Midas & Moros Equinox Sunglasses

Sometimes the tiny rows of rhinestones on the sides (technical term: temples) of sunglasses just don't cut it. You want your bling a little more front and center. It's hard to believe that this line of sunglasses exists, but that's because it's not very often... [More]

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Burberry SM.jpg

The City BU9180 34MM

It's a good thing that this Burberry watch ($1095) tells time, because once we buy it, we will no longer be able to pay our phone bills. It's so beautifully snowy white, it's hard to turn down. Maybe if we hold off long enough Santa... [More]

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Askov Finlayson x Wear-a-Knit Winter Hat

Brighten up your surroundings with this retro-inspired knit pom-pom hat ($24) from the north, the part of the world where people obviously wear hats like this every day. Show your solidarity or wear it as a tribute to your favorite celebrity baby, whichever you prefer.... [More]

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ban.do Twist Scarf

Unlike an ordinary hair scarf or headband, the ban.do Twist Scarf ($20) is lined with thin, malleable wires. You can mold it into any shape you want as you twist it into your locks. But don't limit your new colorful accessory to your hair -... [More]

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Sock Sandals

Nothing goes together better than sandals and socks! You see someone wearing sandals and socks on the street and you think, "Hey, that person's pretty cool." But with socks and sandals being such a wildly successful trend, it's nice to add some variety. The Sock... [More]

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Lou Reed x Illesteva Waverly Clear Sunglasses

What does Lou Reed know about sunglasses? Apparently he has some strong opinions, or else he never would have signed off on this bold pair ($220), handmade in Italy, with pink reflective lenses and clear frames. We love them, we love Lou Reed, and we... [More]

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Jonathan Adler Navy Dip Dye Scarf

Our days of lounging at the beach may be behind us until next summer, but we're blending the coziness of fall with our sunny summer memories by wrapping up in Jonathan Adler's Navy Dip Die Scarf ($74). All those blue hues make us think about... [More]

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Reflexology Foot Massage Socks

If someone volunteers to touch your feet, don't make them waste their time. The pads of your feet are like an old-timey phone switchboard, and the Reflexology Foot Massage Socks ($14) are like the maps used to train the new operators.... [More]

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scarf SM.jpg

Stripe Tie-Dye Scarf

We've been drawn to tie-dye since we were five. BCBG's Stripe Tie-Dye Scarf ($58) combines our love of the pattern with our need to keep up with current trends.... [More]

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Colorblock Ankle Socks

It's sock season, and while we're sad to have to put away our sandals, we're also determined to make the best of the colder weather. Adding the Colorblock Ankle Socks ($11) from Madewell to our collection is a good start. They're cozy, soft, and have... [More]

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Crochet Knight Helmet

The Crochet Knight Helmet ($36) may not protect your head from a mace swing like a real one would, but on the other hand, a real helmet won't bring out your eyes like this does.... [More]

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Shark SM.jpg

Mykonos Bracelet with Natural Shark Tooth

The Mykonos Bracelet with Natural Shark Tooth ($304) is an accessory perfect for those of us who want to celebrate Shark Week all year round! Because people will ask, we suggest that you come up with a great story about wrestling a shark and then... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Vintage Brownie Bows

While we don't think that the Vintage Brownie Bows ($3 each, on sale) from Darlybird were worn by actual Brownie Troop members, they do look like they'd go perfectly with those brown uniforms and camping badges. If your scouting days are long over, clip these... [More]

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Vintage Embroidery Mermaid Purse

Something as cute as the Vintage Embroidery Mermaid Purse ($40) belongs on our persons at all times. We don't care that there's nothing mermaidy about it - we're willing to let that slide.... [More]

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Cozy Wool Scarf in Pink Haze

One of the many things we like about a good scarf is the magic that happens when we get the wrap just right. We may never get this wool colorblock scarf ($38) to do the perfect twist that it's doing in this photo, but at... [More]

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echo Pattern Block Touch Gloves

Thanks, echo, for making us look cool while also keeping us warm. And double thanks for keeping us connected with your hidden fingertip touch technology! Pattern Block Touch Gloves ($35)... [More]

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Zebra Pattern Round Sunglasses

Zebras wear stripes for camouflage purposes, and we bet nobody's going to recognize you when you've got these oversize shades ($20) on. They're bold, sure, but we think they're the ultimate example of how to "disappear" into a crowd while also totally standing out.... [More]

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Ninja Knee Socks

Ninjas make good use of their legs, especially from the knees down, but don't they get tired of wearing black all the time? Spice up your high kicks with these Ninja Knee Socks ($10) - they'll be the last thing your opponents see!... [More]

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Tattered Tights small.jpg

Tattered Tights

Even if your school requires a uniform, you can still show your punk rock style with these Tattered Tights ($12). You don't even have to scrape your own knees.... [More]

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American Gothic Knee Socks

Move over, beauty icons Marilyn and Audrey...the woman from American Gothic is breaking into the clothing scene, and she's doing it from the bottom up (literally). American Gothic Knee Socks ($10)... [More]

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