Culture Club: Sumo Yokozuna Tea Cup

The Sumo Yokozuna Tea Cup ($7) shows mini portraits of the sumo elite, and only those who received the highest rank are pictured. The grid-like arrangement of athlete heads and Japanese characters builds an interesting rhythm that would add variety to other patterns in our... [More]

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Culture Club: Daisy Drop Earrings

As far as abbreviations go, F.N.U.E. (acronym: From Now Until Eternity) is kinda like FUBU, but more Hallmark card, and less urban. We browsed the collections, and the Daisy Drop Earrings ($130-140) are best in show in their "He Loves Me II" line. F.N.U.E. developed... [More]

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zinna bud purse-s.jpg

Culture Club: Zinnia Bud Wrist Purse

We don't need butter for this artichoke... Actually, it's the Zinnia Bud Wrist Purse ($800) by wearable artist, Kathleen Dustin. This exquisite lifelike piece is a masterpiece in itself (hence, the price tag), and we're being suffocated by floral themes this Spring, so this budding... [More]

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sumi ink notepad-s.jpg

Culture Cub: Sumi Ink Club Notepad

To scribble your flashes of inspiration, pick up the itsy-bitsy Sumi Ink Club Notepad ($4). Perforated pages let us tear them out with ease, so we can get some digits and throw them away in the same breath or hand out our fashion advice. Don't... [More]

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mala beads-s.jpg

Culture Club: Mala Meditation Beads

We remember the Kabala red thread craze made popular by Madonna and young Hollywood a few years back, and bringing a little spiritualism into our everyday lives can't hurt our good health. Try on the Mala Meditation Beads ($19) - they're more interesting than a... [More]

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Culture Club: AJ Eklipta

Lighting up with the baby blue AJ Eklipta ($399-491) would be completely contrary our recent red-pink color scheme, but we'll gladly be the devil's advocate on this one. Part of the AJ series for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen (think fancy, kids), the differences... [More]

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map chairs-s.jpg

Culture Club: Times Square Station 42nd Street Chair

We know these aren't romantic in the traditional sense, but the Times Square Station 42nd Street Chair ($2200) have a certain nostalgia of place. For a gal who loves graphic design, typology and most importantly, the Big Apple, this furniture choice is snazzy. The real... [More]

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Culture Club: Art Breaker Paperweight

Ok, the Art Breaker Paperweight ($65) seems like a hideous excuse for play on words at first, but when we see how it spins and can be rearranged in any way we want, we're turned on. All paperweights should do something rather than just sit... [More]

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maya hayuk painting-s.jpg

Insects Know Their Lives Painting

If we decided to decorate our walls with the joyful colors and mesmerizing geometric power of Maya Hayuk's Insects Know Their Lives Painting ($450), we probably wouldn't regret it. This acryilic and ink piece pulsates with energy and its title implies some connection to bugs... [More]

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graphite objects-s.jpg

Graphite Objects

Old fashioned and beautiful, Graphite Objects ($190) seem to recall traditional writing utensils. We'd pair the quill with a simple stationery set for a killer love letter writing set. Constructing a V-day gift from left field will encourage creativity and romance. We're crossing our fingers... [More]

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The Venus of WIllenorf soap-s.jpg

Venus of Willendorf Soap

We're not sure what's wrong with our skinny-mini obsessed society today (we're talking to you, Ralph Lauren), but fat used to be in and even worshipped. The Venus of Willendorf Soap ($35) bears evidence of our ancient past. Take this glycerin soap as a cleansing... [More]

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Top of the Pops for 2010: Clara Francis Spitalfields Necklace

In celebration of the new William and Judith Bollinger Jewellery Gallery in the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Cherry on the Cake Collection brings together contemporary designers to interpret special items from V&A's Collections as modern limited editions. The entire endeavor sounds very British in... [More]

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bee bottle-s.jpg

Bee Bottle

The Bee Bottle ($48) by Laura Zindel slaps antique-looking zoological drawings on eccentric ceramics. We don't know what fluid is mean to be held in this bottle or why is has a funny curved stopper, but we like how weird it is. Maybe we'll put... [More]

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roman fresco-s.jpg

Roman Fresco Magnets

We feel as if we've stumbled into the rubble of ancient Rome, glancing over these Roman Fresco Magnets ($7). No one chipped these off the walls; they're resin reproductions of real thing, but they look genuinely antique, and that's what we're after. Being classic is... [More]

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Kashimiri Bangles

The gleaming hand-painted Kashimiri Bangles ($30) glow with jewel tones and ornate patterns. It's the papier-mâché coating that gives them surface texture that glimmers oh-so-lightly. So we did some research... We found out that the Smithsonian's Indian sub-continent collections in their National Museum of Natural... [More]

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pan am messenger-s.jpg

Pan Am Messenger Bag

This classic 60s style Pan Am Messenger Bag ($100) still brings back sweet memories, and it's still as glamorous today as it was back in the day. Don't let the throwback look fool you - Whether it's a kindle, Nintendo DS, or a regular ol'... [More]

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Terai Folding Chair

Anthropologie has fueled our costume infused fashion collection forever, so warming up to their home stuff isn't hard. Their Indian inspired Terai Folding Chairs ($198) make the everyday into something fresh. We especially like the Starburst, Paisley, and Ikat styles, but all the eclectic patterns... [More]

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Auryn Pendant

Please tell us we're not the only ones who were obsessed with the Neverending Story movies back in the 80s... Well, hopefully we're not alone in our appreciation of this Auryn Pendant ($110-265/sterling silver, $285-650 gold and argentium). The sterling silver version is hand carved... [More]

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amelia dish-s.jpg

Amelia Dish

We're going all out platinum with the Amelia Dish ($56) by Clotet Lluís for Alessi. The Barcelona born designer's rich array of new kitchen forms are definitely welcome in our modern kitchen. We feel like we just got out of a physics science fair looking... [More]

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rhodia paul smith-s.jpg

Paul Smith Bloc Rhodia

Keeping track of our random brainstorms in the Limited Edition Frame Design Bloc Rhodia N° 16 ($8) feels ultra stylish because the custom sketches of Paul Smith are rubbing off on us. Rhodia's cult-classic grid notebooks have been redecorated with Smith's trademark fashion multi stripe,... [More]

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