3Lab Perfect Cleaning Scrub

Our skin tends to get pretty dull. "Thursday evening microwave meal and re-runs" dull. We might even go so far as to say "watching Kenan from Kenan and Kel make fish prints on t-shirts on Martha Stewart's talk show" dull. But unlike Martha and Kenan,... [More]

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Avocado Banana Moisture Mask

Avocado Banana Moisture Mask ($37) Uses: restoring moisture when used as a mask. Not for use in: smoothies. They will taste like ass.... [More]

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TriaBody Clarifying Body Wash

Some of us are lucky enough to have back acne. Who's with us girls? TriaBody Clarifying Body Wash ($45) just plain old ruins our luck by clearing it up. Where's the fun in having glowing skin all summer long?... [More]

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DCL B Prox 10 Wash

DCL B Prox 10 Wash ($16). A little cryptic there, don't cha think? Maybe it means Don't Chew on Labias, Better Proximate 10 (inches). Makes total sense. Not so much. It means Dermatologic Cosmetics Laboratories Benzyl Peroxide 10% Wash. That makes a leeetle more sense.... [More]

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DeVita Daily Solar Protective Moisturizer

We're totally in love. The DeVita Daily Solar Protective Moisturizer ($21) has so many pros to it that it's early June and we're already ending our search for the perfect summer moisturizer. It's a non-toxic, all natural formula moisturizer with spf 30. So far so... [More]

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Exposed Acne Treatment

We woke up the other morning, rubbed our sleepy little eyes, peeked in the mirror just before we stepped on the scale and KABLAM we see all this new under the chin acne. And not the kind that goes away over night. These are the... [More]

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Boscia B.B. Cream

You know that poreless look that seems to be a requirement for women who want to go out in public? We've tried the mousse makeup that gives you that "photo finish, poreless" appearance and broke out like school boys. We tried facials and those just... [More]

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Elemental Herbology Skin Drink

On a recent Memorial Day boating adventure on the river, we burnt our skin clean off our bodies because we forgot to lube up under the strap of our bathing suit. Turns out, that pale part that hasn't seen the sun in a year takes... [More]

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Supergoop Lip Balm

Lemonade booth, schmemonade booth. We're opening up this season's hottest kissing booth. And no group of self-respecting men who are shelling out money to kiss a girl on the mouth would want to walk away covered in sticky lip gloss. Supergoop Lip Balm ($9) is... [More]

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Belli Complection Perfection Duo

Pregnancy brings a number of wonderful new things: motherly devotion, ginormous knockers, loads of tiny baby socks and hats, more attention than one person can mentally handle and skin that reminds you of middle school. Beat your skin at its own hormonal game with Belli... [More]

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Dr. Brandt Light Years Away

Dr. Brandt Light Years Away ($95) to the rescue! Anything that keeps us looking young enough to ensure no weird looks when watching Toy Story 3 on the train again is fine by us.... [More]

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Amore Pacific Age Spot Brightening Pen

Some age spots just stick like tar on a car no matter how many skin treatments you give yourself. Amore Pacific Age Spot Brightening Pen ($140) is a precision weapon ready to declare warfare on dark spots and discoloration caused by aging. Not that any... [More]

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Kiss Mix

Gone are the days of lubing up in zinc oxide. Yes it protects you but it also makes you look like a fellow sister from White Chicks. Eve Lom Kiss Mix ($20) is the modern girl adaptation of the pasty goop that still packs all... [More]

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Vichy Aquilia Thermal Eye Roll On

We never know how much pressure to use when applying makeup or moisturizer around our eyes. A best friend in high school saw us do it once, totally freaked out about the early on-set of wrinkles and it has warped us ever since. At least... [More]

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Serious Lip Treatment

Ever watch Secret Diary of a Call Girl? While it is deliciously sexy and a touch pornographic, we can't help but be mesmerized by Bella's mouth in the least creepy of ways. The man piece thinks she has a horse mouth but we think it's... [More]

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Fresh Sugar Honey Lip Treatment

Girls, it's time to admit we have a problem. Fresh has come out with another one of their fabulous, amazing, hydrating, luscious lip balms. Despite the fact that we have nearly full tubes of Sugar Rose, Sugar Plum, and the original Lip Treatment, we are... [More]

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Special Guest Post from CosmeticSurgeryGuru.com: Why is cosmetic surgery becoming more acceptable?

Whether you think elective plastic surgery is ridiculous & vain, or freely admit that once time starts nipping at your heels, you'll be in the doctor's waiting room posthaste, plastic surgery is a huge topic of discussion these days. Injections? Chemical peels? Nips & tucks?... [More]

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Patyka Absolis Face & Body Serum

As much as we try to be kind to our skin during the hot summer months, we sometimes do things like fall asleep in the sun, run around sans sunscreen, and spend too much time in salty ocean water. Rejuvenate your face, hair, and body... [More]

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Product Body Pineapple Icee Everyday Soap

We've been slowly trying to replace all of our bottled soaps with chemical-free bars that will really do our skin some good. One of our go-to scents is the Pineapple Icee Everyday Soap ($5) from Product Body. Every time we wash up, it's like we're... [More]

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Philosophy Be Somebody Green Tea Hot Salt Scrub

First step toward flawlessly gorgeous summer skin? Exfoliate and moisturize. Do both at once with the Be Somebody Green Tea Hot Salt Scrub ($25) from Philosophy. Then slather on some sunscreen and go show off, hot stuff!... [More]

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