Ulta Retractable Kabuki Brush

We love our kabuki brush – full coverage and it’s fun to say. (Kabuki! Kabuki! See? It’s fun!) The only down side to such a full brush is that it’s hard to stash it in a drawer of tools or travel with it and not... [More]

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Hydra-Vibe Massaging Bath Pillow

There are a few things we consider sacred - bath time is at the very top of that list. The moment we slink into the tub our worries, responsibilities, and stresses just melt away and relieve us of everything on our minds. We absolutely need... [More]

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Capri Train Case

After years of using gift-with-purchase makeup bags, we finally took the initiative to strike out and find a travel makeup bag that worked. The Capri Train Case ($18) is just right because it has a separate, flat top section for our brushes (keeps the bristles... [More]

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Bumble and Bumble Bandball

Hold up – a styling product that is essentially a TOY?! Oh we are so in! Grab yourself a Bb.bandball ($20) and let’s go play catch. Or braid each others’ hair, I guess. But we vote for catch.... [More]

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Shu Uemura Lucent Rainbow False Eyelashes

We DARE you. We absolutely dare you to buy a set of these Lucent Rainbow false lashes from Shu Uemura ($27), wear them for a whole day, and send us pictures. We can think of several appropriate occasions: job interviews, optometrist appointments, pride parades, new... [More]

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Jimmy Jane Sensual Set

We’re getting hot and bothered warm and tingly over here just thinking about using Jimmy Jane’s Countour M + Afterglow Sensual Set ($40). The candle wax has a low melt point and can be used as pourable massage oil which will heat the Contour M... [More]

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Spa Treats for Fancy Feet Pedicure

We like getting pampered like every other woman on the planet, but these days the first thing to go is frivolous spending. Unfortunately for us, and our feet, pedis and manis fall into the frivolous spending category. Mope no more because with the ">Spa Treats... [More]

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Santens Bamboo Robes

Bamboo is the latest product of the green movement to take hold as a new type of fabric - it's more sustainable than overly-harvested cotton and other materials. Santens Bamboo Robes ($119) use the newly designed (or at least newly re-introduced) fabric to create a... [More]

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JessicaSimpson-Hair Extensions-small.jpg

Jessica Simpson Extensions

Ok, we’re totally embarrassed to do this post but it’s for your own good. You gotta listen to us. The Jessica Simpson Clip-In Extensions ($95) are a must have. It’s like a push up bra, but for your coif. Yeah, a lot of us can... [More]

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Playboy Beauty Stay The Night Brush Kit

We definitely don’t consider ourselves the Playboy type (our ta-tas are 100% real), but a magazine with that much skin in their photos has to know a thing or two about quality makeup… and one-night stands. Regardless of your opinion of the Bunny brand, the... [More]

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Tarte CelluFIGHT

If we told you that you could get tanned and toned in one simple step, would you be on board? Then read on. CelluFIGHT ($40), the newest offering from our friends at natural cosmetics line, Tarte, is an ingenious 2-in-1 concept cream. Rich with an... [More]

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J & D's Bacon Flavored Lip Balm

The swine flu epidemic is creepy and weird enough (killer pigs!?)—but add in the devastating fact that we're gonna have to lay off the bacon for awhile, and we're kind of curled up in the fetal position here. Thankfully, there is a light at the... [More]

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Tarte Cosmetics Be Good to Your Mother (Earth)

Do you love yo momma (earth)? Prove it (momma's not just gonna take your word) with Tarte Cosmetics Be Good to Your Mother (Earth) ($35), a fabulous purple tote adorned in gold and green. Open your new go-to grocery bag, and you'll find three of... [More]

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Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist

Read to glow like L.Lo? Uh, yeah, we weren't so sure we were either when a sample of the actress's brand new Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist ($35) arrived at our doorstep. Still, atrocious "catchy" spelling aside (it's OK, Linds, spelling is tawf), we were super... [More]

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Cupcake Floss

Oh the sweet, sweet irony that is Cupcake Floss ($4). Twenty-seven yards of yummy, vanilla frosting flavored floss deliciously mimic the very treats that are supposed to cause cavities/gum disease in the first place. In fact, Cupcake Floss actually claims to be a "party in... [More]

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Tarte The Toolbox

Think it was Brooke Shields' Calvins that skyrocketed her to supermodel stardrom? Think again. It was those expressive eyebrows, girl. If your own brows are lacking that je ne sais quoi, check out Tarte The Toolbox ($18—on sale from $32!). This "brow know how" kit... [More]

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Bath & Body Works Instant Aromatherapy

You know how chicken soup always makes you feel better when you're dying sick? Forget Grandma's theories about why—maybe it's just the soothing aroma you're craving. For a similar effect that's more grown up in scope, try Bath & Body Works Instant Aromatherapy ($10), the... [More]

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Dea Bella Eyelash Conditioner

Because everyone wants longer, stronger lashes, but because a fake set may make you look like this (eek!), a better solution is in order. Enter Dea Bella Eyelash Conditioner ($150), a thickening, lengthening serum designed for application to skimpy lashes and brows once daily. You'll... [More]

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The Overnighter

If you're planning a night of hot hanky panky—or if your nights just tend to get steamy on unexpected occasions—The Overnighter ($38) from Benefit Cosmetics is a must-have. This set includes a "justincase" mini-kit, which boasts breath freshening lip gloss, skin-evening foundation, lip and cheek... [More]

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Pampered Toes

We don't usually hop on the "As Seen On TV" bandwagon (we're admitted skeptics), but ladies, Pampered Toes ($10) are worth making an exception for. These funky looking treats for your feet are full of a soothing, gel-like substance. Stow 'em in the freezer, then... [More]

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