Brevity Horo 3 Necklace

Is it an illustrator's compass? Are those clock hands? The Brevity Horo 3 Necklace ($75 in stainless steel) is whatever you want it to be, as long as you want it to be either a compass or clock hands.... [More]

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Antique Copper Airplane Necklace

While the Antique Copper Airplane Necklace ($48) from Mitsymoto Designs may not glide across the room when you toss it, it is a beautiful replica of a paper plane. It's probably a better idea to wear it around your neck, anyway. Throwing it may result... [More]

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MUZ Acrylic State Necklaces

Yes, we know: we're superfans of state-inspired jewelry. But these MUZ State Necklaces ($39) are a new take on the trend, rendering our sea-to-shining-sea nation in gemlike clear acrylic.... [More]

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Khai Khai Question Mark? Ring

Have so much money you have to rack your brain to think of ways to spend it? Here's a grand one: the Question Mark? Ring ($910) from Khai Khai Jewelry. A glitzy ring made to look like one of our favorite punctuation marks is fun... [More]

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Loren Hope Clara Bracelet

Want to feel like a true art deco princess? Perfectly curl that bob, slap on this Loren Hope Clara Bracelet ($65), and pour yourself a tall glass of gin. All you'll be missing are a bevy of white-suited gentlemen to wait on you hand and... [More]

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The Jagger Ring

You for the next couple months: "No, I swear this is not about Miley. I'm a Stones fan! C'mon, you know that!" The Jagger Ring ($8)... [More]

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Raffia Grasses Skinnies Bracelets

How do you make a flower crown or a bracelet woven out of grass last forever? Color by Amber has tackled that dilemma, using raffia and wild grasses encased in ecoresin to create this bracelet ($10).... [More]

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Adjustable Arrow Ring

Are you into midi rings or would you prefer a more traditional placement? This open brass ring ($32) is adjustable, so you choose where to wrap this arrow around your finger. Can't decide? Buy two!... [More]

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Julie Vos Victoria Pendant

It may be old-fashioned, but the Victoria Pendant ($155) by Julie Vos makes us feel like Miss Marple, ready to take on death-by-poisoned-tea cases wherever they crop up. Well, that, and having an ornate gold-plated magnifying glass is just plain cool. We might even try... [More]

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Mango Stones Matte Choker

Remember those black velvet chokers you wore nonstop in the late 1990s? Consider this Mango Stones Matte Choker ($50) the sophisticated older sister of those cheap Claire's clearance bin chokers.... [More]

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Cocktail Ring with Diamonds and Amethyst Doublet

There's no doubt about it, Roberto Coin's jewelry is always amazing. Each piece has a tiny ruby hidden where it can touch the skin. The ruby is supposed to be calming, but there is nothing calm about this Cocktail Ring with Diamonds and Amethyst Doublet... [More]

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Alice's Rabbit Hole 3D Earrings

Usually disappearing "down the rabbit hole" means you're headed for something unknown, but we know exactly where these rabbit earrings ($7) are going - to the other side of your ear. We don't know how they got there, but they sure look cute.... [More]

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Brass Golden Gate Cuff Bracelet

If you've ever left your heart in San Francisco, this brass cuff ($74) will be a nice reminder of the city. Its design is inspired by the Golden Gate bridge (complete with an inscription of the year it was built and its geographic coordinates), but... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Countdown Midi Rings

These Countdown Midi Rings ($6) will always be the perfect accessories. Stack 'em a few thick to remind yourself of the date, wear your lucky number(s), or perform a tribute to a special event or anniversary. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of... [More]

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Jeweler in the Dishwasher

Your jewelry looks even more fabulous when it's clean, but getting those sparklers in top condition requires effort. Hence your currently dingy collection of baubles. Get them back to glistening again with the Jeweler in the Dishwasher ($20). This clever system lets the machine do... [More]

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Cognac SM.jpg

H.Stern Noble Gold Stars Collection Ring

Sometimes we find things that we can't necessarily buy, but still have to to drool over. The H.Stern Noble Gold Stars Collection Ring ($3,900) definitely falls into that category. Gold covered in cognac diamonds makes our wish list, just not our shopping list. For now... [More]

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Aroha Silhouettes Chocolate Necklace

What's always been there for you through the darkest and most dismal hours of your life? Well, wine, obviously. But chocolate was providing much-needed backup. Pay it tribute with The Chocolate Necklace ($50).... [More]

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Swimming Pool Necklace

Forget those bad associations with old ladies or the YWCA: swim caps are awesome. Why? As anyone who spends a fair amount of time in the water can tell you, nothing fries your locks quite like chlorine. This Swimming Pool Necklace ($42) reminds us of... [More]

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POP Rocks II Necklace

We would have fallen in love with this POP Rocks II Necklace ($48, on sale) from k2o at it's original price point of $130, but the fact that it's on deep discount? Score! Simple as it is, it's got glam to spare, and it'll add... [More]

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RJ Graziano Flower Fan Linear Earrings

Want a pair of ear baubles that will slap people in the face with their blinging awesomeness? Then you'd better order up these RJ Graziano Flower Fan Linear Earrings ($55). Their elegant arrangement of cascading crystals boasts a whopping three-and-a-half-inch drop. Just be careful when... [More]

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