Sequin & Pont_ Moto Jacket

Pretty sequined moto jacket is pretty! The high season of sparkles, glitter, and sequins may be behind us, but don't worry about that - you can still find an occasion to make this Chaser jacket ($396) shine.... [More]

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Jessie Blazer

It's shaped like your usual borrowed-from-the-boys blazer, but Fossil's version ($128) throws in an unusual pattern and palette to elevate it to something new. The close proximity of the saturated reds and blues kind of makes it hard for our brains to process both colors,... [More]

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London Fog Hooded Duffle Coat

Did you know: duffle coats were originally made popular by the British Royal Navy, who wore camel-colored versions during World War I. All we're saying with that piece of trivia is that if you're going to invest in one of these wool coats, get it... [More]

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Chianti Pleated Back Belted Jacket

Sleek and sophisticated, the Chianti Pleated Back Belted Jacket ($425) from Reiss isn't the type of coat you don for a jaunt to a hockey game or wear to your local dive bar. Reserve it for special occasions when others can raise an appreciative eyebrow... [More]

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Barbour Cavalry Polarquilt Jacket

Who says staying warm means you have to look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? This Barbour Cavalry Polarquilt Jacket ($279) has a sleek look with a secret fleece lining for extra coziness. We love the quilted detailing and ultra-feminine silhouette.... [More]

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Brown Wool Cape Coat

When you want to make a dramatic entrance, go with this Brown Wool Cape Coat ($536) from In God We Trust NYC. Not only does the classic tweed already make you look like an ace crime fighter, the cape is detachable, so you can emphatically... [More]

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Zara Checked Coat

Scan the room at any bar in the Midwest and you'll see a sea of flannel. This winter, fit in at any drinking hole you find yourself in, but still stand out, in this beautiful wool blend coat ($239) - the plaid you'll see around... [More]

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maurices Belted Tweed High Collar Coat

We think this winter coat ($149) should always be worn with the collar buttoned up to the top. It may be a little time-consuming, but the tweed and buckle details really shine when you're bundled up all prim and proper. Keep it classy with some... [More]

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Coat SM.jpg

Book Tour Bliss Coat

Let's face it; now that winter is in full bloom, or whatever, we need another coat. There are certain winter activities that require us to be outside, so we wanted to find a coat as pretty as the dress underneath. The Book Tour Bliss Coat... [More]

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Rebecca Taylor Sequin Jacket

We could see this Sequin Jacket ($550) showing up at a retirement community's holiday party or the swankiest nightclub in town. How often does a piece of clothing show that much range? It's worth every penny if you can wear it for the next fifty... [More]

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Ivana Helsinki Knit Oversized Coat

This handknit coat ($490) doesn't look unlike something you would see your mom wearing in faded family photos. If you have seen something like this in your family album, by all means, phone your mother immediately and ask if she happened to keep that classic... [More]

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Cape SM.jpg

Coach Asymmetric Double Face Wool Wrap Cape

We love the Asymmetric Double Face Wool Wrap Cape ($698) from Coach. When we wear it, we feel like trendy leprechauns. Yes, we consider that a good thing.... [More]

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Hooded Peplum Puffer Vest

Are puffer vests a little too utilitarian for you? If you're willing to spend a small fortune, Moncler will ease you into the Hooded Peplum Puffer Vest ($895). The addition of the ruffled waist adds a more feminine vibe to the traditionally unisex piece. In... [More]

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Toboggan Coat

A truly vintage-inspired piece of outerwear, the Toboggan Coat ($498) is based on one of the first jackets Pendleton ever produced for women, back in the 1920s, several years after the birth of the National Park Service. We mention that milestone only because we've drifted... [More]

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Two-Tone Mongolian Coat

You're going to get a whole new group of fans soon. because this two-toned fuzzy coat ($96) reminds us of the universally beloved panda. Charm people by rolling around on your back, draping yourself over rocks on your belly, and munching bamboo leaves while sitting... [More]

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Pim + Larkin Bow Detail Coat

This Pim + Larkin coat ($119) looks like it walked right out of the screen of a romantic comedy and we are eager to welcome it into our waiting arms. When we put it on, suddenly everything we've ever wanted will be ours, with only... [More]

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Ashna Blazer

The gold geometric material on the Ashna Blazer ($209) is made out of hundreds of tiny quilted triangles, which we hear is the strongest structural shape for building purposes. Does this refer to the structural quality of fabric? Probably not, but that's your line if... [More]

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Willow Reversible Poncho in Sky

Little Red Riding Hood had it all wrong. Her crimson cape gave her away as she walked through the woods to G-ma's place. Maybe she shoulda donned the Willow Reversible Poncho ($200) from Poler, instead. The double-sided and waterproof poncho utilizes a more subtle autumn... [More]

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Basil Merryhill Tweed Coat

Just what you've always wanted: a way to convince strangers that you're only stopping at the 7-Eleven on your way to that jolly morning fox hunt. If you're wearing this Basil Merryhill Tweed Coat ($306), they'll almost believe you've got a horse and a pack... [More]

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Orange Vest with Hood

Going hunting? Even if you're not, it's a good time of year to wear orange when you're enjoying the great outdoors. If you're not sure how well Day-Glo compliments your complexion, stay warm and avoid being mistaken for a buck with this less glaring orange... [More]

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