Cheap Thrill: Fantasy Bag Eco-Green Fanny Pack

We told you ladies that the fanny pack was coming back. And you didn't believe us. Well check out the Fantasy Bag Eco-Green Fanny Pack ($5). It is perfectly themed for storing candy that you snatch from the hands of babes during the Christmas parade.... [More]

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Chevron Alexis Clutch

We LOVE that chevron is a total fall fad! It's bold, bright, and completely fun. Unfortunately, it's not exactly a pattern that's always flattering on your average Jane. We're opting into the chevron trend by accessorizing--a cute scarf here, a great necklace there...One of our... [More]

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Envirosax Organic Cotton Bag

Honestly, we like this Envirosax Organic Cotton Bag ($30) more for that cute Scandinavian print than because it's all eco-friendly and stuff. It's more of an added bonus that the company is dedicated to using safe and sustainable fabrics than it is our main reason... [More]

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Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: October 3, 2011

My satchel could beat up your clutch. But my clutch has a stronger grip. (Badumcha.) The Purse Page has a poll for you! Decide which of these pricey bags you'd be most likely to steal and vote for it to see some more legal options... [More]

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Michael Kors Wallet Clutch for iPhone 4

So you're telling us that this Michael Kors Wallet Clutch for iPhone 4 ($80) is both designer chic and awesomely functional? How have we lasted this long without owning one of these gorgeous little wrist wallets to conveniently keeps our cash, cards, and phone all... [More]

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Abteil Bottle Handbag

We've perused a lot of army surplus stores in our day and never came across anything like the Abteil Bottle Messenger Handbag ($107). Recycled from hot water bottles used by the German Army, these things are curious at the very least. Dig the 1960s floral... [More]

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Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: September 26, 2011

Are you fickle? Faithful? Prove it. This week The Purse Page is giving you the opportunity to select either a satchel or something that's, gasp!, not a satchel (well, one of a few not-a-satchels) in the newest lookalike roundup poll. Satchels have been getting all... [More]

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Asos Leather Panelled Bucket Bag

We've been looking for the perfect everyday bag for fall and we think we've found it with the Asos Leather Panelled Bucket Bag ($110, on sale). It's on the larger side, but we like that--nerds that we are, we like to store the usual suspects... [More]

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Rebecca MInkoff Yes, It Was Expensive Cory Pouch

Why Yes, It Was Expensive ($55). But sometimes you have to spend money to be fabulous, and it's ok to flaunt that.... [More]

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irredescent clutch-s.jpg

Kzeniya Sharp Clutch

The iridescence and asymmetry of the Kzeniya Sharp Clutch ($220) feels futuristic. Like that it's kinda sci-fi but pretty simple. It'd be a nice sleek addition to something more daring. Daring like, a Heidi-Klum-short mini dress.... [More]

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Dooney & Bourke Tartan Letter Carrier

It may not be Black Watch, but we like this dark plaid pattern from Dooney & Bourke almost well enough to forgive the summer for being over. Wool bags like this letter carrier ($128) say "it's autumn, and I'm both chic and organized." What?... [More]

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Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: September 19, 2011

Whether you'd rather make people think you're an innocent little ladybug or a member of a chain gang (hey, you've got to get psyched for Halloween somehow, right?) there's an option for you in this week's Shopping List poll from The Purse Page. The winner... [More]

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Carla Mancini Animal Cross Body Bag in Zebra Print

A while back, somebody told us all of the animal print in our closet made us look like a hooker. And after a lot of foul mouthed muttering, we begrudgingly packed it up and sent it off to Goodwill. But we miss that wild side... [More]

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Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: September 12, 2011

Want to proclaim your love for the color blue? Want something a little fuzzy . . . or maybe a LOT fuzzy? Then go tell The Purse Page about it. Their new Shopping List poll is live, and the bag that turns out to be... [More]

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Cath Kidston Bird Mini Saddle Bag

Say what? You didn't know that Cath Kidston was a household name across the duck pond? That's OK, we didn't either until just recently. Sure, we've heard the name before--even featured a different handbag a few years back, but since then her line has grown... [More]

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Bobby Belcher Deceiver Bag

There are a lot of splurges out there that aren't necessarily worth the money. Here's one that may be. The Bobby Belcher Deceiver Bag ($495) is a laptop bag that's actually stylish, well organized and will keep our computer protected. For those of us who... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Need Supply Co. Mini Floral Coin Purse

Sure, most of our handbags and wallets have plenty of pockets in which to store change, but we're really taken with the Mini Floral Coin Purse ($8) at Need Supply Co. We're pretty sure we'll get a buncha compliments when we fish this out and... [More]

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Kate Spade Night Owl Bag

Trust us, we're getting a little burned out on owls. But then Kate Spade comes along and puts an owl face on a metal mesh bag and all of the cynicism we'd built up about the overexposed animal falls away. We're carrying the Night Owl... [More]

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Fieldguided Endless Summer Tote

It's not over. It's not over. It's not over. Eff you Fall, we're drinking vodka lemonades on the porch with our oversize sunglasses on FOREVER. Fieldguided Endless Summer Tote ($20)... [More]

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Screen shot 2011-09-06 at 7.37.23 PM.png

Wolfbeater Handbag

We're not Team Bill (too overprotective). We're not Team Eric (too kinky). We're Team Alcide. He's hot both in temperature and in visage, and he's not dead. We're sold. To show our support, we're sporting this Wolfbeater Handbag ($30), which is what we'd look like... [More]

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