Solitary Diamond Earrings

Who needs real gems when we can have an abstract geometric representation of them? Well - we do, actually. But until we score that jackpot scratch ticket, these Solitary Diamond Earrings ($70) make for a nifty and affordable stand-in.... [More]

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Erik & Mike Abstract Oval Bracelet

This beaded bracelet ($43) is unexpected and musical, with funky ovals leaning and riffing off one another like musicians in a jazz band - a style of music which, if imagined as colors, is surely as bright and diverse as the ones here.... [More]

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Quote Ring

"Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds." Shakespeare's line on the Quote Ring ($13) really is a beautiful and poetic description of love...we realized, after twenty minutes of trying to piece together what the hell he was babbling about. Scroll down to... [More]

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Fox Door Knocker Bracelet

Keep the rest of your outfit simple when you don this bold and decorative bracelet ($115). You won't want anything to compete for attention (and lose) against the two gold fox heads and the door knocker that unites them on this vintage-inspired piece of jewelry.... [More]

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Turquoise Tassel Earrings

These Turquoise Tassel Earrings ($98) give off a vaguely gelatinous marine invertebrate vibe. We looked closely, and we're pretty sure the dangly bits are just strings of beads and not stinging tentacles. If you can get over your fear of jellyfish (and we should all... [More]

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Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Jewelry cleaning has come a long way from scrubbing your rock with a toothbrush. The Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner ($70) uses soundwaves in water to remove dirt, makeup, and oils without damaging the piece's structure... that's a tad more advanced than bristles glued to a plastic... [More]

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Joomi Lim Spike & Pearl Necklace

You may consider yourself hip enough to wear this classic pearl necklace with a twist ($120), but there's a lot to be concerned about with the youth today - their obsession with social media, the scandalous outfits, the raunchy music, oh my! Just be sure... [More]

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Down the Rabbit Hole Necklace

Whether you're a fan of classic children's literature or someone who made their own trip to Wonderland after accidentally using your roommate's "special" mushrooms to make that omelet in college, you'll appreciate the whimsical spirit of this Down the Rabbit Hole Necklace ($32).... [More]

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Vinyl Phono Record Disc Beads

Nearly three feet of of these fun disc-shaped turquoise beads ($18) from Mali could be yours. They come strung on a thirty-four-inch string, ready for you to wrap around your neck, wrist, or waist, or to set free and create your own jewelry with. Browse... [More]

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Primary Tiara Bib

Like a crown - but for your neck. It's about time this came along, since we've seen some people wear things on their heads that look suspiciously like necklaces. Primary Tiara Bib ($38)... [More]

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Cement Pearls

These Cement Pearls ($60) cost more than a pair of actual pearl earrings would run us, which makes us wonder if perhaps we should be paving our sidewalks with oyster byproducts. A shiny pearl sidewalk would be a nice accompaniment to these stony, moon-like spheres.... [More]

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HuiYi Tan Dragon Necklace

Elegant. Timeless. Make-believe. Isn't it time to hang up that necklace with a boring old real animal in favor of something more...legendary? HuiYi Tan Dragon Necklace ($49)... [More]

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Tanuki Jewelry Triangular Reversible Sterling Silver Ring

The Triangular Reversible Sterling Silver Ring ($62) by Tanuki Jewelry is definitely one of those "why didn't I think of that!?" pieces. This stylish, modern ring has a design on either side, so you can flip it around for two accessories in one - or... [More]

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We don't know what we love more: the fact that the Fine Collection by DANNIJO is endorsed by Rashida Jones, one of our favorite actresses, or the fact that this ten-karat gold unicorn charm's name is Merv ($428). Err, make that Merv 1. We have... [More]

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Rose Gold Collar Necklace

Add a bit of sweetness to your tops and tees by wearing them with the Rose Gold Collar Necklace ($68) from Capwell and Co. We're fans of this particular collar necklace because it's not too fancy-shmancy. When you're working with the ultra romantic and feminine... [More]

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Gorjana Chloe Studs

There's something really lovely about these Chloe Studs ($45) in sterling silver. They're everyday earrings with that something extra: the texture of the edges on their imperfect circle shape, or the way the surface of the feather-thin metal is bent, reflecting light and making us... [More]

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Quote Couture Earrings

We think you'd better snatch up a pair of Quote Couture Earrings ($10) as soon as possible. They've been ridiculously popular and we're pretty sure they're gonna go fast, leaving you in the lurch when it comes to finding cute and clever earrings in an... [More]

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B.Goods Ship in a Bottle Necklace

Wow, how did they get that ship in there? The B.Goods Ship in a Bottle Necklace ($22) rethinks ships and bottles with its stylish - and somewhat controversial - design.... [More]

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Erika Weiner Pretzel Bracelet

Pretzels: they're delicious with mustard. Turns out they also make for very cute accessories. This Erika Weiner Pretzel Bracelet ($75) will look as sweet on your wrist as its doughy cousin does on your Football Sunday snack plate.... [More]

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Burberry Small Check Strap Watch

Forget holiday diamonds; Burberry is on our wish list this year! We'd be happy campers to find the Small Check Strap Watch ($495) in our stockings. The chances of that happening? Technically, that's up to Santa, but we're not gonna bank on it, even though... [More]

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