Kate Spade Big Apple Fingerless Glove

When you visit the Big Apple this winter for all the parades and parties, make sure you can still snap a photo on your smartphone by peeling back the flaps on these Kate Spade gloves ($78). Wouldn't want to miss taking the picture of a... [More]

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Wigwam Cypress Socks

What autumn ankle-boot-and-legging ensemble would be complete without a nice pair of wooly, slouchy socks like these ($12)? We even ordered our boots a size up so we'd be able to wear them without cutting off circulation to our toes.... [More]

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Paillette Small Triangle Scarf

Gussy up your wardrobe by accessorizing with the Paillette Small Triangle Scarf ($42). While you do that, we're gonna go hang our heads in shame for using the word "gussy."... [More]

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Gamine Fedora

We're obsessed with the Gamine Fedora ($298). It's a great demonstration of how the right details can take something classically masculine and soften it up for us ladies. It doesn't need to be pink or have bows and lace on it. And the only thing... [More]

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Gucci Moby Dick Coin Purse

It's been a while since we read Moby Dick, but we remember him being a lot bigger than this Gucci Moby Dick Coin Purse ($250). But hey, with its price tag, this leather-and-canvas emulation is just as elusive to us as its namesake was to... [More]

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It walks the fine line between practical item and novelty gag, but we think the BevBuckle ($35) could come in pretty dang handy. We see it more as a specialized item for tailgating and backyard BBQing than an everyday fashion accessory, but you know we'd... [More]

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Three Bird Nest Knitted Headband

Leave the beanies and the skullcaps to the snowboarders and ski instructors this winter. You, and your wardrobe, deserve something a little more stylish. This Three Bird Nest Knitted Headband ($28) is good for staying warm and for helping out a head of hair that... [More]

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Tasha Sequin Squares Collar

All of you out there sporting Peter Pan collars this season can now take it to the next level. The Tasha Sequin Squares Collar ($38) is the black-tie version of this season's most sought-after accessory. We suggest going full Rose Dawson and suggesting your boyfriend... [More]

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3x1 Denim Solution

Keep your jeans from fading by washing them as little as possible. But eww, right? If you don't subscribe to the idea that jeans are clean enough to wear after being frozen for a few hours, then soak them with a bit of Denim Solution... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Nylon Seamless Leggings

Make sure you invest in a few pairs of Nylon Seamless Leggings ($9) now that the weather is cooling off. They'll extend the usable life of your favorite short sundress, and pair perfectly with boots. We love it when staples are affordable! What's a Cheap... [More]

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Women's Blizzard Hat

Face it - earmuffs are silly. But so is letting cold wind howl into your ears. Think chewing on a popsicle is a fast ticket to a headache? Try baring your eardrums into a freezing breeze sometime. This Women's Blizzard Hat ($39) will keep the... [More]

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TRIWA Alabaster Nevil Watch

If you ever want to win our affections, this TRIWA Alabaster Nevil Watch ($285) would get you pretty far. You would instantly win the top spot on our "favorite fan" list. And you would make it clear that you are the sweetest, prettiest, most wonderfulest... [More]

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Gucci Printed Silk-Twill Scarf

You were just thinking about how your office needed some sprucing up. This Gucci Printed Silk-Twill Scarf ($395) multitasks, keeping your outfit fancy-schmancy, your neck warm, and your cubicle wall temporarily attractive. Thank goodness, because otherwise you couldn't justify that price...... [More]

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Sonia Rykiel Stripe Bow Wool Hat

The windblown look is only acceptable during vacation, on beach days, or when you roll around town with the top down on that sweet green convertible you bought yourself earlier this year. So this winter, when the blustery breezes come, protect your 'do with the... [More]

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Element Leggings

Ever been to Montreal in the winter? We have, and we're pretty sure we now know what Shackleton felt like when the firewood ran out. (Yes, yes, wrong hemisphere, we know.) Bone-chilling cold doesn't phase the fashion-forward locals, though. They simply don cuties like these... [More]

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Scratch Cat Tights

These Scratch Cat Tights ($15) feature a playful illustration of pretty much exactly what we see hanging off our porch screen whenever our cat decides it's time to stare at the bird feeder again.... [More]

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Fingerless Heart Gloves

We're not suggesting you go out and buy a whole winter ensemble, no. But we are hinting that it's time to think about how you're going to keep warm when the mornings are layered with frost and your lungs expel puffs of hot fog into... [More]

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Anna Kula Twist Front Turban

When a hat is too stuffy and earmuffs aren't stylish enough, the Anna Kula Twist Front Turban ($145) will keep you warm without compromising your dignity.... [More]

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Digits Glove Pins

Add a set of Digits Glove Pins ($12) to your favorite pair of winter gloves and you'll be operating your smartphone in cold weather with no problems. We've seen smart touch gloves before, but we're over the moon about the fact that Digits mean we... [More]

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Diane von Furstenberg Evalin Scarf

Most days, we shine and radiate awesome out of every orifice. But on those days that our demeanor is less than gracious and our appearance says a lot about what we drank last night, we put this Diane von Furstenberg Evalin Scarf ($207 on sale)... [More]

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