Doubtblush: Hot N Wild Shower Curtain

This Hot N Wild Shower Curtain ($26) is everything you don't want to find in a guy's apartment (sex toys that clearly require four or more persons to operate, lifetime subscriptions to at least eight porn magazines, Precious Moments figurines, a shrine to his ex, etc) the first time you go to his place, all rolled into one. It's like To Catch A Predator: The Bed, Bath and Beyond Edition.

We wanna know! What's the worst thing you've ever discovered in a date's place? Tell us in the comments! We'll tally all the responses, then have YOU vote for the worst best of the worst! (The winner *might* get a prize, FYI, so make it GOOD!)

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Posted on 08.31.10 at 4:08 PM

Giant beer bottle bank filled with condoms for the "smaller-sized gentleman." Gaaaaah!


Posted on 08.31.10 at 4:22 PM

A bottle of chocolate crackle shell... in his nightstand to the KY.

One Ring to Rule Them All

Posted on 08.31.10 at 4:24 PM

Lots of tiny suction cups all over the place. Didn't want to know why then, and don't want to know why now!

Stephanie Smith

Posted on 08.31.10 at 4:34 PM

Pantyhose, makeup and ladies wig in the bathroom. They were his. After a brief speech about how cross-dressing was liberating for him, I picked my jaw up off the floor and high-tailed it out of there.


Posted on 08.31.10 at 4:35 PM

I dated a guy who had a male roommate. The first time I came over (the roommate wasn't home)he just had to show me the roommate's collection of gay porn. This was privately hidden away in the drawer of his night stand. I didn't know why the guy I was dating should know about this hiding spot. I thought he was trying to tell me something.


Posted on 08.31.10 at 4:53 PM

medication for treating herpes!

Rebecca V

Posted on 08.31.10 at 5:22 PM

His mother :x :x Turns out "his place" was really her place.


Posted on 08.31.10 at 6:20 PM

A huge poster of a nearly-naked David Beckham rolling around in bed sheets, posted on this guy's ceiling! That's one way to send a girl running...


Posted on 08.31.10 at 8:34 PM

his a 1 bedroom apartment.....


Posted on 09.01.10 at 5:21 AM

His protective cup from elementary school soccer. And not because he just forgot it-- because his mom "wouldn't let him" throw it out. Turns out she was still making all his decisions.


Posted on 09.01.10 at 7:44 AM

I don't even know how to say this.

I walked into his bathroom to discover the residue from his zits smeared all over his mirror. He must have been working on it for at least 5 years. Couldn't he have just reached over for a piece of toilet paper?


Posted on 09.01.10 at 8:28 AM

he was a really clean cut, professional guy with a great job...

And then I opened a drawer and found his needles,a bag of white powder, and a methadone prescription!

The methadone itself wouldn't have sent me packing, but this guy was obviously not trying to rehabilitate himself.


Posted on 09.01.10 at 11:14 AM

I found a collection of random girls' items on his dresser--sunglasses, rings, make-up, all kinds of stuff. Only later did I realize my lip gloss was missing from my purse and, of course, saw it in the pile the next time I was over... basically, he kept souvenirs from the girls he saw! Ew... luckily I didn't stick around to see what else he liked to collect. (And I left my lip gloss, too.)


Posted on 09.01.10 at 1:23 PM

We met online, finally met in person... He turns out to be perfect... Until I catch a glipse of an open closet in the second bedroom. Neatly stacked are almost 10 of the most Cosby-looking sweaters. I'm talking yellow and aqua blue, zigzag patterns, plaid, the whole 80s kit. My heart just flopped because it was still summer and I thought, OMG, what will I do in the fall and winter when he's sporting these heinous dad sweaters. Happy ending: Goodwill got some sweaters, I got me a husband. Happily ever after!


Posted on 09.01.10 at 6:39 PM

His pregnant ex, her three kids and a picture of he and I, from a previous date, on the night stand next to THEIR BED. Needless to say, that was the end of the road for him!

Jessica P

Posted on 09.02.10 at 12:20 PM

A lamp... with the post being the body of a woman in lingerie and in place of a head, there was a lampshade. So it looked like a half naked woman was standing in the corner with a lampshade over her head. Scary!

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