Creative Growth Hair Pick by Stephanie Hill

This blinged out hair pick ($35) isn't the most practical beauty tool we'll ever own (in fact, we can practically feel our hair getting caught in the jewels as we type this). However, that won't stop us from ordering one - we think it'd look... [More]

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beautyblender sur.face pro

Your summer tan is fading, and that bottle of expensive foundation you bought in August is now a shade darker than your face. Easy solution? Mix in a dab of moisturizer to lighten it up without having to buy a whole new bottle. Use beautyblender's... [More]

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Compact Smile Mirror

As perpetual sufferers of resting b*tchface, we could use a reminder to smile every once in a while. We hope that keeping this mirror ($12) in our bags might just reduce the number of times we're asked, "What's wrong?" by strangers on the street.... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Ice Cream Hair Elastic Set

Is there anything particularly special about these hair ties? Not really. They don't smell like chocolate, melt on hot days, or come with sprinkles. Our love for this Ice Cream Hair Elastic Set ($4) is purely based on some adorably clever packaging. But what's wrong... [More]

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Cranberry Floral Petite Dumpling

Carry the versatile Cranberry Floral Petite Dumpling ($50) from Chako as an evening clutch, a coin purse/wallet, or even as a makeup bag. There's no wrong way to use the darling little dumpling, unless of course you bypass it altogether. Then we'd have to assume... [More]

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Plastic Eye Mascara Guard Eyelash and Eyebrow Combs

When we first saw this little tool ($1), we thought it was a bottle opener-slash-eyelash comb, and we were like, "Yes! Somebody finally combined our two favorite hobbies!" Alas, it's really a mascara guard-slash-eyelash comb. We'll probably still buy one, though - we hate when... [More]

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Makeup Belt

You may not be a professional makeup artist, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have easy access to your tools while getting ready! Stash your combs, brushes, clips, and tweezers in this Makeup Belt ($33) and then throw it over your shoulder or around your... [More]

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Eco Friendly Shower Cap in Leopard

We're pretty sure our UPS guy has memorized our schedule and purposely rings the doorbell the second we've stepped out of the shower. We're hoping that when we answer the door wearing this cute leopard print shower cap ($10) he'll focus on our head instead... [More]

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Bite Lush Lip Wipes

You spilled coffee down the front of your shirt as you were walking out the door, and your bright red lips that looked so good a minute ago now clash with the pink top you changed into. Bite Lush Lip Wipes ($12) to the rescue!... [More]

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Tweezerman Mix 'N Match Runway Prints Unbreakable Mirror

Your date keeps picking at his teeth - either he has the worst manners ever, or he's trying to subtly tell you there's a bit of spinach stuck in your pearly whites. Find out which by whipping out this mini mirror ($13). It's a lot... [More]

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Trish McEvoy Power of Brushes Collection Radiance

To some extent, your makeup is only as good as the tools with which you apply it. We think quality brushes are worth splurging on, and we're loving this Trish McEvoy set ($148). Seven essential face and eye brushes are housed in a pretty little... [More]

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Juliette Has A Gun Universal Purse Spray

You just spent $100 on a new perfume, and the scent wears off before lunch. Try and resist the urge to douse yourself in the morning in an effort make it last - instead, order this miniature spray dispenser ($35) and give yourself a light... [More]

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Anna Sui Beauty Tray

Your bathroom is in desperate need of decor, but you're working on a tight budget. Despite what Pinterest would have you believe, there's no need to buy a bunch of tchotchkes to artfully display on the back of the toilet. Instead, use what you already... [More]

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CosmoCube Luxury Bling Edition

We thought we knew the meaning of lust (we're looking at you, Jon Hamm), but then we saw this acrylic makeup organizer ($305). To say we're in love is an understatement. It's big enough to hold 24 lipsticks, along with all of our brushes, palettes,... [More]

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The Brushegg ($8) is much more appealing than other egg-shaped beauty products we've seen at the drugstore (we're looking at you, PedEgg). These cute little pastel-colored contraptions were created to help clean your makeup brushes - the little knobs up top get the soap nice... [More]

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Parian Spirit Brush Cleaning System

Ever since reading this article about the havoc dirty makeup brushes can wreak on your face, we've become pretty obsessive about keeping them clean. (Let's just say herpes is on the list of possible ramifications of dirty tools. HERPES.) Parian Spirit's Brush Cleaning System ($23)... [More]

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The Container Store StickOnPods

Between your jumbo hairspray bottles, argan oil collection, and decorative hand soaps, you're running out of bathroom counter space. No worries - start storing things on the walls with these StickOnPods ($10). They're the perfect size for lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow, and blush sticks. (If... [More]

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T3 Featherweight Compact Folding Dryer

Blow-drying after an early morning arm workout is the worst - we've gone out in public with wet hair more times than we'd care to admit just because we can't lift our arms above our shoulders when we get home from the gym. Clearly we... [More]

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Swoon Lip Gloss Pick Up Artist

Important beauty news: Swoon has created a pickup artist that won't try to hit on you while wearing True Religion jeans and smelling of Axe body spray. This handy little wand ($15) fits into the tube of any almost empty gloss container, and the flexible... [More]

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Mascara Bag Clutch

We have never wanted a makeup bag as badly as we want this one ($35). Use it to store mascara, loose change, or those 100 stray bobby pins floating around the bottom of your bag, but be sure to guard it with a Gollum-like eye:... [More]

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