Athena Grecian Leaf Headpiece

Our therapist keeps telling us to "unleash the inner goddess." What she must really mean is that we should start wearing this classically styled Athena Grecian Leaf Headpiece ($70). It's flexible and adjustable, so we know we'll be getting a perfect fit. Now all we're... [More]

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Galleria Raining Cats & Dogs Folding Umbrella

If the Internet were ever to suffer through a monsoon season, it would look a lot like a sea of Galleria Raining Cats & Dogs Folding Umbrellas ($25). Because as a collective whole, we, the inhabitants of the Internet, care only about cats, dogs, and... [More]

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Missoni Thigh High Socks

Ditch the cable-knit everything and get freaky. These Missoni Thigh High Socks ($90) act as little hints, peeking out from the tops of your tall leather boots. They say "Oh hi. You see these socks? That's right. They break rules. They aren't knit. What are... [More]

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Let's Be Fair Isle Scarf

There's a time for filmy, elegant scarves... and it's summer. Right now, we want something that's going to keep our neck warm and be brightly-colored enough to double as a signal flag if we happen to get caught in a rogue blizzard. With its bold... [More]

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Saako Design Scarf-Lace

Give your scarf collection a major upgrade with this Saako Design Scarf-lace ($65). Boasting a beautiful cobalt shade, this is the kind of accessory that can be thrown over anything from a white tee to a formal blouse to make it instantly trendy.... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Hot Sox Cushioned Sole Lace Foot Liners

You've gotten pretty accustomed to your boots and the level of fashion heat they bring. So stepping into a pair of flats can leave you feeling a little lackluster. Shine once more with Hot Sox Cushioned Sole Lace Foot Liners ($6). With these, just a... [More]

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Sweaty Bands

It takes big balls to hit the gym day after day, running the elliptical, pounding the track, and throwing up weights. Keep your sweat and hair at bay while you work on your fitness with Sweaty Bands ($19). They stay put, no matter how fast... [More]

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Kate Spade Bobby's Pins

We're not sure we'll actually use these Kate Spade Bobby's Pins ($18) except in case of dire emergency - unless, of course, we decide we want little red dots punctuating our beehives. But when the need does strike, how fabulous will we look when we... [More]

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Watercolor Scarf

We've found a much better way to be artistic than watching the Bob Ross marathon on PBS. And it doesn't even involve paint! We'll just wrap this Watercolor Scarf ($14) around our necks and be instantly transformed into walking Monets. Maybe we'll go to the... [More]

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Fleece-Lined Leggings

This winter, wear all of your fabulous dresses and sweaters over the top a pair of warm Fleece-Lined Leggings ($18) by Hansel from Basel. They aren't "fleece-lined" like your mittens, so they're not going to be thick or heavy. They're lightweight and flexible, keeping your... [More]

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Hand-Stitched Floral Stole

Every year there's at least one woman we can't decide what to give for the holidays. Her style is hard to pin down, she doesn't have a particular hobby, she seems to want for nothing, and yet we're still in a position where we want... [More]

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Taos Mittens With Faux Fur Trim

So many winter accessories boast an excess of bows and baubles. Keep it simple with the Taos Mittens With Faux Fur Trim ($15 on sale). These soft, neutral cotton mittens will keep your hands toasty warm, and the faux fur trim is all you need... [More]

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Emerald Gold Simple Wrap Watch

We love that La Mer's gorgeous watches wear as bracelets that just happen to tell the time. The Emerald Gold Simple Wrap Watch ($92) is the perfect winter addition to the bunch. The simple green leather strap will complement any of your holiday wear, and... [More]

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Grandoe Two-Tone Button Sheepskin Gloves

You don't normally do gloves. There is too much putting on and taking off just to send a text. And, sure, they make touchscreen-friendly versions, but these Grandoe Two-Tone Button Sheepskin Gloves ($85) are worth leaving the phone in the purse for a while. Who... [More]

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Echo Design Headphone Hat

Keep the tunes a-playin' and your ears warm with the Echo Design Headphone Hat ($48). In several bold color combinations, like green-and-turquoise and pink-and-red, the hat ought to get you noticed. Not that you'll notice. You'll be too busy listening to Ellie Goulding's new song... [More]

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Factory Wool-Blend Braided Headband

Will this Factory Wool-Blend Braided Headband ($20) actually keep our heads warm? Probably not. Is it way cuter than wearing an actual hat? Undoubtedly, and that's good enough for us.... [More]

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Goorin Bros. Maria Scarf

Don't let the image fool you. The Maria Scarf ($28 on sale) from Goorin Bros. is as wide as the winter is cold. So wide, in fact, that you can wrap it around your neck and once again over your head. Sort of like a... [More]

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Banana Republic Striped Infinity Scarf

You recently bought a pair of teal pants. Great. Now how in the hell do you accessorize them? Why, with the mustard Striped Infinity Scarf ($50). A deep brown or even a cream-colored cardigan would pull it all together nicely.... [More]

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Everything's Vine Tights

The Everything's Vine Tights ($33) are breathtaking. Mesmerizing curlicues cover your legs, and the fact that it's a burnout design makes them more flirty than fusty. Now to find the right black shoes and the right swingy dress.... [More]

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MICHAEL Michael Kors Shimmery Infinity Zip Scarf

There are words that get our attention without our even needing to investigate what they describing. Unicorn Glitter Lisa Frank Cat Sequined "Shimmery", as in this Michael Kors scarf ($95), is an easy addition to the list.... [More]

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