Antipast Mane Fluffy Stripe Socks

With their stripes and fluffy "mane", these fashion socks ($30) are right out of Cats, don't you think?... [More]

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Perrault Collar

We rarely have reason to dress in crystals and fur, but you bet your butts that when we do, we'll be ready with the Perrault Collar ($288) from Eugenia Kim. It's so Hollywood classic that we can't wait to wear it with sleek leather gloves... [More]

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Pieces Emolda Beanie With Bobble

We assume that the pom-pom on the Pieces Emolda Beanie With Bobble ($22) was so big that it migrated from its pom status into bobble territory. It is large, but surprisingly, not so much so that it looks funny. We think the black and pink... [More]

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Fred Perry Fair Isle Mitten

Think only kindergarteners lose their mittens? As that extensive collection of single gloves in your closet reminds you, they're just as easy to misplace when we're grown-ups. That's why these Fred Perry Fair Isle Mittens ($70) come complete with a security cord. Having your mittens... [More]

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Stance Margaritas Dryarn Socks

Think socks make for the lamest gift ever? Then you clearly haven't heard of these Stance Margaritas Dryarn Socks ($25). They might not look like anything special, but within those unassuming stripes lie powerhouse foot-loving features. Their high-tech fabric helps wick away moisture, while compression... [More]

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Alpine Beanie

Confession: we're kinda in love with this Alpine Beanie ($22) because it has a bit of a handknit vibe to it. Unfortunately, knitting isn't in our arsenal of talents, even though we try, and try often. Oh well, you know what they say, right? Fake... [More]

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ASOS Cat Knit Beanie

Forget animal faces on sweaters. Wearing one on your hat, à la the Cat Knit Beanie ($22) from ASOS, is a way easier option. This way, if you show up to an event and there's someone with the same animal gracing her winterwear, you can... [More]

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Frends Layla On Ear Headphones

Frends Layla On-Ear Headphones

It seems like everyone we speak to has a funky pair of headphones on their holiday wish list. The Frends Layla On-Ear Headphones ($150) are funky yet delicate enough for even the girliest girl to rock. Plus, the white and gold color combination is spectacularly... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: The Loop Bracelet

Too many blacks and greys this winter? Add some color with these completely affordable bracelets ($5), made of the brightest of jersey fabrics and bound with some shiny rings. Twenty colors available! What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse... [More]

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Nomadic Cuff

Three guesses as to what the Nomadic Cuff ($55) is made out of: Wood? Bone? Did you guess a discarded water pipe? Yep, it's a pipe, upcycled and hand-carved into intricate nature- and tribal-inspired designs by Namibian artisans and colored by the sun and soil.... [More]

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Hey Kitty Tights

They've been with you through thick and thin, ignoring you during your times of woe and jumping on your face when you're just about to start dreaming of a romantic weekend on a yacht with Thor, Iron Man and Captain America. Why not pay tribute... [More]

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Blanche in the Brambles Cream Faux Fur Collar

Throw this faux fur collar($144) over just about anything to seriously up the cute quotient. It's a great way to add a little vintage flair without going over the top. The gorgeous blue and green lining is there for your own pleasure (or a dramatic... [More]

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Tuned-In Knit Hat

Product designers are ridding the world of tiny annoying problems one at a time so quickly that you you don't always even know you had a problem to begin with. Until we saw the Tuned-In Knit Hat ($28) with built-in earbuds, we didn't know we... [More]

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Big Hearts Wool-Silk Scarf

It may not be cashmere, but the Big Hearts Wool-Silk Scarf ($120) is still oh so soft and warm. The Danish-designed scarf would make for an excellent indulgent piece - after all, you should get yourself a holiday gift, too. Especially when you know your... [More]

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Yellow Brick Cold Scarf

We may not be searching for Oz, but we have faith that this Yellow Brick Cold Scarf ($25) will lead us to what we are searching for: a damned parking spot that isn't sixteen blocks away from our holiday shopping destination. If it doesn't, and... [More]

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7street Zip-Swirl Wallet

Hit the streets with a wallet that is already well-versed in the streets. The 7Street Zip-Swirl Wallet ($148) is covered in an abstract paintbrush swirl inspired by a specific piece of street art found by the 7street creators during their travels. Not only will it... [More]

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Rosebud Garland Collar

The part of the Rosebud Garland Collar ($36) that involves a gilded gold chain and lilies with turquoise centers is lovely, like a 1920s art deco masterpiece. We're not quite buying into the so-called "rosebuds", as those pink stones are skewing a little carnivorous to... [More]

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Designer, Maker, Thinker Pin Set

This badge set ($35) is great for your secret club of designers, makers, and thinkers, three of the trendiest professions around today. With these badges, you'll be able to easily identify other people who create stuff. Does it even matter? What matters is that you... [More]

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Inversion Beaded Bracelet

One of the great anxieties of our lives is the fear of the thread of a beaded bracelet snapping. Usually we're pretty careful not to get them caught in sleeves or peel them off our wrists too quickly, but hey, life happens. Disaster strikes, the... [More]

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Garter SM.jpg

Doubtblush: Hidden Garter Flask Set

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there... [More]

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