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Hey, hey, hey, ladies, it's Black Friday, and you know what that means.... The official start of the holiday shopping season! For inexpensive, useful, and appreciated gifts for our gal pals, we love shopping at ShopGoGirl.com! They carry a plethora of amazing, "Why didn't I... [More]

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Nars Travel Brush Set

Okay kids, they aren't kidding (whoever they are) when they tell us that quality brushes give our makeup a quality finish. Nars Travel Brush Set ($170) isn't just for travel; it's for anytime you want to pamper your face by using professional makeup brushes. This... [More]

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Smoothies Hair Bungees

It's amazing that they're still making tweaks and improvements to something as basic as a hair elastic, but it seems like every time we go to buy a pack (which is more often than we'd care to admit since we lose those little bands like... [More]

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Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Paper

Oh, the joys of a shiny face. If you think about it, a shiny face is sign of plenty of oil in the skin and that can be a good thing - the more oil in your skin, the longer it's likely to look youthful.... [More]

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Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

We can see clearly now. Don't worry, turns out our straight eyelashes were in the way. The Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler ($19) is our cure for straight eyelashes, a sure-fire way to open up those beautiful peepers.... [More]

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BIC Soleil Bella Scented Shaver

We all shave, right? The way we see it, we might as well pamper ourselves a little as we do the deed. Good old reliable BIC has come out with the Soleil Bella Scented Shaver ($15/3) and it makes us smile. First of all, the... [More]

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Cynthia Rowland Luscious Lips

Going to a big party and need pouty lips to look your best? Actually, no, allow us to tell you that you don't. Your lips are beautiful just as they are. But for fun, let's look at a temporary lip plumper called Cynthia Rowland Luscious... [More]

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Silver Starfish Hair Clip

Some of us are wearing our hair chic and short these days, but for those of you with long enough hair to put up in a messy ponytail or bun, we really adore this Silver Starfish Hair Clip ($20). We can just see you looking... [More]

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Hippy Skull Mirror

Glitzy and glamorous while maintaining dark and mysterious, this Hippy Skull II Model Mirror ($34) is above all practical with its 8 LED lights to aid you with touch ups in poor lighting. We're going to be ladies and not get into why you're checking... [More]

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Voyage Vanity Case

Be a smart and stylish traveler this Holiday season by keeping your makeup or toiletries safe in the Voyage Vanity Case ($25). True it's not tricked out with pockets galore or secret hidden organizing hide-y spots, but it is fantastically vintage with its print of... [More]

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Twist-N-Roll Tweezers

Okay, sisters, let's talk turkey. You know those freaky little hairs that pop out of nowhere and remind you of your great-aunt Bertha? Seriously, who gets a single hair on the chin or above the lip? Oh, we know who does: all of us. At... [More]

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Fossil Betsy Mirror Compact

We've seen enough cute compacts to make us dizzy, but there's something special about the Fossil Betsy Mirror Compact ($30). We'd expect these intricate bead embellishments to be tucked away in an antique store, not jumping off the browser page of our computers. Gold on... [More]

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Special Effects Theatrical Lashes

A quick-n-easy Halloween costume? Cray-cray hair and makeup, of course! You've probably already got the hairspray and brightly colored makeup, but for extra drama, tack on a pair of NYX Special Effects Theatrical Lashes ($10/pair). Available in 40 different designs, from leopard print to rhinestone... [More]

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Light Up Mirror

Light Up Mirror

The Light Up Mirror ($5) is a total must-have for every lady! This little compact mirror allows you to check your pretty face in movie theaters, auditoriums, arenas...even dark boudoirs.... [More]

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gothic hair clip-s.jpg

Hello Gothic Hair Clip

"I imagine Hello Kitty would trade out her classic red bow for this one on Halloween." We couldn't have put it better. Welcome the Hello Gothic Hair Clip ($16) into our tresses this Hallow's Eve. Skeleton cameo. How could we say no?... [More]

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Martin Ice Bag

Martini Ice Bag

How appropriate is the Martini Ice Bag ($12) for the gal that enjoys one too many martinis during Happy Hour (which usually ends around 3am)? This adorable ice bag is perfect for Miss Thang when she's slumped on the couch Saturday mornings. It's definitely a... [More]

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Betsey Bones Tweezer

Betsey Bones Tweezer

Hate digging in the bottom of your cosmetic bag for those tweezers? Hunt no more...the Betsey Bones Tweezer ($25) is super easy to find in any bag! The bright pink hue with white skulls are the solution. Plus they're great tweezers - precision slant ones... [More]

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Sigma Premium Travel Brush Kit

Our makeup artist pals swear by Sigma makeup brushes for their long-lasting quality and even product application, and we're just now seeing the light. We snagged a Sigma Premium Travel Brush Kit ($59) to take on a recent weekend getaway, and now we're using them... [More]

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Betsey Johnson Tweezers

When tweezing your eyebrows, have you ever thought to yourself, "This would be so much more awesome if my tools looked cool?" We confess we have, which is why we were so stoked to find these Betsey Johnson Tweezers ($25). The inimitable Ms. Johnson has... [More]

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Nose Eyeglass Holder

Nose Eyeglass Holder

Spectacles, spectacles....where are you? Do you often find yourself hunting for your glasses? Search no more thanks to the Nose Eyeglass Holder ($25)! This fun stand will be by your side to protect and display your eyeglasses. The holder is very sturdy with a nice... [More]

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