Clarins 50+ SPF Sunscreen Care Milk-Lotion Spray

It's a good thing Clarins makes a 50+ SPF Sunscreen Spray ($34)! Some of us were cursed blessed with pale-ass, sensitive skin. We need to slather on a whole mess of sunscreen before we even think of heading out under the rays of the poisonous... [More]

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KBShimmer Lilac Soap

We must not be the only ones who love to drink in the early summer lilac scent. If we were, then there wouldn't be a need for Lilac Soap ($6). Or, at least, we'd get to keep them all to ourselves. But, alas, we'll have... [More]

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Gardeners Hand Therapy

It's summertime and your hands are taking a beating thanks to your fondness for digging in the dirt. Add a tube of Gardeners Hand Therapy ($7-30) from Crabtree & Evelyn to your caddy, or store it near the basement sink for quick access after you... [More]

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Bliss Fat Girl Slim Small.jpg

Bliss Fat Girl Slim Skin Firming Cream

Now don't get the wrong idea, we're not suggesting anything. But if you just so happen to have a little extra on the sides of your hips that you wish you'd left on the side of your plate, then Bliss Fat Girl Slim Skin Firming... [More]

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Rose Geranium Bath Soak

Every spring, without fail, we manage to find ourselves suburned. Maybe it's our zeal for soaking up as much of the warm sun as we can. Or that we forget to reapply sunscreen. A lukewarm tub dosed with the Rose Geranium Bath Soak ($45) from... [More]

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Liquid Freud Soap Set

Some days it's not enough to just sink into a bath. But add the Liquid Freud soap set ($49) from Not Soap Radio and you'll be well on your way to restoring your emotional well-being. Or, we guess, finding out why so many of his... [More]

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Farmaesthetics Nourishing Lavender Milk

Remember when women used to bathe in milk to get soft, ageless skin? Well, we don't either, but we're pretty sure it was a thing back in the day. It can be a thing again, too, if you invest in a bottle of Farmaesthetics Nourishing... [More]

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Arnica Muscle Gel

Yikes! With warm weather comes a renewed sense of urgency: we need to be in beach-bare shape STAT! Have your muscles been taking an increased beating over the last several weeks, too? Slather on a few pumps of Arnica Muscle Gel ($24) and hit the... [More]

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Chocolate Best Skin Ever Body Oil

While we prefer to eat our chocolate, rubbing in some Chocolate Best Skin Ever body oil ($48) post-shower comes in at a close second. The silky oil has a light cocoa smell - not overpowering - and leaves skin feeling ridiculously soft. It totally earns... [More]

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Actifirm Overnight Renovation

Despite the fact that the Actifirm Overnight Renovation Kit ($89) sounds like something you'd get from a corporate cubicle manufacturer, it's actually a pretty powerful little skin care regimen. Before bed, wash your face off with the cleanser (which is full of shea butter beads),... [More]

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gym-kit-sm.jpg Gym Kit

When we stumbled upon, we wanted to kick ourselves for not coming up with the idea first! They offer three-ounce bottles and tubes of your favorite beauty products in little bundles, like this Gym Kit ($57). Toss one into your gym bag so you've... [More]

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We have a friend - a younger friend - who has been getting Botox. Setting aside our innate opposition to wrinkle treatments that can paralyze your eyebrows, what we're more concerned with is that the damned girl is going to make us look even older... [More]

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Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream

Okay, we're suckers for a good gimmick. Each pot of Egyptian Magic Skin Cream ($38) says that its formula comes from "The Ancient Egyptians' Secret, Magical Cream." Said cream is a blend of ingredients like olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, and propolis... [More]

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Rodial Facial On the Go

You're not afraid of growing older, no matter how often society tries to scare you. You just prefer to do it gracefully. So opt for the knife-free alternative. The Rodial Facial On the Go ($156) comes with three bestsellers that provide the most effective anti-aging... [More]

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FIG+YARROW Foot Treatment

While you're buffing your bod in preparation for skin-baring weather, make sure you don't neglect your feet! In between pedicures, scrub your rough spots with a handful of Alpine Pumice Foot Treatment ($28) from FIG+YARROW. It'll keep dry, cracked skin at bay, soften your heels,... [More]

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Pajama Paste Mask

The kids are at Grandma's. The husband is out with the boys. It's time to queue up a Sex and the City marathon while you turn yourself into a creature out of a horror movie in the name of beauty. This Pajama Paste Mask ($20)... [More]

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Fairiche Vivid Radiance Day Moisturizer

Finding a good daily moisturizer is a epic journey. You pour an excessive amount of money into each new bottle and hope you emerge on the other side with decent-looking skin. The Vivid Radiance Day Moisturizer ($55) from Fairiche is in the mid-to-high price range,... [More]

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Face & Body Polisher

Buff away the blandness of winter skin with RG Apothecary's natural Face & Body Polisher ($38). Just slather it on before you wash your face or hop into the shower. Once the water rinses you clean, you'll find your skin feels fresh and healthy. Keep... [More]

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Bain de Soleil Orange Gelée Sunscreen

We know, SPF 4 might as well be SPF not-gonna-cut-it. You won't find yourself completely shielded from the evils of the sun after slathering on a palmful of Bain de Soleil Orange Gelée Sunscreen ($10). But it'll help you get a bit of color while... [More]

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bliss A Tan For All Seasons

Springing for a weekly spray tan is definitely the fastest way to deplete your summer margarita savings. Keep your hard-earned boozing money by going the DIY route instead. With a bottle of A Tan For All Seasons ($36) from bliss, you'll get the same results... [More]

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