Sole Goddess

We all have that one pair of shoes that we spent a leeetle too much money on but can't ever wear more than for a few minutes at a time due to the horrendous blisters they cause. Well pull those pumps back out, ladies. Sole... [More]

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Kate Somerville Perfect Pair Set

Perhaps perfect isn't the best way to describe this Kate Somerville pair ($38). Most effective is better. Cleansing, polishing, wrinkle-filling, complexion-boosting properties change your face from chin to brow, giving your visage a whole new look.... [More]

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Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer

Harnessing the power of soy is easy when you're chewing up and digesting edamame and waiting for the rest of your food to show up. But Aveeno has managed to bottle it up and infuse it into their Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer ($14). Their Total... [More]

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Erbaviva Stretch Mark Oil

We understand that bringing new life into the world is going to mean a certain amount of battering and abuse for our poor bodies. But that doesn't mean we have to take it lying down. This Erbaviva Stretch Mark Oil ($28) helps keep skin moist... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Earl Grey Lip Balm

Out of all the times you reach for the spoon and the kettle, how often do you actually get to properly enjoy that cup of tea? Not often enough. Curb your fix with Earl Grey Lip Balm ($5), a clear balm made from the best... [More]

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Lamonì Lab Ozée Skin Care Line

What we originally thought was a joke turned out to be one of the best skin care lines we have seen in a while. Lamonì Lab recently developed their Ozée collection ($59-19), and - we're not joking here - it uses extract of snail slime.... [More]

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Bad Breakup Whipped! Body Creme

The cheeky Bad Breakup Whipped! Body Creme ($11) by Villianess smells like, and we quote, "...heartbreak. Dragon's Blood, cheap cabernet, markdown chocolate and a pint of caramel ice-cream salted with your own tears." You can't get any more realistic than that! But don't worry, it... [More]

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Deep Steep Sugar Scrub

Scrub away your dull winter skin with a few handfuls of the grapefruit- and bergamot-scented sugar scrub ($11) from Deep Steep. It's packed full of only the good stuff, like coconut oil, brown cane sugar, shea butter, and flower extracts. You'll leave the shower ready... [More]

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Own Silk Firming Concentrate

Get your skin in tip-top shape before summer by perfecting your glow. Our beauty secret? A bottle of Own Silk Firming Concentrate ($25). Just a small, daily pump of this serum will do. It's lightweight, so we won't be breaking out due to excess product,... [More]

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Toosh Mom & Me Kit

Balms all around! The Mom & Me Kit ($37) is composed of four healing balms, formulated especially for new mamas and their little ones. These aid in keeping new skin protected and tired, post-labor skin hydrated (crucial in healing stretch marks and blotches as quickly... [More]

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Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx Peeling Gel

The only thing more satisfying than peeling off a face mask is knowing that it is effectively removing all that disgusting crap that builds up over time. Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx Peeling Gel ($48) utilizes the power of pineapple, pomegranate, and keratinase enzymes to renew... [More]

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Vive Sana Natural Sunscreen

It may seem like we're jumping the gun by researching sunscreens, but you can never go wrong by practicing good skin care! Set your summer-in-the-sun sights on Vive Sana Natural Sunscreen ($29). It's derived from organic plants and natural minerals, including zinc, which is a... [More]

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Clarisonic Acne Cleansing Brush Head Four Pack

You have noticed that, while he won't admit it, your boyfriend loves to sample your beauty products when you aren't looking. (It's not as if that stuff isn't scented, gentlemen.) Once this Acne Cleansing Brush Head Four Pack ($75) arrives in the mail to be... [More]

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Abeeco Bee Venom Mask

Normally, we'd steer clear of venom. But the Abeeco Bee Venom Mask ($76) has managed to harness the best a bee has to offer. (Other than honey, wax, agricultural indispensability, and cuteness.) For those concerned about how you might ethically extract venom from a bee... [More]

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b.liv Japan Silk Masks

Why can't faces be one type of face? You know. Aging or acne-prone, early signs of wrinkles or blackhead city. Why do they have to be multiple levels of ugh at the same time? Until genetics can keep up with social standards, the Japan silk... [More]

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Skyn ICELAND Icelandic Relief Eye Pen

We never realize we're having a haggard day while we're still at home. We'll be halfway to work when we catch sight of our hollow eyes in the rearview mirror, or we'll see those bags when we make a quick trip to the restroom before... [More]

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Nature in the Nude Butter Me Up

During the cold season, you exfoliate and scrub away all the dead skin that dry winter winds create. Restore yourself with Butter Me Up by Nature in the Nude ($25). This sumptuous lotion provides healing goodness that not even Nemo the Blizzard can ruin. Full... [More]

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Hourglass Illusion Tinted Moisturizer

A big shout-out to reader Elly who recently left a comment about the fabulous Hourglass Illusion Tinted Moisturizer ($55). We got our hands on a bottle and our lives changed! Okay, that's a little dramatic. But our skin looks and feels better than it did... [More]

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Boyfriend Body Creme

You don't need a boyfriend to get yourself a free massage! Just rub in a few palmfuls of Boyfriend Body Creme ($45) and soak in that pampered feeling. The cologne-mixed-with-perfume scent will gently waft through the room as you snuggle into bed with your body... [More]

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Riiviva Microderm

Ugh, we know. That price! But when you consider that the Riiviva Microderm ($299) is a one-time purchase, it's a pretty big savings. Most microdermabrasion appointments will set you back around $150. You'll have gotten your money's worth after just two uses with the Riiviva.... [More]

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