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Beautyblender Sponge

Whether the Beautyblender Sponge ($20) is a Hollywood exclusive or not is debatable, but it'll give the professional finish and flawless complexion it promises. The key to this tool is its patent-pending elliptical shape and tapered tip, making facial nooks and crannies completely reachable without... [More]

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Swash Smooth It Out

Swash Smooth It Out

Banish ugly wrinkles and static in seconds with the Swash Smooth It Out ($13)! This fabulous new creation will help smooth wrinkles out of clothes, remove odors and fight static on most fabrics in a flash. Plus it is available in a convenient travel size... [More]

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Unii Makeup Palettes

Wanna make your own makeup palette? The Unii Palette ($29) lets you do just that. Pry pans of eyeshadow, blush, powder, lipstick etc out of their current compacts, attach the included magnetic labels to the back, and stick them into your Unii. It makes for... [More]

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Hello Kitty Tissues

Hello Kitty Tissues

Sniff sniff.....maybe these will actually make you sound more like purrrr purrrrr? The Hello Kitty Tissues ($3) are an adorable little item to throw in your handbag. The vibrant, multicolor heart design beats the plain jane Kleenex tissues you normally use.... [More]

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Locher's Lipstick Case

Some days, everyone else sucks we're our own biggest fan, and on days like that, we take pleasure in using our Red Stripe Lipstick Case ($25) with its cheeky cheer up message.... [More]

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Horny Cow Shower Cap

Horny Cow Shower Cap and your lady will love this! Now she can be a horny cow as often as she wants....or you want! The Horny Cow Shower Cap ($6) is an entertaining little Valentine's Day gift for your lady that will keep her smirking the whole time... [More]

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Re-loadable Cotton Rounds

We think these Re-loadable Cotton Rounds ($25) from Better For Grownups are a fantastic idea. They are made of fair trade cotton and you can use them just like you use the disposable ones, except these are washable. But they'll get lost, you might be... [More]

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butterfly clip-s.jpg

Butterfly Hair Comb

The ethereal Butterfly Hair Comb ($35) is Style Rookie approved with good reason. This fantastic hair piece's typical of the over the top head wear Tavi sports herself, and it has fairy-like whimsy to boot... Here's what we would say: "Oh yeah, nature loves us.... [More]

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Tarte Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler

As women, it's our jobs to be highly skeptical of anything that sounds too good to be true. Three minute abs, a pill to boost our bust, a cream to lose the cellulite - those things don't work! You will be amazed, however, when you... [More]

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amika ceramic styler-s.jpg

Amika Zebra Ceramic Styler

We're going buck wild, which usually means big ass hair, but in this case it's silky smooth, thanks to the Amika Zebra Ceramic Styler ($81). FYI, ceramic plates use far-infrared heat, which actually preserves and improves the quality of our hair shafts and cuticles. Get... [More]

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Professional Travel Brush Kit

We hate packing everything that's in our cosmetic case whenever we go on a trip. We try to downsize as much as possible but whenever we leave something home, it miraculously becomes a necessity on our vacation! That's why we just nabbed this E.L.F. Professional... [More]

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Jeweled Fragrance Atomizer

Jeweled Fragrance Atomizer

Glitz up your cosmetics bag with this chic, girly Jeweled Fragrance Atomizer ($25). You can fill this gorgeous ruby-bejeweled atomizer with your favorite scent and take it with you anywhere and everywhere. Now you can spritz and glitz, even when you're on the go!... [More]

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CLARO Acne Clearing Device

The CLARO Acne Clearing Device ($250) makes us feel like a zit-zapping super hero using futuristic tools to banish blemishes for good! This colorful, fancy-pants device uses both heat and light to clear your skin of any unsightly pimples. The tool plumps and smooths skin,... [More]

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Boo Boo Bling

Boo Boo Bling ($6) are clearly marketed as a children's item. We're telling you about them so that you can get them for your daughter/niece/cousin/etc. We're certainly not putting these on Outblush because we, as grown women, think that it would be freaking awesome to... [More]

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Hangover From Hell Face Mask

Hangover From Hell Face Mask

The task at hand is really very simple...apply this Hangover from Hell Face Mask ($14) after a late night of paryting and a few too many cocktails. This cooling mask is designed to refresh and revitalize your skin and peepers. Ahhh detoxify and purify!... [More]

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Cynthia Rowley Eyewear

Did you know that Cynthia Rowley makes super cute and totally fashionable eyewear at affordable prices? Yeah, we didn't either until we saw these Cat Eye Eyeglasses ($135) in person. Available in purple or black, they have adorable rhinestone settings on the side and just... [More]

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Custom Lipstick Case

So you'd love a cute little lipstick case to carry in your bag (especially since that dark red stuff melted into the lining that once) but you're not into neon-colored fake alligator, and you'd like the chance to personalize it with a little more than... [More]

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VIOlight Travel Sanitizer

Holiday travel is approaching, and as we pack up our items to hit the road, we always get a little skeeved out by sealing up our damp toothbrush in a plastic bag. The VIOlight Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer ($30) has come to our rescue. This slim... [More]

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Supersmile Professional Whitening Gum

We want to whiten our teeth but even 5 minutes of those icky whitening strips seems too bothersome to deal with. This is precisely why we are so enamored with this Supersmile Professional Whitening Gum ($24). How genius is it that we, busy women, can... [More]

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Amika Tourmaline Curler Set

Save space and cash with the Amika Tourmaline Curler 3 Part Set ($179). The curling iron has three interchangeable barrels, so no matter what look you're going for, you've got the right tool at your fingertips. Also, the barrels are made of tourmaline, which is... [More]

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