Moritz Glik Round Diamond Shaker Ring

This many diamonds wouldn't fit around the band of a single ring, so designer Moritz Glik had to encase them in yet more gems - a pair of white sapphires - for this Round Diamond Shaker Ring ($4,240). So now you can own the world's... [More]

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Hexagon Hoop Earrings

Six sides are better than none. We like this hexagonal alternative ($20) to the classic circular hoop earrings. They're a great choice for lovers of snowflakes, honeycombs, and No. 2 pencils.... [More]

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New Year's Resolution Cuff

It doesn't matter if you've faltered in your resolutions, we know you're gonna make 2014 a good year. Wear a New Year's Resolution Cuff ($98-115) from Soft Gold Studio to remind you of your potential in 2014 (and beyond!), or, if you're looking to commemorate... [More]

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Pocket Knife Necklace

Did someone discover a loose thread? Maybe they're having trouble opening a well-taped package. Or perhaps there's a chia seed deeply embedded between their teeth. Whatever the crisis, you'll be the hero of the day with this Pocket Knife Necklace ($68), which features the world's... [More]

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Pandeia Compass Sundial Watch

If you've got plenty of time and money to spare, we've got the perfect piece that'll show off your excess of both. The Pandeia Compass Sundial Watch in Surf Wahine ($295) gives you a good indication of the hour, but only if the conditions are... [More]

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Thorn Oxidized Sterling Silver Ring

The point on the Thorn Oxidized Sterling Silver Ring ($35) is pretty subtle, but it should be obvious enough to anybody who's paying attention. That means you can totally use it for secret messages - each letter can be based on both the direction of... [More]

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Whimsy Milieu Animal Rings

Turn your fingers into your own tiny zoo with these Animal Rings ($20). Just make sure to take them off before you try to wash your hands, or you might end up with a drippy, waterlogged piece of wood instead of an adorable, wearable penguin... [More]

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Cree Ring

Pick your power crystal (or gem) - be it amethyst, lapis lazuli, moonstone, or chrysoprase - and keep it close to you throughout the day. The eighteen-karat gold vermeil band on the Cree Ring ($175) isn't too shabby either, and serves as a fitting accent... [More]

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Wasabi Earrings

You've seen them if you've been near any body of water or hiked a trail without an obvious path - they're cairns, rocks stacked up and balanced by visitors leaving their temporary marks on the landscape or by trail makers helping people find their way.... [More]

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Heart Pinky Ring

First your niece will make you promise that you will put the picture she drew of you on Facebook. Then she'll make you handshake, then pinky swear, then cross your heart. Combine steps three and four with the Heart Pinky Ring ($40), which will let... [More]

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Dandelion Wishes Necklace

Be careful when you unleash the power of this Dandelion Wishes Necklace ($23). What happens if it wins you that date with Robert Downey Jr., only for you to discover that Ironman chews with his mouth open or smells like an overdose of AXE? Imagine... [More]

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Aree Ring in Black Pony

Pony leather: it looks super chic on shoe and handbags, but how would it look on a piece of jewelry? Pretty darned good, as it turns out. This Aree Ring in Black Pony ($155) just scratches the surface of the furry possibilities.... [More]

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Deer Head Golden Necklace

Is it a little over the top? Yes. Will the plating wear off within a week? Probably. Do we care? Heck, no. This Deer Head Golden Necklace ($19) is so much fun, we'll happily throw class and durability to the wind to wear it.... [More]

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arquitectura en vidrio Square Ring

The designer of the arquitectura en vidrio ring ($30), Gabriel González Doric, is also an architect. That shouldn't be a huge surprise - it's made of steel and glass, materials also used in architecture and interior design. Furthermore, the lines etched into the iridescent black... [More]

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Tiny Nameplate Ring

Name jewelry is still awesome, right? We think it is, especially if it's as classy as these Tiny Nameplate Rings ($48-128) from Julian & Co. Pick out your metal (sterling silver or yellow, white, or rose gold), choose your words (you can have them imprinted... [More]

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Serefina Feather Bib Necklace

When trying to attract a mate, the North American female homo sapiens has been known to prominently display its plumage in the form of smart accessories like this Serefina Feather Bib Necklace ($95). She then decapitates her mate and devours his head. Oh, wait. That's... [More]

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Stardust Pendant Necklace

You know what we love more than a fabulous art deco Lulu Frost necklace? Snatching up a fabulous art deco Lulu Frost necklace for half off! Finding the Stardust Pendant Necklace ($144, on sale) has definitely made our day.... [More]

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My Little Monkey Ring

Say hello to my little friend! The My Little Monkey Ring ($68) by Me & Zena is great at snuggling, but sometimes it can be a little clingy.... [More]

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Lulu Frost Code Ring

If you have a lucky number and you believe in its power, by all means, buy this gold Code Ring ($440) if you think it's going to help you out. Just don't use these rings to help you remember your PIN - you'll be out... [More]

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Pitch Perfect Ring

The only key you can carry is the one to your Honda Civic. And you're the not-so-proud owner of a couple of Nickelback albums. You can still show the world your appreciation for harmony by wearing this Pitch Perfect Ring ($13).... [More]

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