Mata Hari x Melody Ehsani Heart Clutch

Finally, something heart-themed you can wear to your street-fighting matches! The Mata Hari x Melody Ehsani Heart Clutch ($68) is an good little clutch with a bad attitude! It comes with a leather strap for carrying it by hand, and a gold rope for swinging... [More]

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Green Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag

Warning: do not use this Green Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag ($79) when you're having one of those sweatpants-and-no-makeup days. This bright teal shoulder bag with its bold red accents is guaranteed to attract attention. Then again, though, people might be so busy envying your bag... [More]

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Parallels Colorblock Clutch

Funny story: the Parallels Colorblock Clutch ($65) was made by an ignorant purse-maker trying to recreate the Irish flag. His blunder is our gain, with this vibrant clutch combining black vegan leather, mustard suede, and blue pony hair!... [More]

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Cartoon Cat Design Bag

Yep, it's another cat-themed product that you dog people will just have to sit through. The Cartoon Cat Design Bag ($76) takes shimmery-eyed pouts to a whole new level! Just look at that face... maybe if you stick your wallet and some makeup in him... [More]

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Mini Bowling Bag with Zips

When discussing fashion icons of the '90s, you hear about women like Jennifer Aniston and Gwen Stefani, but there's one style guru whose name always goes unmentioned, and that's The Dude (Jeff Lebowski). As an homage to the debonair bowler, Zara presents this Mini Bowling... [More]

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Beach Club Basket Beth

The act of carrying things from one place to another reached its peak with the woven basket - but in these modern times, baskets are only socially acceptable for picnics! Kate Spade to the rescue, with the Beach Club Basket Beth ($198)! This handbag is... [More]

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Chwaka Beach Bag

Save your back and strip the contents of your purse down to the minimum. When you do find yourself in need of extra space for some shopping or a trip to the beach, just grab this Chwaka Beach Bag ($33). Not only will its voluminous... [More]

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Weekly Purse Page Lookalike Poll: March 11, 2012

You're going to have to put a bit of thought into this week's lookalike poll. Every bag has a different aesthetic, from beachy boho to evening chic to uptown modern. Vote for your favorite purse and cross your fingers that it, and its affordable lookalikes,... [More]

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Milo Wallet

Unless they're related to an acne outbreak, dots make everything more adorable. This Milo Wallet ($194) is a perfect example - a sweet little piece in vegetable-tanned leather that makes the leap from classy to perfectly freaking precious thanks to its speckled pattern.... [More]

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Black Wings Chain Shoulder Bag

Every angel needs their wings - even badass fashionistas only posing as angels! While the Black Wings Chain Shoulder Bag ($85) doesn't actually feature black wings, the wings it does have still showcase an edgy grittiness that's not at all angelic.... [More]

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Lauren Merkin Eve

If you ask us, this Lauren Merkin Eve Clutch ($180) looks more like a daytime accessory than something we'd carry at night. But perhaps we're taking the name too literally? Eh, screw it. We're rocking the bright orange and the gold polka dots whenever we... [More]

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Candy Wrapper Clutch

Just how much fun is the vibrant whirlwind of colors we see in this Candy Wrapper Clutch ($48)? The same packages expressly designed to lure the gazes of small children also happen to be pretty darned eye-catching for us grown-up types.... [More]

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Hayden-Harnett Pieced Out Hobo

Head into spring with a new hobo! The Pieced Out Hobo ($398) from Hayden-Harnett won't disappoint. It's made of a bright raspberry-dyed goat leather which only gets more soft and supple as it ages, and it's got size on its side. It's large enough to... [More]

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Diane von Furstenberg Kaya Tote

Holy von Furstenberg! The Kaya Tote ($146) is almost half off! This gorgeous print canvas bag was originally $285, so buying it here is like stealing food right off of Diane von Furstenberg's plate!... [More]

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Black Point Mercantile Embossed Leather Clutch

While the gorgeous fern and floral Embossed Leather Clutch ($275) by Black Point Mercantile is listed as a clutch, its dimensions make it more credible as a laptop sleeve. It can hold a fifteen-inch MacBook or other midsize laptop. But if you prefer to kick... [More]

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Black Goat Hair + Leather Clutch

Is that a purse you're holding or is it a small pet? Only the owner of the Black Goat Hair + Leather Clutch ($180) knows for sure! If you take the furry trend very seriously, this clutch-shaped furball is right up your alley. It's got... [More]

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Stela 9 Cosmic Druzy Clutch

That rustic vegetable leather...the classic stitching...the mystical stone inlaid right in the center... There's no doubt about it - the Stela 9 Cosmic Druzy Clutch ($185) is definitely hiding some kind of ancient spirit inside! Or at the very least a treasure map...... [More]

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timi & leslie Sophia Bag

We're not in the market for a diaper bag, and yet the stylish timi & leslie Sophia Bag ($180) has us drooling. The faux leather is easy to clean, the multiple inner sections and pockets keep us organized, and the extra included clutch has us... [More]

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Rainbow Slouch Bag

Things that will fit neatly inside of the Rainbow Slouch Bag ($92) by Kate Sheridan: a pair of sunglasses, your current book club book, your buy-ten-mochas-get-one-free card, and a tablet. Your relaxing afternoon at the coffee shop just got booked!... [More]

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The Golden Girl Backpack

Faded denim and gold polka dots? We're thinking that Bea Arthur and crew would most certainly approve of the Golden Girl Backpack ($200, preorder). It certainly has a sort of South Florida pizzazz, proving that kitsch can definitely be cool!... [More]

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