Kellinsilver Red Heart Earrings

It had never occurred to us that we were missing heart studs from our earrings collection, but now that we see this adorable pair from Kellinsilver ($19), it seems obvious that our hearts (and ears) were just waiting for these to come along and fill... [More]

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Melody Ehsani x Jeremy Scott M16 Ring

Say hello to your little friend! The two-finger, gold-plated Melody Ehsani x Jeremy Scott M16 Ring ($75) takes care of business where that dinky pistol and revolver jewelry just didn't cut it.... [More]

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Lotus in Circle Necklace

Take one step toward enlightenment by keeping the Lotus in Circle Necklace ($48) from London Manori close to your heart. The flower is an important symbol in Buddhism (and yoga class), and represents the unlocking of potential (like being able to hold that side plank... [More]

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MaaPstudio La Rambla Porcelain Bangle

Please, please be careful where and how you set your wrists down when you're wearing the La Rambla Porcelain Bangle ($98). We love it because it looks so delicate - the white embellishments look like they could be fragile marine invertebrates - but we also... [More]

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Chameleon Necklace

Sometimes it's incredibly hard to match your favorite statement necklace with an outfit. You don't want the two to compete for attention. Luckily, this clear acrylic Chameleon Necklace ($59) - he's named "George" - is extremely easy to get along with. He'll adapt to anything... [More]

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Mehoi Sweet Dreams Charm Necklace

Wouldn't it be great if this Mehoi Sweet Dreams Charm Necklace ($34) was made for counting sheep? We'd love it if we could pass out by the time we came to "one" instead of staring at our ceilings for an hour or three desperately trying... [More]

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Elephants On Parade Necklace

Elephants are known for traveling in dignified single-file lines, so turning their march into a necklace ($140) makes perfect sense. Keep these noble beasts close - the short length of this necklace makes it perfect at peeking out underneath a blouse or enhancing the neckline... [More]

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3D Elephant Ear Stud

What's the worst thing about wearing stud earrings? Having that pointy rear dig into your neck when you're yapping on the phone, obviously. This 3D Elephant Ear Stud ($12) solves that problem brilliantly and with serious style. Instead of a pointy piece of metal, the... [More]

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Brevity Calligraphy Name Necklace

Some years ago, there was a company that would turn your handwriting into a font if you filled out a form in a SkyMall catalogue. Being bored on airplanes, we would fill out every box with our most beautiful versions of each and every letter... [More]

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Lock & Key Bangles

Make sure you wear the 24-karat gold-plated Lock & Key Bangles ($68 each) on separate arms so you actually have a chance at unlocking your dreams/heart/brain, or whatever you store (metaphorically) on that bracelet.... [More]

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Marlene Cuff Bracelet

While BaubleBar also sells thicker and thinner bedazzled cuffs, we're going to stick with our decision to grab this middle-of-the-road Marlene Cuff Bracelet ($28). It's a great compromise - not too small to get noticed when we wear it with other bangles, and not so... [More]

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Gold Plated Bar and Cord Necklace

This Gold Plated Bar and Cord Necklace ($28) is sleek and futuristic, perfect for your average alien queen lounging in her spaceship palace as imagined in a 1930s Hollywood sci-fi movie.... [More]

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Multifinger Bracelet

This bracelet from Delfina Delettrez is kinda nuts. We're used to seeing disembodied eye motifs, but this finger thing still makes us a little queasy, even though the charms aren't even trying to be terribly realistic (however, we did have that same manicure last week).... [More]

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Jeweled Quest Necklace

Wearing this Jeweled Quest Necklace ($32) will make us feel a bit like an ancient shaman harnessing the power of the sky spirit to work our will upon our enemies. Usually that only happens when we fall asleep while watching Ancient X Files.... [More]

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Alejandra Boquete Devotion Necklace

We think we'd feel pretty dedicated to anyone who picked us up this Devotion Necklace ($540) from Miami designer Alejandra Boquete. Glittering with rubies, it reminds us to quietly contemplate how much we'd enjoy wearing a couple karats of sparkly red gorgeous around our necks.... [More]

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Rosa Rivet Band

This simple rose gold bracelet is embellished with a row of silver studs for that industrial chic look. They don't actually serve any purpose, so the Rosa Rivet Band ($46) won't be too useful while you're working on any aircraft assembly lines. The subtle mix... [More]

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Mixed Tiny Bee Necklace

Reach for the Mixed Tiny Bee Necklace ($140) from Zoƫ Chicco when you need just a little somethin'-somethin' to put the finishing touches on an outfit. It pairs beautifully with flashier chains and baubles, or you can wear it solo for an easy understated look.... [More]

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Danielle Earrings in Iridescent Agate

If you catch people not quite making eye contact with you while you're talking, it might be because they're ogling your new Danielle Earrings ($75). These one-of-a-kind beauties are made with sizable pieces of iridescent agate, so they'll look slightly different from every angle. So... [More]

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L'On Spike Necklace

Pay homage to the First Transcontinental Railroad with the L'On Spike Necklace ($22). The charm on this graphic necklace brings to mind the ceremonial "Golden Spike" that joined together the Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads in 1869. Hooray for remembering this momentous step forward... [More]

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Go Fish Bangle

It's like someone took a rainbow-colored sea monster, chopped him up, and transformed him into nifty, affordable accessories. These Go Fish Bangles ($38) feature a scaly print straight out of Loch Ness in an array of bold colors.... [More]

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