Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright Skin Tone Correcting Serum

We always love a product that makes good grades during the trial period. And the Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright Skin Tone Correcting Serum ($55) passed with flying colors. According to the Origins website, 92% of participants reported seeing "dramatic improvement in evenness of... [More]

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Purifying Silken Cleanser

When we find a product we like, we prefer to buy it in bulk in fear of a sell-out or discontinuation. So you can understand why we bought not just one two-pack but TWO of the Purifying Silken Cleanser 2 PACK SAVINGS! (capitals theirs, $34)... [More]

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PyratineXR Crème

Our sister has struggled with rosacea flare-ups her entire life. And when she found makeup that would help conceal the redness, she was ecstatic. Until summer rolled around. Then she would suffer and suffocate under all that makeup in the heat and humidity during the... [More]

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Babo Botanicals Clear Zinc Sport Stick SPF 30

Our little baby babu got a tiny sunburn the first day we went to the beach this year. And it was horrifying. Our husband was mortified that we had doomed him to a life of skin cancer and the annoyance of apologetic, overbearing parents. To... [More]

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fresh Umbrian Clay Mattifying Serum

Beauty magazines are always touting the next big foundation, highlighter, or blush designed to give you a vibrant, glowing visage. What they don't mention is that if you apply those products over oily skin, you'll end up looking like a human Klieg light. Not quite... [More]

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Garden Essentials Gift Set

You work hard in your garden. You deserve a little luxury for your efforts. The Garden Essentials Gift Set ($20) comes stocked with a bar of hand-poured soap, foot powder and foot soak to refresh tired feet, hand and body lotion for weather-worn limbs, lip... [More]

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CellCeuticals Skin Care Extremely Gentle Skin Cleanser

We have super sensitive eyes. And not in the sense that we can't bear to look at shirtless men in tight pants. That sort of thing we welcome. But in the sense that most lotions, creams, and face washes bother the delicate skin around our... [More]

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DERMAdoctor Wrinkle Revenge 1 Facial Cleanser

Dear face, You may choose one or the other: acne or wrinkles (although we'd prefer you choose neither). This whole a little of both thing is starting to hurt our feelings. Consider yourself warned that we're immediately taking action with DERMAdoctor Wrinkle Revenge 1 Facial... [More]

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Binchotan Facial Puff

The Binchotan Facial Puff ($16) is the perfect way to keep your skin glowing and fresh, despite harsh winter weather. Made from konjac roots and binchotan charcoal powder, this sponge is a champ at exfoliating skin and balancing pH levels.... [More]

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"Honey... Snap Out Of It!" Face Scrub

We wish we'd had someone there to tell us bluntly that brown lipstick was not a good look on us, that white eye shadow made us look spooked, and that "the brighter the better" does not always work in the world of blush. "HONEY... snap... [More]

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Evian Facial Spray

During the summer we turned sixteen, we worked at this hoity-toity hotel down in South Beach as a poolside concierge. Really, all we did was walk around in clothes guests could purchase from the gift shop, offering to mist people in the face with chilled... [More]

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ARCONA Mandarin Brightening Peel

In our early twenties, we stayed away from brightening creams and peels fearing that they would make our already pale skin even paler. Silly us. We didn't realize they were meant to improve our complexion, not turn us into Michael Jackson. The ARCONA Mandarin Brightening... [More]

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L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream Collector's Edition

Oooooh, pretty packaging! We love it when companies pull out all the stops for a collector's edition of one of their products. L'Occitane did an exceptional job with their Shea Butter Hand Cream Collector's Edition ($28). We weren't exactly collectors of their hand creams before,... [More]

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Pangea Organics Lip Balms

Don't these Pangea Organics Lip Balms ($11) look delicious? It could be the clean packaging. Or maybe it's the lack of artificial colors. Whatever it is, we are so smitten with these, particularly the Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom lip balm. It is so soft and... [More]

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Luminaze Catalytic Skin Tone Illuminator

If genetics have anything to do with the development of dark spots in old age, we're so screwed. Sorry to say that, Mom. Luckily for us, we can start reversing the clock now with Luminaze Catalytic Skin Tone Illuminator ($120), which contains a super fancy,... [More]

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Peter Thomas Roth Max Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel

Raise your hand if you have oily skin that shines like a freshly waxed car? If you could see through the computer screen into our office, you'd see us raising both hands. But if you saw us in person, you'd never know thanks to PeterThomas... [More]

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NARS Makeup Removing Water

Since we started therapy last month, we've been taking better care of ourselves as a whole. Now we're eating better, exercising often, and actually taking the time to doll ourselves up more frequently than before. And instead of just taking a bar of soap to... [More]

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Masqueology Pore Minimizing

We come across a lot of products in our wide and vast search for Outblush fodder. But we specifically seek out anything that requires us to sit still for any amount of time. The Masqueology Pore Minimizing ($24) mask instructs us to sit down for... [More]

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Fresh Soy Face Cream

A good foundation is key in most every aspect of life. Relationships, tall buildings, and most importantly, makeup routines. The Fresh Soy Face Cream ($38) is the best base for your daily beautification. Wake up, tinkle, apply the Soy Face Cream, let it soak in... [More]

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Tata Harper Rejuventating Serum

We all know the story of Narcissus (if you don't, read it here so this post is relevant) so we're a little hesitant to use Tata Harper Rejuventating Serum ($150). The narcissus bulb extract does increase the strength of skin cells, in turn giving you... [More]

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