Cheap Thrill: Grey Hedgehog Socks

Hedgies may be a fad, but we swear, we've been in love with the spiny mammals for years. We'll proclaim our allegiance to the prickly pets by pulling on these Grey Hedgehog Socks ($4). Almost as cute as the real deal. What's a Cheap Thrill?... [More]

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Cash Ca Exclusive Primo and Cashmere Tipped Eye Mask

When sleep is a luxury in and of itself, try the Cash Ca Eye Mask ($27) to get the best shut-eye possible. The wool-and-cashmere blend will keep you snoozing in comfort. And if you need every tool in the toolbelt to get some quality sleep,... [More]

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Animal Ear Warmers

Oh, just stop. This is too damn cute. These Animal Ear Warmers ($19) seem almost unfairly adorable. Any person who wears them bumps up their charm and charisma plus ten points, putting the rest of us at a automatic disadvantage. Take the panda for example.... [More]

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Ghostly International Logo Scarf

We know that the Ghostly Logo Scarf ($50) is really just promoting the record-label-slash-design-house-slash-more's brand, but we're kinda obsessed anyway. To us, the ghosts look like Pac-Man spooks hangin' out on a navy and red wool scarf. Whether that's the intention, we couldn't discern from... [More]

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Assembly x Neji Commu Leather Wristwatch

Nothing is more classic than black, so what better way to adorn your wrist than with the Assembly x Neji Commu Leather Wristwatch ($374)? Sure, it may be a leetle tough to see the hour and minute hands, but watches are more or less decoration... [More]

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Sky Scraper Scarf

If you've got the Sky Scraper Scarf ($65) by Donna Wilson wrapped around your neck this winter, will its sturdy presence help you withstand gusty winds? Maybe not, but it will certainly add a fun touch to your outfit. And if you prefer your dwellings... [More]

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Marimekko Ujo Slippers

This bright red-and-fuchsia-striped pair of Marimekko Ujo Slippers ($49) may have a mouthful of a name, but our feet could care less. All they know is that the cotton feels soft and warm, and that the design makes for an easy on/off dynamic. We slip... [More]

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Fisherman Headband

Hats are not for everyone. They especially aren't for people who style their hair every morning. But instead of skipping head-warming devices all together, opt for the Fisherman Headband ($42). It covers your ears, keeping them from turning painfully red and falling off, all without... [More]

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Political Party Cotton Scarf

We're not going to hand out political advice or get in heated arguments re: candidates. We are, however, going to show you how you can support your party come November 6th. You'll look awesome sporting blue donkeys or red elephants as you step into that... [More]

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Jessica Simpson Lovestory Scarf

Toss out the grey scale and bring in the turquoise. This winter is all about pops of color. This Jessica Simpson Lovestory Scarf ($38) boasts a refreshing teal-and-olive plaid that works well with brown and black alike. But don't be afraid to pair it with... [More]

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Patola Shawl

Fight those chill autumn breezes with this Patola Shawl ($45), which looks like a beautifully-printed hug around the neck. We're loving the soft colors and faux cross-stitch look.... [More]

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Kate Spade New York Franca Printed Plastic Cat's-Eye Sunglasses

You have been living in a dark, shadowy cave for years, believing that only black and brown sunglasses were stylish. Step into the light wearing these Kate Spade New York Franca Printed Plastic Cat's-Eye Sunglasses ($128). Bright purple and fantastically dramatic, these are just the... [More]

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Aspire/Acquire: Michael Kors Madison Rose Gold Tone Stainless Steel Bracelet

We've been in the market for a new everyday watch and have decided that rose gold will be our metal of choice for the year. This Michael Kors Madison Rose Gold Tone Stainless Steel Bracelet ($225) is beautiful, circled in diamonds and featuring a crisp... [More]


Diane von Furstenburg Jill Mirror Belt

When you're putting together the outfit of a lifetime and realize that you need one final touch, the Diane von Furstenberg Jill Mirror Belt ($185) will cinch things up. It will truly reflect your superior fashion know-how.... [More]

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Echo Touch Screen Bow Gloves

Echo Touch-Screen Bow Gloves

When touch screen gloves first hit the stores, they were boring and very techy. They've gotten much better looking since then. These Echo Touch-Screen Bow Gloves ($42) are dainty and pretty, with that bow detail, yet super warm and functional.... [More]

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Batch of Butterscotch Scarf

We've found a new bright spot in our wardrobe. This Batch of Butterscotch Scarf ($20) comes in a warm-and-sunny hue perfect for complimenting all those lovely earth tones we break out when temperatures start dropping. Wear the heck out of it now - it'll look... [More]

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Leather Tack Belt

Who says the faux-equestrian trend is just for your feet? This Leather Tack Belt ($118) is a perfect riding-inspired accessory for fall, with a clever ring-and-prong "buckle." Use it to add some flattering cinch to those tunic sweaters and autumn dresses.... [More]

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UR Tech Earmuffs

U|R Tech Earmuffs

Fashion and technology have come a long way...a really long way. These U|R Tech Earmuffs ($30) enable you to communicate wirelessly, rock out to your favorite tunes, and keep your ears toasty warm. We're going on record and stating that these are awesome gifts for... [More]

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Smooth Surf Scarf

Smooth Surf Scarf

On blustery cold days, we'll be thinking about eating rainbow sherbet as we wrap the Smooth Surf Scarf ($18) around our necks. This gorgeous and affordable zigzag stitch scarf features a tricolor wave of cool mint, cotton candy, and creamsicle orange.... [More]

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Hello Kitty Neon Wallet

Hello Kitty Neon Wallet

Perhaps you're drawn to this funky wallet because of the bright pink detail - or perhaps you just simply adore everything Hello Kitty. Either way, this black patent leatherette trifold wallet really stands out, thanks to the neon pink embroidery and that sweet little face.... [More]

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