Green Frog Moisturizing Lotion

Given what we do here, you'd better believe that we see a lot of pretentious marketing copy for various beauty/body/bath stuff. If you were to take it seriously, you'd have to believe that every single product is both a major scientific breakthrough and a timeless... [More]

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Wicked Soaps Turkish Mocha Body Lotion

It's pretty shameful, the amount of beauty products we own. But no matter how much our bathrooms overflow with pots and bottles, we're going to keep on buying because we're addicts, and there are so many awesome scents and lotions out there! Our current love... [More]

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June Jacobs Skin Armour Day Shield SPF 15

Our sensitive skin makes it difficult to wear sunscreen everyday like we should be. It is hard to find a product that doesn't instantly give our face a nice mortifying shade of scarlet. June Jacobs Skin Armour Day Shield SPF 15 ($63) magically keeps our... [More]

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Earthen Instant Peel

Knowing that we can't go buck wild at the hotel bar while away at conferences, we bring a multitude of beauty products to play with under the horrible florescent bathroom lights of the local Holiday Inn. Earthen Instant Peel ($50) is a first night ritual,... [More]

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The Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector

Our feet are ravaged from wearing flip flops all summer. It's seriously frightening and we won't say anymore about it, except that we love using The Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector ($18) to help our poor battered tootsies recover when summer is over. If you... [More]

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Fresh Sugar Face Polish Nourishing Mask With Strawberries

We're still trying to figure out how eating too much sugar supposedly creates pimples, but washing your face with it is great for your skin... We'll play amnesia for this Fresh Sugar Face Polish Nourishing Mask with Strawberries ($55). It smells so good and makes... [More]

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Skincando Combat Ready Line

Originally developed for soldiers in the field, Skincando Combat Ready Line ($5-60) has taken on a cult following in the mom-o-sphere. Perfect for those ladies who spend a great deal of time naked from the neck to the waist, dads who wash bottles instead of... [More]

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Protecting Vitamin Lipsaver

Terrifyingly cracked and flaky lips have spoiled many a beautiful kiss. This Protecting Vitamin Lipsaver ($18) is made for your man, but works wonders on your own lips. If he's anti-lip balm slip some on your own pout and make-out until it's worked its way... [More]

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Worker B Rescue Putty

We can already tell it's going to be a long winter. Between the extreme hot and colds we've already experienced, and the cold windy weather we're in for, our poor hands and feet will be sporting a sexy crust by January. Or will they? We... [More]

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Juice Beauty Apple Peel

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel

C'est la vie Granny Smith skin....we're on our way to gorgeous glowing, radiant skin! We're quenching our skin's thirst with the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel ($39). This peel is packed with powerful antioxidants, juice concentrates, vitamins and nutrients. The fresh apple aroma is also... [More]

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Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye

The kids in our neighbor aren't so much kids anymore, more like scary younger versions of our most rebellious selves. And that is exactly while we'll be staying up late into the night on Halloween with eggs, wet toilet paper and bear spray (for extreme... [More]

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Kate Somerville CytoCell Dark Circle Corrective Eye Cream

Can we tell you again how pregnant we are? Like, super pregnant. Explode-forth-anyday-now pregnant. Do we talk about being pregnant enough? Since we've been talking about it for, oh, nine months now, you can imagine how far along we are. And at this stage in... [More]

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Karuna Renewal Eye Masks

We've all been there: You're subsisting on coffee, vending machine junk food, and about 5 hours of sleep a night as you feverishly work towards a work deadline. Finally, it's done, and the boss has given you the accolades you deserved all along - hurray!... [More]

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Dermadoctor Photodynamic Therapy

Pick up this month's copy of Allure with Olivia Wilde wearing a neck brace turtle neck and you'll see Dermadoctor Photodynamic Therapy ($85) pulling in the praise as being this year's miracle baby. With just a simple application, this lotion turns UV light into anti-aging... [More]

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Cellex-C High Potency Serum

You know what a good tan hides? Stretch marks. You know what being pale emphasizes? Stretch marks. Thanks to the change in seasons, we now have to replace our sunscreen and lather up in Cellex-C High Potency Serum ($110) instead. Hopefully by the time summer... [More]

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Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Cleanser

After finding Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Cleanser ($45) and deciding to write about it, we realized we've had a heavy slant on anti-aging beauty products lately. And we had to ask ourselves why. Is it because 14-year-old celebrities have become more popular than those that have... [More]

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Jan Marini Age Intervention Face Cream

We often ask ourselves: why, as we age, does our skin get drier? (We actually don't but go with it.) Jan Marini Age Intervention Face Cream ($89) answers that question in their product description, explaining that sebaceous glands begin to dry up like desert watering... [More]

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Tanda Regenerate Anti-Aging Light Therapy Treatment

Hold the phone. We smell something rotten and it isn't that twenty-something intern with a daddy issue. It's the Tanda Regenerate Anti-Aging Light Therapy Treatment ($250). Taken at face value, it appears to be the same ole pulsing red light space gun that all at-home... [More]

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Neova Squalane

Spring cleaning is so last season. We are deep in the throes of nesting for the 500 vadge destructors that Outblush editors seem to be harvesting this year. We're all freaking out about getting each onesie folded correctly, each shower tile scrubbed one shade lighter... [More]

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Elastiderm Eye Cream

Anybody watch Ally McBeal? Well you should have been because then you'd understand what we mean when we say Elastiderm Eye Cream ($99) is the face bra we've all been hoping Elaine Vassel would finally market. But in a realistic jar. Less humorous, probably more... [More]

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