut-out shape. Let it guide you... [More]

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Cupid's Love Gat

People of the twenty-first century have tough skins, and so Cupid's arrows don't always stick. Luckily, the twenty-first century also has more advanced weaponry! Cupid's Love Gat ($54) has the firepower to make even the most jaded weak at the knees - or else!... [More]

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Dachshund and Scarf Pin

It's probably impossible to look as posh as this dachshund does wearing his scarf, but you can start by pinning him onto your lapel. Dachshund and Scarf Pin ($13) by peppersprouts... [More]

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Ninja Panda Necklace

Because sharp claws and kung fu weren't enough, now the pandas are learning to use nunchucks? Lucky for us, the chubby little guy on the Ninja Panda Necklace ($10) doesn't look so threatening. (Gold star for you if you asked what a Chinese animal was... [More]

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Gold Lola Chain Necklace

Don't walk into a club with the Gold Lola Chain Necklace ($18) thinking that your chains are going to impress anybody or get you a complimentary bottle of champagne. They kind of look like they've been made with twisted up aluminum foil. But considering this... [More]

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Quaint Ring

Too Absorb took seven elaborate crosses and affixed them to a metallic coil, and then they called it "quaint"? The jangly, shiny, eye-popping Quaint Ring ($13) is anything but! Scroll down to find selection. Order form email only.... [More]

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Kathleen Whitaker Staple Studs

Look, if you wanted it to look like you had stapled your ear, you could have just gone to any highschooler's homemade tattoo and piercing party. Just kidding, we know the resulting staple wouldn't look anywhere near this elegant - and your ear would also... [More]

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Cast Snake Rattle Necklace

The rattlesnake's rattle should put fear into the hearts of all mankind - but not just because of the snake mouth that's attached to the end. The rattle motif is found on Aztec temples and jewelry usually associated with deities, and in Mayan beliefs, the... [More]

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Electric Blue Shark Teeth Studs

You all know us. Know how we earn a living. But wearing these Electric Blue Shark Teeth Studs ($24) won't be liking going down to the pond chasing bluegills and tommycods. These studs will add such an impact to your look, you might need to... [More]

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Lazy Oaf Skull Ring

For a brand called Lazy Oaf, it looks like a lot of time went into getting this Skull Ring ($24) just right. Black gems on gold plating with that iconic design... if the designers of this ring are lazy oafs, what does that make us?... [More]

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